Nars Sheer Glow Vs Natural Radiant Review

If looking for a natural glow on your skin, you want to try out the Nars sheer glow skin product. It gives you medium to full coverage that conceals your skin blemishes. You also have the option of trying out the Natural radiant skin makeup. Lasts on your skin longer but you need a primer for the best results. The Nars sheer glow vs natural radiant review gives you a precise comparison of these products to help you make the best decision possible.

I’m a 27-year old mother of one, a fitness coach and skin beauty enthusiast. I’m excited about this review given the firsthand experience I have of them. Skincare products promise you many benefits to your skin from covering blemishes to giving your skin a smooth texture. Find more about this benefits through this review.

Nars sheer glow Review

The Sheer glow skincare product gives you a smooth texture while leaving your skin bright throughout the day.

End product

Nars sheer glow gives you a glowing skin. It feels light and does not melt off to your clothing. Its color ranges are built to suit different color preferences. Stromboli and Olive colors suited my skin well. Sheer glow doesn’t feel heavy though may leave you very shiny. Use some powder to keep your skin less shiny. It can be built to a full coverage.

Lasting power

This product lasted on my skin for up to 10 hours. It does not come off easily. I loved its consistency and the fact that it suits well with a normal to dry skin. It did not disappoint on my dry skin.

Covers skin blemishes

You could use a beauty blender or fingers for application, depending on what works for you. No need to worry about your skin blemishes with this foundation. Covers acne and dry pores well.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth luminous finish
  • Long lasting
  • Hydrating


  • Expensive
  • No application pump


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Natural radiant Review

Natural radiant comes with skincare products that are nourishing for your skin. Contains extracts from watermelon and raspberry that smoothens and makes your skin radiant.

Lasting power

I wouldn’t give it a thumbs up for a long-lasting power. It did not set up properly on my face and was truly disappointed with it. It separates quite first. However, I tried using a damp beauty blender and it was able to last on my skin for a while.

End product

The coverage is great with a smooth texture on your skin. The look on your skin is natural and untraceable. If you are looking for a full coverage I would suggest you try out this product. Has a range of colors such as the Patagonia and Montblanc. Use a beauty blender or fingers for application.

Skin blemishes

I have some skin pores on my face. Natural radiant covers them pretty well. Covers your acne too. Except for the fact that it settled on my smile lines, your skin blemishes are taken care of.


  • Contain rich extracts for smooth skin
  • Lightweight
  • Different shades


  • Doesn’t set well on skin
  • Clogs pores


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Nars sheer glow turns out to be my favorite of these two. Even though expensive and you have to buy a separate pump applicator, it’s long –lasting and leaves you hydrated. Natural radiant doesn’t sets well on skin and that is a no for me.


Marie Stevenson

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