How To Naturally Get Pink Lips

Natural remedies are all the rave right now especially in terms of skin care and beauty in general. I decided to go all natural in regards to lip care, after trying and getting tired of make up and short term remedies for my usually dark lips. I always wanted that natural rosy look that comes with pink lips , especially since I was quite the lip-biter when I was younger.

Seeking a solution in natural ingredients that were readily available in my kitchen turned out to be an amazing decision. My lips are naturally pink and with a nearly zero cost since only my kitchen spices felt the loss. These simple ingredients that were quick to make natural pink lips remedies served the purpose and left my lips smoother with that rosy pink colour. Aside form that, I ended up exfoliating and moisturizing my lips.


No more chapped lips always in need of a slap of lip gloss to retain their supple smooth pink look. You can only imagine how great my lips compliment my face now. Well no more imaginations, you can also try out these remedies at home and see how awesome your lips turn out to be. I could personally swear that they look more kissable because of their soft, luscious, pink nature so try out these natural remedies to get pink lips.

Natural Remedies For Pink Lips

Here is a rundown of some of the easiest natural remedies to make your lips pink and soft by exfoliating, moisturizing and colouring them. They are quite simple to make and almost assured to work with no side effects. Some of these methods would similarly serve quite well as natural remedies for men to get pink lips. Naturally, their appearance is darker than that of ladies but the remedies work all the same so go for it if you would like naturally pink lips.

Some of the natural remedies include :


This was the most obvious pick for me because of its natural red colour and of course its overall health benefits. It works perfectly to make your lips pink by acting a lip stain. It exfoliates and lightens your dark lips. It was the quickest remedy for me leaving that gorgeous bright cherry red stain on my lips at an all natural cost. It worked fine for me since I never did mind the taste of beetroot juice. Cut up your beetroot and crush or blend it. Rub this paste on your lips and leave it on for ten minutes then rinse it off with warm water.

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Lemon Juice,Honey and Sugar

Lemon juice is miraculous natural remedy all thanks to its powerful bleaching properties. It works the same on dark lips making them lighter. Cut your lemon and then squeeze out the juice . Apply it on your lips with a rubbing motion and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat this regularly.

You could also mix the juice with a bit of honey. It moisturizes your lips leaving them pink and supple.

Sugar can equally be sprinkled on a slice of lemon and then rubbed onto your lips. It exfoliates and bleaches your lips getting rid of the dark patches on your lips. Either of these combinations are meant to exfoliate and discolor the dark patches on your lips giving them that pink colour.

Pomegranate and milk cream

Such a waste of lip mask ingredient all these years. I regularly drink home made pomegranate juice but I always got the rid of the seeds. The juice is quite beneficial health wise and apparently so are the seeds. Crush your leftover pomegranate seeds then mix them up with cold milk cream. Mix them up until they form a paste . Apply this to your already cleaned lips and leave it on for fifteen minutes. I thought of it as a pretty great bargain for two in one.

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Crushed rose petals and Milk Creams

How about some flowers? Not in the usual romantic way but be sure your lips will be ready for some romance. Both these ingredients combined make an effective moisturizer for lips with rose petals also containing anti- inflammatory properties. Plus what better coincidence than getting rosy lips from roses?

You could crush only the petals then rub them onto your lips and leave it on for sometime. I , however prefer soaking them in milk and then crushing the into a thick paste. I add some milk cream to this paste then rub it onto my lips. Leave it on for ten minutes then rinse it off with warm water. Voila, you get that awesome pink flush making your lips look all rosy.

Milk and Turmeric

By mixing these two ingredients, you get an amazing paste to exfoliate and brighten up your lips. With a ration of 2:1 , make a milk and turmeric paste, apply it on your lips and leave it on for more than five minutes. Rinse it off with warm water afterwards. These two naturally moisturize your lips and help you get lighter pigmented lips.

Mustard Oil On Your Belly Button

I found to be the weirdest natural remedy out there, yet my mother swore by it.She says it works just as well as any other directly applied natural remedy. Rub a bit of mustard oil onto your belly button right before you go to bed.


It would be advisable to do a patch test before using any of these natural ingredients since you might be allergic .These natural remedies for making your lips pink are sure to help you get the rosiest lips on the street. I found it better to exfoliate my lips before using the natural remedies for improved appearance and softer lips. You could do this by using a soft toothbrush to get rid of the dead and flaky skin.

It would be quite useless to fail at basic care of your lips and expect soft pink lips. These methods are sure to work faster and more effectively when combined with other practices. These include taking off your make up before bed, drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking or licking your lips. As usual, be patient while using these natural remedies. Their effect is rarely immediate and progresses differently on various people. The good part is, its effects are long term, most especially if you make it a regular regime to use these natural remedies.

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