Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review

You probably know of the lighter variation of castor oil. Jamaican Black Castor oil is precisely as it says – much darker or black, and you may love it when you read about it.

Whatever brand they come in, all pure castor oils are known for their thick and sticky consistency. They are quite heavy as well; something which makes them a favorite or an unsavory oil to use. It all depends on your hair! I think everyone can benefit from this oil.

Whether you have fine or curly and kinky hair, finding natural and untainted oil that’s free from chemicals that harm your hair is a huge win. Jamaican Black castor oil is one of these oils. Don’t worry about the consistency; I’ll tell you how you can work with it for your benefit!

First things first, what is the difference between regular castor oil and Jamaican Black castor oil? They both come from the castor seeds, but the difference is in their extraction process. Think of regular castor oil as the modern variation of the oil. Manufacturers get this oil by cold pressing (sometimes using chemicals for the less pure types).

Jamaican Black castor oil involves a much more traditional approach. The castor seeds are roasted whole before crushing them. The cooked and crushed seeds are then slow-boiled after adding enough water, and there are no chemicals used in the entire process.

What you get after boiling is very dark oil – which can range from dark brown to pitch black. On the other hand, cold-pressed castor oil is often light yellow or even transparent. Depending on your source, your Jamaican Black castor oil may even smell burnt; so keep the preparation process in mind and don’t be alarmed.

The extraction process isn’t the only difference; though it is the major one. Jamaican Black castor oil is on the alkaline side (the ashes of the roasted seeds are still in there!) while the lighter castor oil is a little acidic. So you see, while the oils may hold similar benefits, there’s a higher chance your Jamaican Black castor oil is better since there are no chemicals used. Now, onto my favorite brand and why it’s good for your hair!

Tropical Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

A few things you should know before shopping for your JBCO:

  • The purer your castor oil, the better. There are lots of impure Jamaican Black castor oils around. Some are hydrogenated, some industries may use hexane for further extraction, and sometimes, companies may mix different types of castor oils
  • Where the castor seeds grew, and how they grew means a lot for the end product
  • Additional ingredients like fragrances, alcohols, and other chemicals mean your oil isn’t pure

Which is why you will love the Jamaican Black Castor oil by Tropical Isle Living – they are traditionally made. Unlike mass production in manufacturing that mostly involves chemicals, Tropical Isle Living is all natural and has been so for the past twenty years. They use only the high-quality seeds for their extraction purposes.

What makes this oil great for your hair? The omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, and many more minerals in this pure castor oil pack a mean punch for the benefit of your hair. These nutrients nourish your scalp and hair, strengthening your hair follicles, and encouraging thicker hair growth.

Jamaican Black Castor oil’s moisturizing abilities will bring the sheen back to your hair – I can attest that my dull hair came back to life after two weeks of using this oil. My hair wasn’t the only part that experienced length. You can occasionally dab a little to your eyebrows, beard, and use a clean mascara brush to apply it to your lashes as well; you’ll be amazed at the results!


  • Great hydration for your scalp, hair, and skin
  • Fuller and thicker hair
  • More growth
  • Soothing to an irritated scalp


  • The heavy consistency is too much for some (you can improve it with a lighter oil though)


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I’ll admit, with Jamaican Black Castor oil, less may be good. Unless you are using it for your hot oil treatment and other deep conditioning purposes, I’d advise on small amounts if you’re not planning on washing it out of your hair. If it feels too heavy, mix a few drops of it with a few drops of lighter carrier oil, and you’re good to go!


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