Is makeup haram? (Best Guide to Know)

Is Makeup haram? Makeup is not regarded as haram (forbidden) in and of itself. It is even advised that a wife apply makeup for her husband.

What is prohibited is wearing it in front of other males in order to catch their attention.

To begin with, Islam places a high emphasis on human beauty and considers it to be a part of our prima facie.

It’s in our nature to be drawn to and seek out beauty.

So, wearing make-up is permissible as long as it is confined to maharem and there is no aim of putting on a beauty show for others.

Otherwise, it will incite male lust, which Islam strictly forbids. As a result, the intention of applying make-up is important to be cautious.

Why is makeup Haram?

Is makeup haram?
Is makeup haram?

It is not permissible to wear cosmetics in public unless your face is veiled and the makeup cannot be seen.

It is usual these days for a Muslimah to say, “but I’m not wearing it to attract males,” but how do you know they won’t be?

(It is nonsensical to wear a hijab (a loose flowing non-see-through dress that covers everything except the face and hands) with red lipstick!

Makeup may only be worn in front of mahrems and the husband.

We’re not even wearing it to gain male attention. We wear it as a creative expression and because some of us enjoy having purple eyelids!

So, what’s the issue? When I ask a fellow Muslim, they always say, “Well, it attracts guys, so you can’t,” which is ridiculous.

Is it true that some guys have a hijab fetish and are drawn to it, thus should I remove it?

Is it true that certain men are drawn to large lips? Do I have to cover mine?

Heck, some men have hand fetishes; is it haram if I display them for practical reasons?

I’m just not getting it.

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Is makeup haram in Ramadan?

Yes, a fasting person (male or female) is worshiping, thus he or she should avoid anything that arouses lust.

As a result, it is forbidden for a believer to use perfume or cosmetics during the fasting month of Ramadan.

It should be mentioned that a woman is not permitted to use makeup in front of non-mahram males because she is obliged to hide her face in their presence and because cosmetics is an embellishment that leads to fitnah.

If she does this and then prays, she will receive the reward for her prayer, but she will bear the load of tabarruj’s transgression (wanton display).

There is no reason why a woman should not adorn herself by wearing makeup on her face, kohl, or doing her hair in a way that does not make her look like a kaafir lady.

She must also hide her face in front of males who are not her mahrams. 

Using kohl is lawful in Islam, although a woman is not permitted to expose any of her adornment, whether kohl or otherwise, to anybody other than her husband or mahrams, because Allaah states.

Is Makeup Itself Halal?

Now that we have addressed is makeup haram? Let’s consider another question is Makeup Halaal?

Islam is highly contextual. Its standards for behaving with friends, strangers, and family members are quite circumstantial.

Both men and women are urged to take excellent care of their grooming, self-care, and hygiene.

It is a legal requirement.

There are, however, a few points to keep in mind:

  • It is not permitted to wear cosmetics on a person who is not an adult (a child).
  • Excessive makeup rituals aimed to deflect attention away from the opposing sex, male or female, are not permitted.
  • Cosmetics is allowed if the adult is married and both the husband and wife agree that wearing makeup in a certain way is appropriate.
  • Mutual consent between a married couple on anything is considered par in Islam.



In Arabic, halal means “lawful,” and it refers to what is permissible under Islamic law.

Halal is well known for its use in food, but it is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even business activities.

Some cosmetics are more dangerous than others.

Lipstick, for example, may be swallowed accidently when eating or drinking, thus Muslim buyers should thoroughly examine its contents.

Because fragrances can be absorbed inadvertently, and Muslim dietary rule prohibits swallowing intoxicating chemicals, Halal consumers choose alcohol-free perfumes.


Cosmetics may contain animal products, however only animal-derived substances obtained from halal species slaughtered in compliance with dhabah are permitted.

Lecithin, glycerol, fatty acids, and collagen are all examples of animal-derived substances found in cosmetics. Some coloration comes from insects, which are haram and hence do not qualify as halal.

Halal Cosmetic Product Makeup Brands

People are becoming more conscious of Halal and Haram, as well as what’s in their skin care and makeup, which leads to a willingness to spend more on high-quality halal products.

Iba,Inika, Inglot (nailpolishes),Clara Cosmetics, and Amara,Shehnaz hebal, Claudia Nour are some Halal Cosmetics Brands.

There could be more brands of halal cosmetics as well.

My recommendation to all my Muslim friends is to find a brand that is halal certified and to only use halal items.

If this is not possible, one golden guideline to follow when selecting cosmetics is to avoid cosmetics created with animal products and instead use herbal/vegan cosmetics that do not contain the above-mentioned haram ingredients.

Halal Makeup for Lips:

  1. Crystal Dia Lip Crayon 9 Color 2.7g
  2. Halal Lipsticks Iba Halal Care Moisture Rich Vegan Lipstick Vegetarian FREE SHIP-Price :
  3. Mineral Botanica Halal Makeup Baobab Vivid Matte Lipstick
  4. Iba Pure lips lipsticks All shade
  5. Crystal Dia Color Lip 8 Color 3.8g / Halal Certificate
  6. Amara Organic lipsticks-all shade.
  8. [TALENT] Crystal Dia Essential Lip Balm 3 Color 5g / Halal Certificate
  9. Halal Wardah Daily Lipstick Lip Kit Palette with Brush – Perfect Red 8 Shades
  10. Mineral Botanica Halal Makeup Moisturizing Liner Pen Lipstick
  11. Mineral Botanica Halal No Paraben Makeup Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

A list of Halal BB and CC Cream

  1. BB Primer 909 BB & CC (SPF45+/PA+++) 50g / Halal Certificate
  2. iba halal care perfect look bb cream with 24 carat gold
  3. Q10 BB Cream [SPF36/PA++] 35g / Halal Certificate / Korea cosmetic
  4. Royal Jelly BB Cream [SPF36/PA++] 35g / Halal Certificate
  5. Mineral Botanica BB Cream Foundation Paraben Free Halal Skincare
  6. Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation Long Wearing Halal Make Up Cover(Light Beige)
  7. Mineral Botanica BB Cream All in One Foundation Paraben Free Halal Makeup 25ml

Halal Makeup for Face :

  • Crystal Dia Bling Pearl Powder 10g / Halal Certificate
  • Amara Press Powder Foundation
  • BB Foundation Balm [SPF50+/PA+++] 12g 2 Color / Halal Certificate-
  • Inika Mineral Foundation

Halal Makeup for Eyes :

  • PACK OF 2 Halal Kajal | Iba Halal Pure Eyes Natural Kajal Kohl:
  • Crystal Dia Water Proof Auto Eyeliner 0.3g 9 Color / Halal Certificate–
  • Crystal Dia Power Mascara 7g 2 Type / Halal Certificate

Breathable Halal Nail polish

  • Inglot Breathable Nailpolish

How to Choose Halal Cosmetics and Beauty Product?

We’ve compiled a list of tips for selecting Halal cosmetics. There could be more, but we’ll stick to the most frequent ingredients and popular brands.

Check the label to see if it is devoid of animal fat.

  1. Examine the ingredient list:
  2. It is haram if it contains CARMINE OR COCHINEAL.
  3. Check For These Potentially Questionable Ingredients:
  • Oleic Acid Which is found in Moisturizers, and cosmetics. Oleic Acid is derived from animal matter (beef or pork)
  • Keratin is found in Moisturizers(Hydrolyzed Keratin – derived from Keratin (from cashmere goat or sheep wool).)
  • Lanolin Alcohol is derived from animal matter
  • Palmitic Acid is found in Moisturizers, Masques and cosmetics
  • Gelatin is found in Moisturizers, cosmetics. Only fish gelatin is Halal. If you run a DNA analysis (nowadays it is used to detect pig by-products in a food product developed by a Florida company ) of Type A gelatin (pig) and Pig, you will find no difference.
  • Stearic Acid/Stearyl Alcohol is found in Moisturizers, cleansers, Exfoliator, Toners, Masque, and after shave(Halal if Obtained from vegetable fat. Haram if obtained from pork fat.)
  • Glycerin/glycerol is found in Moisturizers, cleansers after shave. If glycerin is obtained from pork fat then it will be Haram.

4. Regarding Alcohol in Cosmetics:

Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol and Cetyl alcohol are emulsifiers, meaning they help the oily ingredients in the formulation dissolve in the water phase to give the cream a smooth consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions about Is makeup haram

is makeup haram hanafi?

“O Prophet, advise the believing women to suppress their gaze and guard their private parts, and not to exhibit their adornment except that which is displayed of itself,” the Quran says. [24:31]

This statement, according to the Prophet’s companion, Ibn Abbas, and early Muslim scholars, suggests that adornments such as kohl, henna, rings, lipstick, and the like are allowed to wear in public.

is makeup haram in ramadan?

In general, a fasting person (male or female) is in worship, thus anything that arouses lust should be avoided.

As a result, it is forbidden for a believer to use perfume or cosmetics during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Cosmetics applied to the skin do not break the fast because they do not reach the stomach, allowing a woman to apply makeup and other cosmetics to her skin.

Nonetheless, it is preferable for Muslim women to avoid this because these applications and cosmetics may arouse lust.

is makeup haram to wear for yourself?

Yes, the point is that women are expected to thoroughly decorate themselves at the appropriate time and place, namely with their spouses.

The act of revealing one’s attractiveness to one’s partner promotes the love, connecting, and closeness between the two of them.

It’s something special between the two of them that they don’t share with the rest of the world.

Beautifying oneself in front of non-mahram males, on the other hand, can result in jealousy, harassment, or unwelcome attention/word/look/any sort of harm.

is makeup haram to wear in public?

Yes, Allah loves beauty, and a Muslim should dress well and cleanly in order to present a nice look.

Furthermore, the Prophet added, “Allah is Beautiful, and He Loves Beauty.” [Muslim]

As a result, it is permissible for men and women to beautify themselves with what Allah, The Exalted, has decreed permissible for them.

In this case, the use of make-up is included in the above-mentioned general norm; that is, a woman may wear makeup such as lip gloss or eye liner, but she must not appear in the same state in front of non-Mahram males or non-Muslim women.

In addition, when she leaves the house, she must wear her full Hijaab.

is makeup haram sunni?

The Qur’an does not command us to avoid wearing anything that might attract the opposite sex.

This is difficult since what is beautiful to each individual male is subjective.

Some males believe that ladies dressed entirely in black are appealing and enticing.

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