Herbs For Hair Growth

A significant number of people – both men and women – are dealing with hair loss. Whether you seek something different, or you’re merely a naturalista on the lookout for the next best natural remedy, this article will benefit you.


There are always different causes for hair loss. Genetic and medical reasons (like thyroid disease) may be more intense for hair loss and thinning. Other times, what we indulge in and how we grow up into adulthood may affect your hair. Hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and diet changes are some of the reversible reasons.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is full of scammers – even more than the genuine manufacturers. It is a booming industry after all. Such scammy companies focus on your need to achieve quick results that they trap you with their sales garb. You spend your hard-earned cash on products that do not work; some even do more damage.

That said, wouldn’t you rather go the certain way? Not only do you avoid chemicals in the process, but you also spend less while having nature by your side. It may take some time, but it is a healthy and refreshing path. Let no one promise you instant hair growth overnight.

Herbal Remedies To Improve Your Hair Growth

Aloe Vera

Everywhere you go, the Aloe Vera plant is always praised, and rightly so. This favorite plant isn’t only great on digestive problems and various skin conditions; you can use it on your scalp as well. Aloe Vera can condition and nourish your scalp, all while protecting against inflammation. Massage your desired amount (or as instructed) of Amara Organics aloe vera into your scalp until fully absorbed.


You’ve probably heard of this traditional herb in many products for an array of internal and external conditions. In this case, Ginseng can encourage hair growth. Particularly in men by inhibiting an enzyme that promotes hair loss. Natural First are my go-to for a good ginseng hair serum.

Chinese Hibiscus

While the colorful and edible flowers of this plant are commonly used to prepare herbal tea, you can use the hair-oil version encourage growth in your hair follicles. You may have to use a carrier oil to dilute this herb for increased volume.

Giant Dodder

According to studies, this Ayurvedic plant may help fight alopecia. Like the Ginseng, Giant Dodder may be even more effective for men by inhibiting an enzyme (reductase) that leads to hair loss.

Holy Basil

Some hormonal imbalances may be the reason you encounter dandruff and scalp-itching flare-ups which may cause hair loss. This fragrant herb can ease your itching and minimize the occurrence of dandruff. You get to have a clean scalp to support healthy hair follicles. You can mix this Tulsi Holy Basil powder with some coconut oil to use on your hair.


The list of herbs you can use to encourage hair growth is endless. These are just the few I have used and benefited from, so you can do some further research on the herbs out there and how you can include them in your routine. To be on the safe side, you can talk to your doctor before trying any herbs.

Allergic reactions are always a risk with herbal remedies since most herbs are products you have never used before. Test a small amount on your wrist and give it a day before clearing it up for inclusion in your hair products.

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