How To Whiten Your Teeth Permanently

Maybe you’re tired of constantly fussing over the state of your teeth. You’ve tried all the tips and tricks you could think of to brighten your look, but they don’t give you the results you need. Is there a way to whiten your teeth permanently?

I’ll admit it; my teeth are constant work. I cannot quit indulging in my guilty pleasures, and I have neither tried to nor will I start now. My feeling is, life is too short to stay away from the things you love. And I love my bottles of wine, the chocolate shelves in any stocked mall, among other treats – you see where I am going.

It’s no surprise then that my teeth need more than regular trips to my dentist. Don’t get me wrong, I make it a habit of brushing and flossing, but that isn’t nearly enough to keep your teeth white all the time. Here’s where teeth whitening happens for most of us.

Naturally, a thin layer (pellicle) form on your enamel every time you eat or drink. The enamel is also porous, so some of these stains go deeper than the surface, making your teeth all yellow and dull. Depending on the application method, whitening gels bleach your teeth for a minimal or long time, but can you do it permanently?

Not really. Every day, the pellicle forms on your teeth, and unless you’re planning on going without food and drink, it is inevitable. However, people consider going for veneers since they can last for up to 15 years. That’s the closest you can come to a permanent whitening solution.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin and custom-made shells of materials (like porcelain) designed to cover the front of your teeth. They give your teeth a natural white look and resist stains more than your teeth would. Your doctor will offer some consultation, decide if they are best for you, and then remove some of your enamel.

After taking an impression of your tooth, a veneer is made from this impression to fit you perfectly. Some trimming may occur for accuracy before cementing the veneer to your tooth permanently.

You may have to see your dentist a couple more times after the veneer is fitted to check on the placement and how your gum is holding. My advice – if your teeth are even and you aren’t suffering from severe discoloration, chipping, and breakage, it would be best to stick to less invasive teeth whitening methods.

Have a look at an up-close veneer installation procedure.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

If you’re like me and aren’t willing to risk permanent and irreversible changes to your teeth, you can choose regular teeth whitening selections that will serve you for a while.

  • Whitening trays can give you brighter pearls that can last for three years. Get it done with your dentist so the effects can last longer
  • For easy, quick, and regular bleaching, you can purchase a whitening pen or whitening strips


Before picking a long-term option for your teeth, make sure you consult with your dentist first. Like any other serious step that can affect you in the future, it wouldn’t do you any harm to hear what your dentist has to say!


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