Choosing the best Kerasal Products

 The best-kept secrets about feet care revealed!

Choosing the best Kerasal Products is important.

But with so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you?

My Experience

A while back I was working in a plant that required me to adorn in those unsightly rigger boots.

It wasn’t long before I started to notice some discoloration on my toenails.

2 months in, my toes were so full of gunk you’d think I had been homeless for a year.

Disgusting is a gross understatement.

I of course sought help from my doc and she informed me I had a bad case of onychomycosis.

If that sounds a bit too convoluted, nail fungal infection will do.

Naturally, she prescribed some strong concoction of antibiotics and antifungal pills.

However, my body was having none of it.

Turns out I am allergic to that stuff.

I had to find an alternative and fast.

I decided to ask my good friend Google and she gave me an endless list of options.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out the home remedies.

I soaked my feet in salted water, slathered it in unsweetened yogurt, applied baking soda, doused it in tea tree oil, the works!

While there was some relief, my toe fungus was not totally eradicated.

It felt like I was playing Russian roulette with this monstrosity.

It was all but a game of chance.

My feet never fully recovered with all the magic potions I was using.

I shared my predicament with a close confidant who had worked at the same plant and she turned me to Kerasal nail renewal treatment.

She spoke of the product with such high regard you’d think she was being paid to endorse it.

It was only after using it that I understood why she was pleased with Kerasal.

I’m pleased to say, my feet have gone back to their former glory.

What’s more, I can take off my socks without making my family squeamish.

After getting rid of my foot fungus, I opted to indulge in a number of Kerasal foot care products.

Let’s just say my feet are as soft as a baby’s bum thanks to them.

If you are battling, psoriasis, foot fungus, cracked heels you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s my honest review of Kerasal foot care products.

I hope they come in handy.

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Toe Fungus
Kerasal Psoriasis Nail Repair
Nail Psoriasis
Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair
Dry Cracked Heels
Kerasal Pumice Paste
Cracked Feet
Kerasal Ultrastrength Moisturizer
Dry Feet

Kerasal Nail Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment 10ml Review

If you’ve never suffered a toenail infection let me paint you a picture.

Your nails become discolored, brittle, and thick.

In some severe instances it may emanate an awful stench.

Not a pretty picture right?

This is where I was before I started using this product.

What’s worse my nails had each gained their own unique distorted shape.

I kid you not, in a matter of just 2 weeks color had been restored in my big toe.

That was all it took to get me hooked.

I used it for around 3 months and I have never battled toe fungus again.

I knew the only way to escape re-infection is doing away with the infected nails altogether.

So I needed a product that will not only change nail appearance but also help get rid of the gunky ugly nail.

That’s just what Kerasal nail renewal treatment did for me.

While it did not renew its parse it really softened my nail. How soft you ask?

Well after 8 weeks the fungus-infested nail kind of just dissolved.

This paved way for new growth that was fungus-free.

Now my nails look much better than my 8 years old’s.

I also loved how easy the application was.

There were no messes and it did not sting that bad like the salted water I had tried before.

My socks and bedding were completely stain-free.


  • Is effective in clearing toe fungus
  • Has no odor
  • It is FDA Approved
  • Application is easy
  • No mess as you need not soak feet
  • No stains left on bedding and clothing


  • Need to continue with lifestyle changes after the condition has cleared up
  • It takes longer to work for some people


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Kerasal Psoriasis Nail Repair

To the untrained eye, nail fungal infection and nail psoriasis are indistinguishable.

In fact, without medical testing, it’s almost impossible to definitively say whether it’s psoriasis or fungal.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that the former is an autoimmune disease-hence noncommunicable- and the latter can easily spread.

General body psoriasis typically presents as red patches of dry, flaky, and painful skin that easily peels off.

Nail psoriasis however closely mimics the symptoms of fungal infection.

Your nails become decolorized dry and pitted.

My gammy suffered from this and I must say her nails looked like she lived in the wild.

She never seemed bothered by the crumbly edges but the pain was too much for her to bear.

For years she had tried to use all manner of treatments from Vitamin D to steroids but nothing stuck.

They’d improve for a week or so then it would come back with a vengeance.

The psoriasis medication seemed to relieve her skin but not her nails.

It was not until I introduced her to the Kerasal product after my bout with a fungal infection that she saw any lasting improvement.

I kid you not in just a day of use there was a visible improvement.

In two weeks the yellowing had all but disappeared.

Her brittle nails were finally hydrated and thickness normalized.

What’s more, her nails become as smooth as butter.

While she had to use for it about two months to totally get rid of the infected nails, it was well worth the wait.

Unlike her prescribed steroids and home remedies, this product was completely odorless.

It was also very easy to apply thanks to the no-mess silicone applicator.

She praised how well it dried off.

It was as if she’d not applied anything.

Aside from ease of use, Kerasal Psoriasis nail repair is quite safe.

It is FDA approved and clinically proven to improve nail psoriasis in 8 weeks of use.

My grandma is proof of this!


  • Formula is safe
  • Effective results in over 90% of users
  • Easy to use
  • There’s no contraindication  with normal psoriasis medication


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Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair Exfoliating Foot Moisturizer

There are two types of folks when it comes to foot care.

Those who feel feet are part of our aesthetic beauty and those who don’t.

I happen to fall in the latter camp.

My feet are purely functional, they weren’t designed to be attractive.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find me splurging on a pedicure or massage.

I’d love to say I haven’t got time but that would be a lie.

The truth is I just don’t see the need.

Well, that was true up and until my feet became dry and cracked with gaps as deep as the grand canyon.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I completely neglected my feet.

I’d wash them and keep them clean but I never took the time to go the extra mile.

I only got bothered when my sheets started to feel the wrath of my rough pedals.

Contrary to my beliefs I decided to visit a beautician who has majored in foot care.

She took one look at my dry cracked callused feet and said “only kerasal can help you.

I was a bit skeptical at first but when she mentioned it was approved by American Podiatric Association I was game!

Thank heavens I took her advice.

This product is so effective, I saw tangible results in a day.

Not only did it exfoliate my disgusting callused skin it also deeply moisturize my feet.

All I had to do was slather a fair coat on my disgusting feet, adorn in some cotton socks, and have my beauty sleep.

Come morning, my feet were as soft as silk.

What’s more, my sheets were spared the wrath of cracked feet.

The consistency more or less that of vaseline seeing as it’s one of the main ingredients.

While this may be a bit messy for some folks I had no qualms.

Mostly because I always made sure to wear socks.

Perhaps its only fault is the strong smell.

I suggest that you thoroughly wash your hands after use.

You don’t want any of it ending up in your eyes. Trust me!


  • Visible results in a day
  • exfoliates dry skin
  • Heals calluses


  • Maybe a tad messy
  • Has a strong smell


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Kerasal Pumice Paste

Here’s another gem from Kerasal meant to combat dry cracked skin.

These guys had the bright idea to make a blend of volcanic pumice with natural moisture-enhancing emollients.

The result?

Well, let’s just say I was impressed.

And this is coming from a girl who does not invest much in pedicures.

Unlike a regular pumice stone, you get the best of two worlds in one go.

It polishes away dry skin while still imparting enough moisture to make it soft to your heart’s desire.

What more could you ask for?

I for one love the thick consistency.

I have dabbled in a few watery scrubs and they do leave a lot to be desired.

It was gentle on my sensitive skin while still gruff enough to get rid of dry skin.

Talk of the perfect formula!

What more can you expect from astringent moisturizers likes aloe Vera and tea tree.

For best results, I’d recommend pairing it with Kerasal foot cream.


  • Exfoliates dry skin
  • Moisturizes feet
  • is easy to use


  • The quantity is a bit wanting. It densest last long.


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Kerasal Ultra20 Extra Strength Moisturizer Foot Cream (Daytime Therapy)

What if I told you there’s a way you can rock job-interview feet every day with minimal hassle?

Yeap, imagine your feet being as soft and supple as they were on your first date day in day out.

I’m talking about the kind of feet that can afford to go sock-free in your silk sheets without arousing an existential crisis.

All you need is the Kerasal Ultra 20 Extra Strength Foot Cream.

I have been using it religiously for a while and I’m happy to report that my feet are a sight for sore eyes.

The deep fissures that were distinct on my heels have all dissipated.

This is thanks to its hydrating and exfoliating abilities.

We have dry summers and winters here in Michigan, so chapped feet are the order of the day.

Sometimes it gets so bad to the point of bleeding.

If you’re in this kind of predicament worry no more.

This product will transform the most unsightly hoof-like feet to tender smooth heels.

I also love how easy it is to apply.

Its lotion consistency is easily absorbed by the heels and barely leaves any messes.


  • Is easily absorbed
  • heals cracked heels
  • easy to apply


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Foot Cream Buying Guide

There’s no dearth to the options available in the market when it comes to foot creams.

As much as I champion for Kerasal, I’d love to show explain why.

Here’s an exhaustive buying guide detailing all you need to know when looking for the best foot cream.

For starters, you ought to consider the quality of your barking dogs.

Are your heels cracked?

Is it dry? Are they painful? In these instances, not any run-of-the-mill cream will do.

Ensure the ingredients will actually solve your specific issue.

For instance, do not expect a diabetic foot to be “treated” by an off-the-shelf cream.

Ingredients; a good foot cream is one that not only softens the heels but also soothes pain, prevents infection, and in some cases relieves inflammation.

The only way to know if your cream does all the above is by taking a closer look at the ingredient list.

Should you come across any essential oils know you’re in the right camp.

Lastly, look for a cream that is compatible with a special sock; Why is that you ask?

Well, the special socks are fitted with silicone at the heels that ensures your feet are moisturized.

How serious are nail fungal infections?

Nails act as a window into your general state of health and are often regarded as one of the aesthetic features of your body.

However, this physical beauty can be obstructed by the attack of fungus.

Medically known as onychomycosis, fungal nail infections are caused by fungi and are hard to notice at first as they develop over time.

What causes nail fungal infection?

Fungal nail infections occur when a fungus attacks the fingernails, toenails, or the skin under the nail.

It is caused by the same fungi which cause other fungal skin infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, etc.

These infections thrive in warm and moist environments and are highly transmissible.

If fungal infection isn’t treated for long, it might get worse and can be dangerous for your health.

Dangers associated with fungal nail infections

You are more likely to develop fungal nail infections if you are old, diabetic, suffering from a nail or skin injury, heavily sweat, have a weakened immune system, walk barefoot in public pools, or share the personal belongings of infected people like towels, shoes, etc.

Here are some of the dangers posed by fungal nail infections:

  • If left untreated, the infected nail can become thicker, crumbly, and yellowish in color.
  • Cracking and splitting of the can also be caused as a result of the infection.
  • Untreated toenail infection can spread to the surrounding areas.
  • This may result in athlete’s foot infection causing itchiness, inflammation, and cracked skin leading to pain while walking, standing, or wearing footwear.
  • This fungal infection can spread to the genital area as well.
  • Toenails or fingernails infected with the fungus can separate from the skin, a condition known as onycholysis.
  • In such cases, the loose portion of the nail will have to be removed.
  • In extreme cases, it might be required to remove the nail completely through a procedure called a matrixectomy.
  • The bigger concern regarding fungal nail infections is that the fungus creates cracks allowing the bacteria to enter. This might lead to several other infections.

Wrap up!

Neglecting your feet can land you in some serious trouble as evidenced by me.

Save yourself the headache and indulge in Kerasal foot creams to ward off infections as well as repair your feet.

Happy shopping!

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