Lipsense (Finding the Best Shade for You!)

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

Beauty High

Being a self-diagnosed lipstick addict, I am always on the lookout for cutting-edge inventions in the industry. A while ago I came across this lip product that claims to be smudge-free, budge-free, and lasts up to 18 hours! I thought there is no freaking way this Lipsense brand is legit.


Do you mean to tell me, I can make out with my hubbie, eat my burrito, drink coffee and it won’t come off? Naah… I wasn’t falling for their tom foolery; I had to try it for myself. So I did!

Lipsense, does it live up to its hype?

The short sweet answer is; yes. This is coming from a girl who knows plenty about lipsticks, lip colors, and lip stains. I’ve dealt with my fair share of lipstick residue on mugs, lipstick stains on teeth, and my hubbie ducking when I want to smooch. So when the lip color did not budge off all day, I was sold!

The starter kit came with three essentials; one color, one gloss, and an oops remover. I bought it for $55 but it generally retails for anywhere between $50 and $60, depending on where you purchase it. Do I need to spend that much on a lip color? No. Did I? Yes. The promise of a long-lasting, nontransferable lippie was worth it.

Lipsense colors

I was so intrigued; that I had to get my hands on more colors. A few keystrokes later, I was staring at a lipsense chart with over 30 lip colors and glosses. Where to begin? The seductive shimmers, the inspiring frosts, or the bold mattes? Ooh the magic I could make with all the textures and colors. I could paint the town red with a fly girl, brighten the room with she’s apple, and turn a few heads with plum pretty.

I was so lost in the colors I had myself convinced that plum was the only thing standing between me and that corner office I have been eyeing. To quote the beauty high blog, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

I had to find the best lipsense for fair skin. I knew only a select few would contrast well with my pale skin and cool undertone. Did I mention I’m a redhead?

Choosing the right lipsense color for your skin tone

It’s quite clear that my love for lipsense lip colors is infinity and beyond. Even so, I wasn’t going to splurge money on shades I know for sure would wash me out. 20 dollars is too steep a price to end up looking garish. Thanks to my lipstick addiction, I’m a guru in matching lip shades to skin tones.

First things first-know your undertone

Knowing your skin undertone is the backbone of finding the right lip color. Before I figured this little detail out, I was the original swatch queen. I would spend close to two hours in beauty stores trying out all the testers at the back of my hand and still end up with the wrong color.

Fun fact, if you have to swatch, you’ll be better served to apply it on the tips of your fingers. It’s very similar to the texture and color of your lips.

Ok, back to the core business undertones! There are two main types; cool and warm. How can you tell whether you are an icy queen or a hot mama? (Get it?). Well, cool tones are those on the fairer side and their veins appear blue-purple on their wrists. In contrast, the veins of warm-toned ladies look green-olive and their complexion is usually olive or golden. There’s a twist though. A select few have a mixture of both undertones. They are dubbed neutrals.

Best Lipsense colors for fair skin

Not to toot my own horn but many have mistaken me for Emma Stone. Not only am I a redhead I happen to have the same fair skin, pronounced cheekbones, and round face as her. She has quite literally been my lipstick mentor. When she struts down the runway, I’m always keen to take note of her lip color and add it to my makeup arsenal.

What lessons have I learned from Emma?

Super glossy shades and orangey lip colors are a big NO-NO! They look very harsh on my fair skin. But they do come in handy during Halloween when I want to clown around (pun intended).

The best shades for me are those with a blue or pink undertone. Mauves and mochas are also incredibly flattering. Here are the best lipsense for pale skin you should try.

Lipsense colors for wheatish complexion

I’m a huge Blake Lively fan. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she also happens to have won the lottery of beautiful genes. Her goddess-like smile and her long monumental legs are just but a few wins. As if that’s not enough, this lady can rock any lipstick shade.

fuchsia lips

Her neutral undertone allows her to easily navigate from a brown color palette to peach. Perhaps the only colors she needs to shy away from are nudes. Otherwise, her beige-like hue can pull off the blood reds and pinks alike. Examples include;

Lipsense colors for olive skin

Olive-toned ladies like Zoe Saldana usually have warm undertones. The most flattering shades include dark rose, dark red, berry, and deep apricot. These shades compliment their natural skin tone while highlighting their golden hues. The following lipsense colors work best on them;

Zoe Saldana + Star Trek Premiere: Get the Look with Laura Mercier

Lipsense colors for dark skin

Deeper shades are the most flattering color for dark skin. Think of purples, dark apricot, and brown-based reds. Steer clear of orange shades especially if you have a cool undertone. The look will appear overwhelming. In contrast, pastel colors will be subdued on a darker skin tone. Try the following lipsense colors.

Lipsense products by hair

My red luscious mane happens to be a key determinant of what lip color I can wear. Being a redhead with pale skin dictates I have to shy away from dark lip colors like raisin or chocolate. The darkest I can go is a burnished plum or cinnamon brown.

Here’s a cheat sheet matching your hair color with the best lipsense color. You’re welcome.

Best lipsense for brunettes

The lip color options for brunettes are endless. I feel a tinge of jealousy jotting them down. But I’m all for female empowerment! A brunette with fair skin and dark hair will look smashing in a bold pink like Kiss for a cause. If your hair is more towards the lighter side, try a coral-like Pink Champagne. Trust me, the glares and stares will keep rolling all day.

For those with olive skin, dusky rose, mauves, and plum are your best friends! As subdued as these colors may seem on paper, they will give you that knockout look without barking too loud.

If you have a darker complexion, chose a darker shade. Mulled wine will do you a world of good.

Best lipsense for blondes

Blonde ladies with green eyes and fair complexion are the perfect candidates for darker shades like plum. Hot pinks will look awesome on blondes like Blake Lively. Be careful though, there’s a slight chance you can end up with a bubble gum look if it’s a matte pigment. The color should be sheer and glossy. The best lipsense colors are Pleur De Lisa shimmer and violette frost.

Best lipsense for redheads.

The cardinal rule for redheads with warm undertones is to look for muted oranges as opposed to matching your hair color. Persimmon is a good start. Brick red is another flattering choice. Contrary to popular belief, redheads look amazing in red lipstick!

How to apply lipsense product

Fun fact; lipsense is not a lipstick nor is it a lip stain. It’s a molecular bonding lip color. I knew my nerdy side had to show up. Why is this relevant? Lip colors have a unique technique of application. The right lipsense color will not have the desired effect if you botch up the application.

Begin by evenly spreading the lip color from one corner to the other without gliding back and forth. Wait about five seconds then repeat the process two more times. Three layers are best for a smooth finish. Next, apply the gloss, press your lips together and you’re good to go for up to18 hours! Watch this video tutorial:

Allergies and side effects

Lipsense has marketed itself as a vegan, lead-free, wax-free, and cruelty-free product. In this regard, it checks out. The only glaring drawback concerning safety has to be the slight tinge when applying. It’s not painful but strong enough to be noticed. If you have chapped lips, stay clear of this product.

Some claim it had a drying effect but I am yet to experience this. I found that as long as I reapplied the gloss, my lips did not crack and stayed hydrated.

Not only is it safe while pregnant, it’s also safe if your child gets a hold of it.

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