Lipsense vs Rimmel provocalips Review

Lipsense lipstick has a long wear and leaves you with a rich color that is not easily transferable by oily foods or smudge effect. Lipsense vs Rimmel provocalips review compares these two products to help you put your money where it’s worth. Rimmel provocalips comes with a glossy appearance and you don’t have to worry about it wearing off.

No facial makeup is complete without wrapping it up with a fine lipstick gloss. Not to be left out, I have been out scouting for the excellent lipstick that will deliver exceptional results for my skin. For that matter, I came across Lipsense and the Rimmel provocalips lipstick. Let me talk more about them in this review.

Lipsense Review

Lipsense lipstick is not one to disappoint if you are looking for an all-day rich color blend for your lips.

Lasting power

Lipsense has a built-up, consistent color of up to 8 hours . After 8 hours, you might begin to notice a change in the color strength of the lipstick. This is probably the exfoliation process taking place. After a heavy meal, you may also notice a color difference. To ensure that it lasts all day, apply top coat after every 4-5 hours.

End product

It leaves you with a heavy wear feeling after application. This stems from the fact that you have to apply three layers and a top coat for it to stick. However, you won’t have to try hard moving your lips as it turns out to be quite flexible.

Moisturizing Effect

This product comes with a top coat that is meant to seal your lip color. Apart from this, top coat gloss also hydrates your lips. The lipstick cover is no hindrance as the hydration effect potentially gets to your lips.


  • Long lasting
  • Non-transferrable
  • 70 color shades that be customized for your preference
  • Water-proof


  • The Initial application gives you a burning sensation
  • Difficult to apply as compared to a regular lip fluid
  • Several applications of gloss to prevent it from wearing


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 Rimmel Provocalips Review

Rimmel provocalips brings you a range of bright colors that achieve an even application on your lips.

Lasting power

Rimmel lipstick leaves your lips glowing for up to 16 hours. Worth noting is that after 6- 8 hours, the lipstick starts flaking and you may need to re-apply it to achieve a long-lasting effect.

End product

Comes with a rich range of colors that you can customize to suit your wants. Conversely, some colors turn out to be patchy. This makes you wait a little bit longer for the colors to dry before applying the top coat. Gives a beautiful look once dry.

Creamy top coat

Unlike other top coats that turn out to be sticky and oily, Rimmel top coat is creamy and leaves your lips feeling soft.


  • Lasts all day
  • Non-transferable when eating or drinking
  • Rich pigmented colors
  • Even application with no streaks


  • Fades slightly after 8 hours
  • Feels quite clumpy after 4 hours of use


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Honestly, I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a winner between these two products. I finally made up my mind on Rimmel provocalips lipstick. For Lipsense, I never loved the fact that it could leave me feeling heavy on my lips with three layers of the application.



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