How to Regrow Hair Naturally

Every one of us worries about that day we will discover our hair is starting to fall off because this will possibly signify the beginning of old age.

We all lose hair at some point every now and then, but it in manageable sizes and certainly not very noticeable. Some of us lose and grow hair back faster than others.

So what causes the loss of hair in the first place? And can it be managed? In this article, we plan to discuss what causes loss of hair and how it can be regrown in a natural way.

So what causes hair to fall out?

In most cases, hair becomes loose and starts to fall out when the hair follicles are weakened. This could be caused by poor diet, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, or stress, among other factors.

Hair falling out at the follicles is caused by a process commonly referred to by doctors as minitiarization – which is the slow shrinkage of the hair follicle and the weakening of the hair. When the remaining hair finally falls off it does not grow back.

Trichologists say that this condition is largely brought about by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a derivative of the testosterone mostly common in men.

As a result, this condition broadly affects men. Hair loss is prevalent at the crown of your head, temples, and at the front side which is what is commonly referred to as ‘going bald’.

Can you regrow your hair back?

Let’s just say it depends, on whether the hair has been lost or has not regenerated in a long time. If that is the case, then it may not be possible to regrow it unless you go the surgery way.

This is why most trichologists advise that you pay close attention to your hair patterns and should you notice any unusual changes, deal with it immediately. This way, you can try and save the situation before it gets too late.

What you can do to regrow your hair naturally

Most people go for the medication route right away. However, specialists advise that you explore natural ways to regrow your hair because this is the best and safest method. Some of the common solutions include:

Using natural ingredients to wash (shampoo) and condition your hair such as ginger, vinegar, eggs, and avocado, among others. You can do a mixture of one or more of the ingredients and include this in your hair wash routine.

It is important that you go for sulfate-free shampoos which strengthen your hair instead of weakening it.

Consider herbal or natural supplements which you can include in your daily diet routine. Herbal products such as pumpkin seeds, rosemary extracts, chamomile, vitamin B6, and ginseng can greatly improve your scalp and hair health

Last thoughts

Hair loss and subsequent growth can be easily monitored by our daily routines of hair care and diet. If you are keen on the health of your scalp and hair, you can track any changes and address them in good time.

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