How Teeth Whitening Works

Do you have a big event coming along soon? Or you’re just thinking of gifting yourself some brighter teeth? It’s been a while anyway, and your teeth need some help right now. This article will tell you what you need to know about getting your teeth whitened.

There is a solution for nearly everything in this world, and it applies to your teeth as well. Not only can you get your cavities fixed and your teeth replaced, but you can also get them whitened in as little as an hour, or over a couple of weeks. All depending on your preferences or your time frame.

A question that most of us ponder before trying teeth whitening is, “Is it safe?” and rightly so. Any intrusive procedure that targets my body will have me running to the library and scouring every book on any risks and disadvantages involved. Well, the Internet is a giant library after all!

Teeth whitening is safe. Like with most medical procedures, you only have to adhere to the correct guidelines, and you’re good to go. For example, most teeth whitening products contain bleaching agents (carbamide hydroxide or hydrogen peroxide). A professional can determine the correct percentage of bleaching agent you need depending on the state of your teeth.

Unfortunately, if you decide to try out a whitening kit on your own, with no prior instructions or adequate information, you risk doing more harm than good or getting undesirable results.

How Do Various Teeth Whitening Methods Work?

Dentist Appointments

What I love about getting your teeth whitened by a professional – your dentist can tell you if you need to if you have any oral problems (like cavities), and fix them before proceeding with the teeth whitening.

Even better, he or she can up or reduce the amount of the bleaching agent depending on the number of your sessions and the amount of staining that needs elimination.

After cleaning your teeth, your dentist will ensure your gums are protected then apply a hydrogen peroxide paste on your teeth for some minutes. The number of times this paste can be rinsed off and reapplied depends on the sessions agreed on with your dentist.

If you decide to take the sessions at home, you can get custom-made trays that fit your teeth and a gel supply to use. Once you put the gel in the tray as instructed, you can wear it for about two hours a day.

Over-the-Counter Products

Most individuals prefer these products over making appointments mainly because of the lower cost and also because you can use them immediately or at your leisure. While most of the over-the-counter products contain either of the two hydroxides, sometimes they do not contain adequate instructions.

You can get your whitening strips or whitening trays at your drugstore and use them at the comfort of your home. Remember, some of the drawbacks include non-customized trays and sometimes no info on the bleaching agent concentration or precautions.


Professionally-done teeth whitening is the best option. You get any underlying problems corrected, and your dentist monitors your progress throughout. Though much more expensive, wouldn’t you rather get the best results possible? Whatever your choice, good luck ahead!


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