Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk (The Best Foundation for you!)

Koh gen do foundation will give you the satisfaction expected from foundations as it will cover up the imperfections every woman dislikes, leaving that natural skin glow.

On the other hand, Giorgio Armani’s luminous silk corrects and gives out an even complexion for glowing skin.

Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk
Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk

Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk review is necessary to identify the best product.

My Story

I’m a 24-year old female who has been struggling with achieving the right product to suit my sensitive skin.

I spent hundred dollars!

But, still, I can’t find the perfect foundation that fits my skin tone.

Until one day, I bumped with my old friend, and her face is glowing.

I decided to ask about her routine and beauty products.

And I’m happy to say there are two products that work for me perfectly.

I’m glad to share with you how one of these products gave me a long-lasting natural look experience I have been longing for.

Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk: A Comparison Review

Koh gen do foundation
Koh gen do foundation

Koh gen do foundation REVIEW

Having dull skin can really be disturbing.

It affects every aspect of life as far as interactions are concerned.

Individual confidence and self-esteem are really lowered by gloomy-looking skin.

Fortunately, the product offers:

Glowing skin.

Koh gen do foundation gives the same youthful glow achieved right after make-up.

Everyone will surely be asked about your glowing skin.

However, in cases of extreme skin dryness and dullness, the long-wearing liquid formulation conceals the skin leaving a beautiful and flawless appearance.


It gives you beautiful coverage in all weather conditions.

The coverage is weightless and its light-diffusing minerals brighten and minimize pores.

Stay power.

The product offers a long-lasting effect.

It doesn’t need to apply every hour because it can last even after your long day.

It covers the imperfections leaving behind a natural skin glow.

It can last all day long.


  • Natural feeling
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Amazing product for a sensitive skin
  • Gives a natural glow without leaving the skin greasy.


  • Limited range of shades.
Giorgio Armani luminous silk
Giorgio Armani luminous silk

Giorgio Armani luminous silk review.

I would recommend this product if you are not sure of your skin type, or in cases of blemishes and pigmentation in one’s skin.

It covers normal, dry, or a combination of both.

For an individual with sensitive skin, this foundation is the most ideal.

Natural finish.

This foundation spreads seamlessly onto the skin, leaving a finish that’s reminiscent of charmeuse silk.

In addition, its low-density pairs high-impact pigments with weightless texture giving a natural glow.


The amazing product has medium and delivers buildable coverages.

Covers all skin blemishes and pigments.

Stay power.

It has a long-lasting, hydrating glow with a luminous finish.

The hydrating effect leaves one feeling natural and dewy all day long.


  • Suitable for sensitive and dry skins
  • Super lightweight that provides a nice natural highlight
  • Several shades for different skin tones.
  • The liquid formulation provides excellent hydration
  • An oil-free foundation that captures the glow of perfect skin.


  • It is not good for humid weather it oxidizes easily.
  • The shade number gets erased quickly so it can be difficult to identify the shade later.
  • Doesn’t last for long.

Conclusion on Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk

Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation is my perfect match.

It comfortably takes care of my sensitive skin, my dark spots, and acne without anyone noticing them.

For anyone who is interested in foundations and doesn’t know where to begin, go for this amazing product because it offers all skin coverage.

Koh gen do aqua works well also, I can recommend this to anyone having dull and dry skin.

Though, it has a limited range of shades that can be tricky for use in the long run.

My Verdict on Koh gen do foundation vs Giorgio Armani luminous silk

I’m really thrilled about this foundation and have my eyes on it after seeing so many reviews on YouTube and Blog, but the price tag makes me hesitant to buy it.

Despite the fact that I have 8 bottles of foundation from various brands, one day I saw a fantastic bargain at a local store and purchased it instantly.

It hasn’t let me down, and it is one of the best foundations I’ve tested.

It’s the lightest, most skin-like foundation I’ve tried, with light to medium coverage that manages to keep up with my oil production better than any other foundation I’ve tried.

When I run out, I’ll go out and get some more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation last?

It lasts almost the entire day.

It stayed on for almost 4 hours after I took it off during a workout.

In terms of coverage, feel, and wear-time, it’s definitely a step up — or about a hundred steps up, to be exact — from my typical drugstore BB Cream.

Is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk worth it?

The Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani is a must-try.

This is a foundation worth investing in because it is weightless, buildable, and gives the appearance of a glow from within.

What is your favorite way to apply Koh Gen moisture foundation?

Apply foundation in thin layers that can be built up.

To blur wrinkles and pores, pat the foundation into the skin from all angles.

Allow each layer to dry completely before moving on to the next.

Finish with powder to set if desired

Who is Koh Gen Do?

Koh Gen Do was founded in 1986 by a Japanese actress as a skincare line based on traditional Asian herbs and homeopathy.

The items are designed specifically for high-definition cameras and have been used backstage on hundreds of projects, with actors and makeup professionals all over the world praising them.

Which Giorgio Armani foundation is the best?

Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani

The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is our favorite overall foundation because of its lightweight texture, which feels more like a serum than a thick cream, and the oil-free formula, which provides buildable coverage.

Is Giorgio Armani’s foundation completely opaque?

SPF 25 Longwear Full Coverage Liquid Foundation.

Power Fabric is a 16-hour long-wear liquid foundation with a natural velvet-matte finish and SPF 25 that gives comfortable complete coverage.

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