Makeup forever HD foundation vs Nars all day luminous Review (Best Picks)

Makeup forever HD foundation vs Nars all day luminous: Which is better?

Makeup forever hd foundation is a good fit for all skin types. You only need a drop to get full face coverage. Ensure to purchase a makeup brush for this.

Makeup forever hd foundation vs Nars all day luminous review gives a comparison between these two products. The all-day luminous is all good for those looking for glowing skin. However, it only works with oily skin types.

Makeup forever HD foundation vs Nars all day luminous
Makeup forever HD foundation vs Nars all day luminous

Hi all, I’m a married mother of one lovely daughter. I love beauty and enjoy the skin care product I’m currently using. Before then, I labored to get a beauty product that would work for me.

Luckily, the lady at the beauty store tried out a number of products on my skin and I chose to pick two of them. Here is my review of the products I purchased.

Makeup forever HD foundation vs Nars all day luminous: A Comparison Review

Makeup forever HD foundation review

Covers skin blemishes

Works for all skin types

This product not only worked for me but for my close friends as well. Worth noting is the fact that MUFE works for most skin types given the fact that not all my friends have the same skin type and complexion.

Makeup Forever HDpic
Makeup forever HD

Natural finish

What struck me out in the use of this product was the wonderful natural finish it had on my skin. It’s very natural and I appreciated the fact that people mistook it for my true foundation when it’s only make-up.


The coverage it had on my skin was satisfying, to say the least. You can easily build a layer of MUFE on your skin with a drop and brush it over with a makeup brush. If you have any skin imperfections such as redness and spots, Makeup forever will cover them for you.


  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Natural finish
  • Coverage that conceals skin defects
  • Smooth elastic feeling on the skin


  • Cakey for oily skin

Nars all day luminous review

In my quest to give my skin the perfect treatment, I also bought and used a whole bottle of Nars all-day luminous.

Full coverage

Unlike many foundations that achieve medium to high coverage, this foundation gave me full skin coverage with ease.

Nars all day luminous weightless foundation
Nars all day luminous

Glowing skin

This product from luminous gave my skin the glow I was looking for. The product also comes with a pump, avoiding messy spillovers. To cut it short, it simply delivered what it promised.

Works for oily skin

Despite my oily skin, this product worked for me and covered my acne perfectly fine. It covered my skin for 10 hours with a fine settling powder.


  • Glowing skin
  • Lasts 16 hours
  • Lightweight
  • Blends easily with skin
  • Natural finish
  • Excellent coverage


  • Settles on fine lines of skin after hours
  • Needs sunscreen for wearing outside

The Verdict on Makeup forever HD foundation vs Nars all day luminous

I fell for Makeup forever HD foundation because of its ability to cover skin imperfections such as my acne. Nars all day luminous is all good but I do not like the fact that it settles on my skin lines and exposes my blemishes.

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