Natural Hair Treatments For Hair Growth

Going natural in all matters that concern our health is becoming popular. You’re no longer confident that the famous hair brand you’ve been eyeing at the store is right for you after all. There a couple of ways you can safely boost your hair growth.

I never expected the hair change that hit me in my mid-thirties. I had heard all about it, but, experiencing it was an entirely different ball game! My hair was thinning, and it was distressing seeing the volume I had lost. Helping my daughter brush her full head of healthy hair every evening would make me slightly envious; don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of her.

The trip to my doctor happened in my late thirties. Seeing more hair fall off while doing my routine cleaning alarmed me, and I had to check if it could have been an underlying condition. Luckily, my hair loss had lots to do with my journey into old age. Still, my doctor recommended making a few changes in my life to improve what I could and prevent further hair loss at an unnatural rate.

3 Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

Assuming you’ve already had a talk with your doctor and ruled out the possibility of a medical condition, there are a few natural remedies I have in store to battle hair loss.

Improve Your Diet

First and foremost, your diet plays a massive part in the state of your hair – not just your skin and your internal health. Did you know your body is full of protein? Even your hair consists of protein. One of the best ways you can support your hair growth is by increasing your protein intake.

Add some fish, eggs, and nuts in your diet. You can talk to a nutritionist to decide on the healthiest amount of protein you can take in a day. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are best for your body and your hair as well. Last, but also very important, don’t forget the vitamins (particularly vitamins A, B12, and E), and the minerals!

Lifestyle Changes


That’s right, improving your diet alone can help your hair a lot, but some habits may make your journey seem harder than it should be. Caffeine, carbonated soda, smoking, and alcohol are no friends to your immune system, and a weak immune system means poor hair. Couple that with low water intake and you are affecting your entire health negatively.

Like the tissue in your body needs water, your hair needs water too and not just topically, hydration works amazingly well from the inside. The eight-glasses-a-day tip benefits every part of your body.

Get Some Essential Oil

Essential oil 2.jpg

Sometimes all your hair needs is constant natural nourishment. Instead of purchasing a product laced with chemicals (that could cause more damage), do your research and find the best essential oil for you. From peppermint and rosemary to thyme and lavender, there are many oils to choose from. Make sure to get a carrier oil to dilute your essential oil with before using the oils for your weekly scalp massage!


Options for natural hair treatment are endless. Some individuals even use green tea on their scalp for the antioxidants, while others find creative ways to treat their scalp and hair with fruits and vegetables. Whichever method you decide to go with, make sure it is the best for you and your needs.


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