Illumiflow vs Capillus Review (Top 2 Best Laser Caps for You!)

Few laser caps in the hair growth industry have a high number of light diodes.

Illumiflow and Capillus have caps with up to 272 diodes for effective reach.

Not only do they offer more scalp coverage, but they are also discreet about it by having the helmets covered with baseball caps!

Illumiflow vs Capillus
Illumiflow vs Capillus

This Illumiflow vs Capillus review will compare the two formidable hair treatments around.

My HAIR’Story

I’ve had hair problems since I was in high school.

What I didn’t expect is that they would go on into my adulthood.

Though the thinning and shedding were stressful, I was glad that I didn’t have bald spots that early.

But when I noticed a bald spot last year, I knew I had to tackle it soon.

I’ll explain how laser technology helps battle hair loss in this Illumiflow vs Capillus review.

You may already know that alopecia is commonly genetic.

What this means is, that it is possible to prevent hair loss before it goes too far.

It is often impossible to regain hair if balding goes on for years since the hair follicles are entirely inactive by then.

Laser treatment can help reactivate your follicles and encourage growth.

A Glimpse of Illumiflow vs Capillus

The Capillus is a sleek, reasonably priced way to get a full brow at home, and it makes a great present for yourself or someone else.

It gives you an effective brow shaping treatment, and it does so for only $100.

The capillaries are punctured with a needle for a painless experience.

Then Capillus’ unique laser technology is applied, which removes hair for a more natural look. (It’s like having a professional brow sculptor do it for you!)

In addition, the Capillus works well as a secondary treatment, after your brows have been shaped with a brow pencil, to fill in and create a more defined shape.

Illumiflow vs Capillus: A Comparison Review

Illumiflow Laser Treatment

Illumiflow is relatively new in the market.

However, the techniques are similar to Capillus – multiple diodes in lightweight caps that you can use anywhere you go.

They also have a laser cap with fewer diodes.


With the 272-diode cap, the scalp coverage is quite good.

The package comes with the cap, charger, battery pack, and an instruction manual.

For more information like FAQ, further details, inquiries, and cleaning, you can visit the Illumiflow website.

Illumiflow Laser Treatment


There are varying recommendations on how to use the cap.

While the overall time is 30 minutes use, the frequency at which you can use it is different.

Some users use it on alternate days, others wear it two or three times a week, and others wear it every day.

Consult with a physician on how often to wear it; considering the laser, light exposure is a little higher than other caps in the market.


  • FDA-approved
  • Full scalp coverage
  • Drug-free and safe
  • Easy to use – automatic shut off after 30 minutes


  • Works but the cap’s hard plastic feels heavy
  • Mixed information about how long and often you should use the cap

Capillus Laser Treatment

Though Capillus has been here longer than Illumiflow, they both low-level light therapy to stimulate the activation of resting hair follicles.

Not only does this encourage new growth, but it also promotes thicker hair growth from the root.


Capillus have laser caps that come in different numbers of light diodes.

In the package, you’ll have a lithium-ion battery pack, battery case, A/C adapter, manual, warranty, and a bag to carry the cap when you’re on the move.

Capillus Laser Treatment


There are more details on the different diode-number Capillus caps.

Capillus advises purchasing the caps through physicians to get the best cap for your needs.

For example, you wear the Capillus 82 has less coverage than the Capillus 202 and 272.

You still wear all the caps for six minutes.



  • Very pricey

Recommendation with Illumiflow vs Capillus

Though the Illumiflow has many diodes at a lower price, Capillus is better at quality and usage information.

If the Capillus 272 is too expensive for you, you could go for the Capillus 82 instead.

Try to read this article many times before deciding what product is best for you.

Conclusion on Illumiflow vs Capillus

The products have been clinically validated and are recommended by physicians due to their effectiveness.

Capillus has a 3-star rating on Amazon, while Illumiflow has a 4-star rating.

It demonstrates that both caps’ performance is effective.

Illumiflow, on the other hand, is more effective and better in treating hair lossalmetto.

Frequently Asked Questions about Illumiflow vs Capillus

Which is better Capillus vs HairMax?

Hairmax definitely outperforms Capillus in most areas, based on all of the parameters presented.

The Capillus is also a good gadget that will keep your hair from thinning, but you won’t be as well served as you would be with the Hairmax LaserBand.

Do laser caps have side effects?

Laser cap therapy has got no known side effects.
Studies prove that laser caps combined with other hair loss treatments can provide better outcomes. 
Laser cap therapy is an FDA-approved procedure

Is Capillus approved by the FDA?

Capillus Laser Cap Has Been Approved By The FDA To Treat Hair Loss.

Capillus, LLC has announced that the Capillus Laser Cap has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

We are pleased to inform you that the Food and Drug Administration has granted the Capillus272TM 510(k) clearance (FDA)

Does Capillus cause shedding?

Excessive energy transferred to the scalp can result in scalp overstimulation, which can cause shedding, scalp pain, and damage.

In some circumstances, stabilizing the scalp condition and stopping shedding caused by overstimulation can take 6-12 weeks.

Can I use laser hair growth every day?

Using the laser on a daily basis is not encouraged and should be avoided at all costs.

The Hair Growth Laser stimulates the hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the affected areas.

If the follicles are treated with laser every day, they will eventually stop responding.

Does insurance cover Capillus?

In most circumstances, insurance will not cover Capillus laser caps.

You may be able to submit paperwork to the insurance company if a physician determines that the cap is medically essential for a patient.


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