Lytera vs. Obagi Clear – What should you go for?

Patchy skin is an issue that can seriously affect your self-esteem in some instances. Taking the time to compare products such as Lytera vs. Obagi Clear could be the answer you need when dealing with such complications.

As a working mother of two kids in their early childhood stages, taking care of myself is not something I have given adequate attention to over the years. However, I recently realized that looking good plays a huge role in how I feel, compelling me to seek out a number of solutions for my patchy skin.

Patchy skin is an issue that many people deal with and is nothing to be ashamed of. There have been many solutions introduced to the market to address this problem. Unfortunately, not all of them have delivered on their promises. Two of the leading products in this market right now happen to be Lytera and Obagi Clear.

What are the differences between Lytera and Obagi Clear?

Brand 30
Obagi Clear
2.0 fl oz.
57g/2.0 oz.
Controls melanin production
Renews and restores skin
Ingredient preferences

Lytera vs. Obagi Clear – How do they compare?


Lytera being a cream is applied easily enough. Once you have toned and cleansed your face, you can apply a single pump twice every day in the mornings and evenings. It’s advisable to leave it for three to five minutes to ensure that it has fully absorbed into the skin before using any other creams. Dealing with Obagi Clear will require you to take a little more caution with your measurements dues to its formulation. You should measure between half to one gram that you then spread evenly across your face. The product can be used twice every day, or as specifically directed by your doctor. Avoid any contact with your eyes when using this product.


The makeup of both products is another important element to take into consideration – especially if you happen to suffer from any severe allergies. Both Lytera and Obagi Clear feature a few similarities in their makeup, including primary elements such as water, glycerin, and tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E). Lytera, however, also features a variety of additional elements that are not found in the Obagi Clear solution – some of these include plankton extract, niacinamide, Polyacrylate-13, and Hydroxyacetophenone to name a few.


Another important aspect to consider is the main features of the product involved. Though both solutions may be designed to more or less address similar complications, the manner in how they approach this objective can differ according to their main points of focus. Lytera, for example, focuses on the positive effects of anti-oxidation and thus has Phenylethyl Resorcinol as its primary ingredient. Obagi Clear, on the other hand, includes hair structure in their final anti-oxidation solution and as such it has Sodium Metabisulfite as its main ingredient.

Lyetra vs. Obagi Clear Comparison review


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Lytera is a wonderful solution for those looking to address their issues with hyperpigmentation. It’s popular for dealing with dark spots and other similar problems. The tranexamic acid in its solution helps with the correction of dark spots, while the formula attempts to balance our melanin levels using phenylethyl resorcinol and a variety of peptides. The marine extract in the solution also helps to create a healthy skin barrier for additional protection.


• The formula is retinol and hydroquinone-free.

• The cream is easy to use and requires no large amount of concentration.


• Contains a number of additional chemicals in its makeup that might not agree with everyone’s physio.

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Obagi Clear

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If you’re looking for a solution to encourage an more even skin tone along your body, then this product might just be what you need. It’s great for handling problems such as melasma, acne, and sun damage. Its liquid formulation means that you don’t have to use a lot of it for significant results. It promotes cell renewal through the application of the 7% arbutin found in its ingredients that prevents the production of tyrosinase – thus minimizing your dark spots in the process. Improvement occurs with continued use over a period of time.


• It’s a hydroquinone-free solution.

• Works on a variety of skin types.


• Contains sodium metabisulfite, which can be a source of allergic-type reactions for a few susceptible people.

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In conclusion, if I had to choose when deciding between Lytera vs. Obagi Clear – then my favorite would have to be the former. Lytera offers a better means of application thanks to its cream formulation and doesn’t contain any excessively dangerous elements in its makeup that might lead to severe reactions. Obagi Cleaar, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for those solely dealing with facial issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are liquid formulas more effective than creams?

Not in the least. The effect of both formulas will depend on the particular quality of the product involved.

Can Sodium Metabisulfite be harmful to my health?

This chemical can cause a variety of severe allergic-type reactions depending on your particular susceptibility. It’s always crucial to check with your doctor before applying this item if you happen to suffer from such problems.

Why are hydroquinone-free solutions becoming so popular?

The main problem with the presence of hydroquinone in any solution is that the skin cannot tolerate it for an extended period. This can stop you from using the cream as regularly as required.

Will my Lytera solution only work with sunscreen?

The main purpose of sunscreen is to provide an additional layer of protection for your skin to ensure the sun damage you’re trying to fix, for example, doesn’t get any worse. Think of Lytera as cold medicine, and the sunscreen as you staying warm as you recover.

Does an increased dosage fasten results?

Following the recommended dosages as directed by the producer or your physician is crucial to avoid any unforeseen complications. Remember taking too much of a good thing can be poisonous, so you should not go overboard with your application.


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