Maybelline Superstay 24 vs Lipsense Review

Apart from its shade, Maybelline superstay 24 comes with an ultra-conditioned balm that keeps your lips moisturized. Maybelline superstay 24 vs Lipsense review outweighs the pros and cons of these two products. With Lipsense, you enjoy a long-lasting skin wear but it is one that comes with a long application process.

Whether you bought a lip shade online or at a local store, I’m sure you first dug into a number of reviews posted around about popular lip shades in the market. Some may have promised you exceptional results but proved to be otherwise. Others may have come with the color shade you did not want. All said, beauty wants the best and nothing short of what it expects. Know more about these products in my review.

Maybelline Superstay 24 Review

This lip product is budget friendly with promising color shades

Long color stay power

This lip shade delivers what it promises. Its color shade is able to last long on your skin and doesn’t wear off with much talking, eating or drinking. It keeps your lips moisturized and can last up to 18 hours.

Moisturizing Effect

Unlike most lipstick products that promise to hydrate your lips but leave them dry, Maybelline comes with a radiant lip color that is accompanied by a moisturizing balm. Your lips stay hydrated all day with no drying effect.


This lipstick is bound to last on your lips without being transferred. It’s non-transferable and does not wear off with smudges, kisses, and long dinner night outs. You don’t have to worry about the different things that your lips touche.


  • Moisturizing
  • Long wear
  • Anti-transfer
  • Long- lasting color


  • Needs makeup remover
  • Feels sticky during application


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Lipsense Review

The Lipsense lipstick comes with a perfect mix of several shades that last long on your skin.

Lasting power

Lipsense color remains intense on your lips up to 8 hours of use. If you notice a change in its color intensity, apply top coat gloss that serves to seal it. This ensures it last up to 16 hours of use and also keeps your lips moisturized


Lipsense is not transferable. However, its remover is oil-based. Be wary of coming into contact with foods that are highly oiled. Such foods easily erase your lip shade. You may want to avoid your lip shade wearing off by applying top coat gloss before meal time.

Moisturizing effect

Lipsense works well with a top coat that seals its color shades. The gloss does not only seal the lipstick color but ensures the walls of your lips are well-hydrated. This makes them remain moisturized throughout the day.


  • Long wear
  • Rich color shades
  • Moisturizing
  • Non-transferable


  • Re-glossing throughout the day
  • Burning sensation
  • Long application process


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My verdict

Lipsense lipstick definitely ranks among the top long wear lipsticks. However, it puts me off with its re-glossing routine throughout the day. I would go for Maybelline superstay 24. It comes with a moisturizer that keeps your lips hydrated. Besides, its non-transferable with a longer stay power.


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