Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD (Best Foundation for Summer!)

Hang in there, my dear!

Summer is almost here! Let’s see which is the better foundation for this summer: Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD?

Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD
Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD

As the summer heat is on its way, you are looking for a radiant summer glow.

A good foundation is always the first step to achieving a flawless look.

Along with adding a natural healthy glow to your complexion, these foundations offer a creamy texture and blend perfectly on the skin.

Both foundations are good, so let’s see what is suitable for you!

My Confession

Hello everyone this is Sam!

Today I am going to be comparing two of the biggest foundations in the beauty industry the Nars sheer glow and the makeup forever ultra HD .

Before I get into the pros and cons of these two foundations I will tell you what I love about each of them.

The Nars sheer glow is a gorgeous sheer coverage foundation and it has a great formula and finish it is extremely comfortable to wear.

Nars sheer glow leaves your skin glowing and has a long stay power, however, it lacks a pump for application

I do think that the coverage is great for a drugstore foundation and it is perfect for someone with normal skin.

The makeup forever ultra HD is a medium to full coverage foundation.

I have to say this is the most pigmented foundation that I have ever tried.

Nars sheer glow leaves your skin glowing and has a long stay power, however, it lacks a pump for the application.

The nars sheer glow vs makeup forever ultra hd review 2018 offers you a guide to make informed choices on these products

Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD- A comparison

Nars sheer glow Review

Before you choose to go for this product, here are some factors that you may want to consider.

Make sure you read properly and understand it before choosing a product.

Stay Power

This Nars product has the lasting power you want.

It can stay on your skin for up to 8 hours a day.

To maintain this lasting power, ensure to wear a primer.

You also need to set your foundation with a talc light powder.

With these added elements, the foundation stays for long even in steamy weather.

Skin Type

This foundation suits all skin types whether oily or dry.

It comes with a water base that prevents the foundation from forming dry patches on your skin.

For oily-skinned ladies, consider using a primer for this foundation to work for you.

It’s not to be used in highly dry and highly oily skin.


I prefer the NARS Sheer Glow package.

I’m also fond of NARS packaging and glass-bottled foundations

Formula Comparison

This one is quite wet, making it much easier to apply.

Dry/combo skin works nicely because this foundation is more moist.

The product helps your skin have a dewy finish.

Nars sheer glow
Nars sheer glow


This foundation has a light to medium coverage.

Some foundations come with full coverage.

It depends on what results in you prefer.

It leaves behind a natural glow instead of a matte finish that appears heavy and cakey.


Despite the fact that it makes me a little shinier over the day, it holds up well.

It doesn’t cause my skin to crack, and it leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh.

I do have to blot once or twice, but it’s not too horrible.

So, while it may make you oily, it adheres to your skin quite effectively!


  • Light coverage
  • Lasts throughout the day
  • Buildable
  • Dewy finish


  • Doesn’t come with a pump

Makeup forever ultra HD Review

If you are looking for coverage that is even, light, and easier, consider this foundation.

Stay Power

This foundation lasts longer but only when used with a primer.

Using it without a primer makes it go patchy about your skin and lasts for a shorter period of time.

Skin Type

MUFE ultra HD works fine for people with normal skin.

If you have a slightly dry or slightly oily skin this foundation can be one of your options.

If your skin is highly oily and you must use it, consider using it with powder.


The plastic bottle that comes up with a pump.

No gripes whatsoever with the packing.

It’s great!

It comes in a plastic bottle, but it still looks quite classy.

Formula Comparison

It is a lot drier compared to Sheer Glow.

Blending in my skin is really great.

But, I’ve noticed that the foundation works better for oily skin.

Makeup forever ultra HD
Makeup forever ultra HD


If you are seeking medium to light coverage, this foundation does it for you.

You also have the option of building it to higher coverage and the product won’t appear cakey.

Its coverage is lightweight and easy to bear.


Because of its drier formula, it effectively controls oil.

On my skin, though, it is prone to looking flaky and dry.

I need to hydrate my skin thoroughly and possibly use a setting spray over my foundation.

If you have oilier skin than mine, I believe this will linger much longer on your skin than the NARS.


  • Natural finish
  • Flawless
  • Doesn’t transfer to clothing or someone else


  • Clings to dry patches in a drier skin
  • Pricey

My verdict on Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD

I would recommend the Nars sheer glow foundation because unlike MUFE ultra HD it works for all skin types.

This foundation also leaves you with a glowing skin that lasts longer.

The Makeup forever ultra is also a good option but it is pricey and reacts with dry and oily skins.

Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions about Nars sheer glow vs Makeup forever ultra HD

What skin type is Nars Sheer Glow for?

The recipe is loaded with skincare advantages.

Including the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, which moisturizes skin, as well as potent antioxidants.

It fights against free radical damage and turmeric extract, which improves skin’s luminosity and tone.


Is Nars Sheer Glow good for oily skin?

The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a luminous foundation that is perfect for all skin types.
Especially those with normal to dry skin.


Is Makeup Forever HD foundation good?

This is a fantastic full-coverage high-end foundation.

My recommendation is to pass on the product if you don’t have a perfect color match because blending two tones will not work out for you.

It didn’t work for me, at least.

However, if you can get the right shade, it’s a fantastic product.


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