Pulled an all-nighter and can’t seem to get rid of those dark circles and bugs under your eyes? Well here are a couple of tricks that make yours appear whiter, brighter and bigger.

Sparkly eyeshadow

Using a Q-tip or your regular tiny brush apply sparkly eye shadow that complements your skin tone. Be sure to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. This is sure to make it look bigger and brighter.

Proper application of eyeliner

If you have small eyes apply eyeliner from the center to the outside of your water line this is because its application from one corner to the other tends to make the eye appear smaller working against your goal.

Shape your eyebrows

Something as simple as getting your eyebrows shaped properly could work to make your eyes look brighter. In order to achieve this, you should first determine what type of shape suits your face. For instance those with a long face shape are better suited for less arched eyebrows as compared to those with a shorter or rounder face shape.

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Work with your eye color

You can enhance your eye color by applying types of eyeshadow that make them appear brighter. For instance use of gold-flaked bronze eye shadow brings out brown and hazel eye colors. Alternatively applying contrasting hues brings out the color of yours and makes them pop. So in this case for brown eyes a navy blue or a green gold color eye shadow will do the job.

Use bright colors on waterline
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Lining the water line of your lower lashes will brighten your eyes and make them look bigger. Such colors include light pink, green, gold or lavender. Also blue or white tones make the whites of your eyes appear whiter. You can supplement it with a dab of metallic powder on the tear duct

Use concealer

You can easily cover up your dark circles using concealer. The preferable concealers for this are those with light undertones. These shades mask dark circles easily.

Use of foundation

Use foundation to even out your skin tone and make your eyes look brighter. You should use foundation that matches your skin and be blended well for a better result. Often in the absence of concealer foundation substitutes it as a way of masking dark spots

Curl your lashes

Curling your top and bottom lashes gives the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. Use an eyelash curler to curl the top and bottom of your lashes. Going heavier on the outer corner lashes gives a different and well defined shape to the eyes.

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Finish with mascara

The darkness of the mascara will accentuate the light eye shadow drawing attention to your eyes. Applying a coat to both the top and bottom lashes makes your eyes look brighter. Alternatively use of colored mascara that coordinates with your eye color is also flattering. For instance the use of violet mascara for green eyes makes the eyes pop and appear brighter.

Application of creams with Vitamin C

Rubbing your eyes is known to darken your under eye over time. This problem can be fixed by massaging creams with Vitamin C around your eyes. Vitamin C is known to lighten and even out your skin tone.

Face masks

Use of face masks containing antioxidant Zeaxanthin helps diminish dark circles. Alternatively you can make this mask at home using kale and spinach which are rich with this antioxidant. Additionally this antioxidant protects the skin from aging stressors.

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