Hot Oil Treatment On Wet Or Dry Hair

If you have never tried hot oil treatment on your hair, you are missing out. However, there is always debate about whether you should use hot oil treatment on dry hair or wet hair.

Our hair goes through a lot. We get so caught up concentrating on our skincare routine and diet (mostly to lose weight or maintain it) that we forget to pamper our hair. Don’t get me wrong, nourishing our skin and body is essential. Sometimes our hair benefits in bits at such care, but there is more we can do for our hair without leaving it to our hair stylists to figure out.

From the excessive styling and coloring, poor washing routines and applying to much heat, our hair needs help. Your hair may not look like it will quit on you any minute, but give it a few months and years and the changes you’ll experience will be near irreversible. You know what is best? Making sure you treat it well right now!

Hot oil treatments are excellent all year round, and especially the cold season that does a number on most people’s hair. Any hair type can benefit from hot oil treatments once in a while. For a dry and flaky scalp, split ends, dry, weak, thinned, and brittle hair, this type of therapy might be what you need to strengthen your hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

Hot Oil Treatment On Wet Or Dry Hair?

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Women have varying opinions on the matter. Which method guarantees the best results for your hair? What does more good? I was confused about the issue before I started my hot oil treatment journey, but now I understand the concerns of both sides. I’ll tell you about it.

For enthusiasts on hot oil treatment on dry hair, the logic is this: Apart from giving your hair the nutrients it needs from the oil, you protect your hair from the harsh effects most shampoos have. When you shampoo your hair after the treatment, the oil coats your strands with a protective layer. This gives your hair a fighting chance against strong shampoos.

On the other hand, others go for hot oil treatment on wet hair (after shampooing). Here’s why: If you want your hair to benefit more from the treatment, clean hair allows full penetration for the nutrients in the hot oil. With dirty hair, the oils would sit atop the dirt and barely work their way into your hair strands.

I think either way can work. Say your hair suffers a bit every time you shampoo. The idea you can protect your mane is delightful. Else, if your hair is filthy and greasy, you may want to consider cleaning it first. You’ll have to find a shampoo brand that negatively affects your hair the least!


Instead of concentrating so much on which method you should use, why not try them both? That’s what I did. I don’t particularly enjoy what shampoo does to my hair, but using the hot oil treatment after washing DOES bring my hair back to life. Sometimes when my hair isn’t too dirty, I do my hot oil treatment before my wash. So, have some fun with it while finding what’s best for you.


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