Lavender Oil For Hair Growth

The lovely scent isn’t the only thing lavender essential oil has to offer. This high concentrate from the lavender plant may be what you need to attain the hair growth you seek.

Essential oils are quickly becoming a home remedy for nearly every home problem you may have. Whether you’re cleaning, looking for a natural skin and hair product, seeking some aromatherapy or simply just adding something special to add to your food, there are varieties of essential oils. They all have unique properties they bring to the table.

So, what makes lavender oil one of a kind? First, it’s the divine scent it carries. When its aroma isn’t being used to relax and calm the mind, you can use lavender oil to clean your home and leave it smelling wonderful. Though there is more to this oil than just the sweet smell – it can do your hair a lot of good.

How Does Lavender Oil Promote Hair Growth?

In some individuals, regular application of lavender oil increases their hair volume. I know it has worked for me! There isn’t much research to confirm this, except for an interesting 2016 study that saw fast and thicker hair growth in mice. That was enough incentive for me, and it worked.

The antimicrobial properties in lavender oil mean bad news for any fungi or bacteria that targets your hair and scalp. In fact, applying lavender oil (diluted, of course) can minimize any dandruff you may have. Massage it onto your scalp to relieve an itchy scalp and any other inflammation, irritation or infection. By reducing dryness and speeding up the healing process, you can look forward to a healthier scalp and more growth.

This unique oil may even kill any lice in your hair and reduce the risk of more. However, do make sure you see your doctor! Using an essential oil solely for treatment is not always a good idea. Your doctor may prescribe something stronger or encourage further use of your lavender oil.

How To Use Your Lavender Essential Oil

One of the best ways to benefit from this amazing oil is by massaging it onto your scalp and letting it sit for a while before washing your hair. Don’t forget to dilute it with equal parts of a carrier oil – I use jojoba oil or coconut oil. If your scalp feels sensitive, you can add a few more drops of the carrier oil to the mix or your hair. I do this once or twice a week and my hair thanks me for it!

You can also add some of this Bulgarian lavender essential oil to your favorite conditioner, shampoo or any oil or serum you use to hydrate your scalp. Don’t use too much of the lavender oil, use it sparingly. While you can purchase products that already have lavender oil in them, I’d much rather do it myself since it is highly likely the lavender in such products is much diluted.


Lavender essential oil is good, but too much of something may not be that great! Applying too much lavender oil may irritate your skin or scalp. Even when using a carrier oil, if you notice the appearance of hives and rashes, you may be allergic to lavender oil, and you wouldn’t be the only one! Always use your lavender oil appropriately.


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