Murad Resurgence vs. Rodan and Fields, Which One Solves Your Problem?

It is possible to deal with lines, facial wrinkles and other signs of aging. This Murad Resurgence vs. Rodan and Fields review looks at two products from top skincare manufacturers to help you decide which one is most likely to solve your skin woes.

I have recently noticed that lines on my cheeks and around my eyes are becoming increasingly pronounced. I know it is not enough to find products that will plump up my skin and give me a youthful look for a few hours of the day. I need a daily product that will hydrate my skin to make the lines less pronounced, and most importantly, deal with underlying causes of skin dehydration.

What are the differences between Murad Resurgence and Rodan and Fields? How do they compare?

Murad Resurgence Youth Activation Collection
Rodan and Fields Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask
Ideal Skin type
All skin types
Oily and combination skin
Detached, rotatable lid
Attached flip lid
Recommended frequency
Twice a day
Once a day (or less)
Supply period
1 month supply
+ 3 months’ supply – depending on individual use
Number of products
Collection of 4 products
1 product

Murad Resurgence vs. Rodan and Fields. What Are The Differences?

Collection vs. Single Product

The Murad Resurgence Youth Activation collection comes as a set of 4 products with 2 additional products included as a free bonus. The collection includes a cleanser, a serum, a night cream and a hydrating mask. Bonus products included are an eye cream and sunscreen lotion.

The Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask from Rodan and Fields comes as a single product.

Primary Function

The primary function of Murad’s youth activation collection is to replenish skin hydration, retain cellular water by preventing excessive loss and renew skin to give it a more youthful appearance. The cleanser exfoliates the skin while serum improves firmness. The night cream serves to repair skin cells and the hydrating mask increases skin hydration. The bonus eye cream helps to remove dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. All these results could be wasted if you are regularly exposed to direct sunlight. The final bonus product, a lightweight, SPF 50 sunscreen lotion helps to lock in moisture and prevent skin damage as a result of UV rays, blue light and infrared.

Rodan and Fields cleansing mask serves to keep the surface of the skin clean and the pores clear. This prevents accumulation of dirt and oil which causes breakouts.

Duration of Use

Despite the fact that Murad’s product consists of a collection of items, you will probably need to replenish your supply sooner than you would with the Rodan and Fields product. The collection is packed and designed to last about one month. Some suppliers allow customers to operate a standing order. With this, the supplier ships a new pack of the products every 30 days, within which the previous pack should be about to run out.

Rodan and Fields daily cleansing mask is packed in a bigger tube and is designed to last at least a few months. Some users say they have used the mask for several months though this depends on the specific quantity of product an individual uses on a typical day.


The Murad set of products are all packed in fairly small plastic tubes. The renewing cleansing cream comes in a 1.5 FL. OZ (44ml) tube, the serum is considerably smaller with 0.33 FL. OZ ( 9.8ml), the night cream is 0.6 FL. OZ ( 18ml), the eye cream tube holds 0.14 FL. OZ ( 4 ml) and the sunscreen lotion is 0.14 FL. OZ (4 ml)

Rodan and Fields mask is more, in a significantly larger tube which holds 4.2 FL. OZ (125 ml.) This is approximately 3 times more than the Murad cleanser and about 20 times more than the sunscreen lotion.

Murad Resurgence vs. Rodan and Fields Reviews. Pros and Cons

Murad Resurgence Review

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Sale of skin care products in kits or collections as is done with this Murad product has become a very common method of selling. All women who buy these products are looking for smooth, beautiful, healthy looking skin. Few of them know which products to use to achieve that, leave alone which products they should use in combination in order to achieve the goal. Collections save them the trouble of having to think about this. Where the seller is concerned, manufacturing companies are happy to advice on combination products and make more sales in the process. It also saves on shipping costs.


  • Doesn’t over dry, not greasy.
  • Fast, noticeable results


  • -Very small size tubes
  • Some products run out before the 30 days are out


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Rodan and Fields Review

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This is a quick-drying, creamy cleansing mask used to exfoliate facial skin. Exfoliation involves removal of old, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It prevents acne and break outs because it is these dead cells which combine with oils to clog up skin pores. The primary ingredient in this product is Kaolin Clay. Clay contains granules which help to physically remove dirt from the skin and unclog pores. It also contains natural minerals which enrich the skin. Clay’s thick consistency allows it to easily soak up sebum which is rinsed out with the mask. The result is a softer, smoother, younger looking skin.


  • Can be used as a mask or cleanser
  • Fast drying.


  • Leaves skin feeling tight and dry


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Lines on the face, wrinkles and darkening of skin around the eyes are common signs of aging. Although they cannot be stopped completely, there are many skin care products which can slow down the appearance or progression of these signs. This Murad Resurgence vs. Rodan and Fields comparison puts Murad’s Resurgence Youth Activation collection in the lead because it contains a variety of products. All these serve a specific purpose which contributes towards better hydration of the skin, which in turn reduces signs of aging.


Is mask recommended for all skin types?

Mask is a recommended treatment for all skin types. It helps control oil in oily skin and is good for acne- prone skin. Some masks have a very drying effect so if your skin is dry you should reduce frequency of use.

What is Kaolin clay?

Kaolin is a type of clay found in China. It is white in color and is used for skin, making porcelain and as a medicine for diarrhea. Its name originates from a hill in China where it was first mined.

Should mask be used daily?

Most masks are intended to be used 2 or 3 times a week because daily use will likely cause over drying of the skin. Some masks are made with additional moisturizer to allow for daily use without excessive drying.

I have heard that physical exfoliators are not good for the environment. Is this true?

It has been proved that synthetic plastic beads less than 5mm in size contained in skincare products are harmful to the environment. This is because of their effect on waterways.

Why UV are rays a concern?

UV rays have been associated with ski cancer. People who are exposed to these rays a lot have a higher risk of getting skin cancer.


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