Neocutis vs. Jan Marini – Do Growth Factors Benefit Your Skin?

You may have heard of human growth factors in a couple of skincare products, but do you know exactly what they do? I’m comparing Neocutis vs. Jan Marini since they are some two top brands that contain these factors.

As I near my fifties, my skin makes a point to remind me that I need to be more careful of the skincare products I use. One poor-quality serum or cream or the wrong ingredients are enough to leave unsavory reactions, redness or dryness on my skin – even more than the usual. Since then, I walk a fine line finding skincare products that I can rely on to use in the long term and to never fail me.

Luckily, I’ve had the chance to sample some of the top skincare brands in the market right now, and I get questions regarding my youthful complexion. I could brag about it being in my genes, but a huge part of it is the help I get from these amazing products. I decided to post on my experiences with Neocutis and Jan Marini, and hopefully, this can help you make a purchasing decision!

Differences Between Neoutis and Jan Marini

Jan Marini
2003 (Swiss scientists)
1994 (Jan Marini)
Star Product
Primary benefits
Soothe, repair, protect, rejuvenate
Rejuvenate, repair, soothe, anti-aging

Neocutis vs. Jan Marini – A Quick Comparison


If you value medical research behind your skincare products, then you’ll be interested in Neocutis. Before the Neocutis brand came to be, the creators (Swiss scientists) did intense research on wound healing for years. This helped understand how the skin works, and the root causes behind skin issues like aging, dryness, pigmentation.

Jan Marini has been around since the ’90s as a favorite skincare brand, and we have CEO Jan Marini to thank for that. This professional skin care brand offers inclusivity for all skin types and ages and creates comprehensive skin care products aiming for treatment, maintenance, and prevention. Like Neocutis, the brand also offers solutions for different types of skin conditions.

Special Formulations

Most big brands have special blends that make their products a lot more effective than regular brands. For Neocutis, the PSP (Processed Skin cell Proteins) technology in the Bio-restorative Skin Cream and other Neocutis products makes it ideal for anyone seeking intense rejuvenation for their skin.

Jan Marini’s Transformation Face Cream also features a blend similar to the Neocutis PSP. The peptides and human growth factors alongside other active ingredients boost collagen production for skin repair and restoration, and more. Read on for some more information on both products, and what makes them ideal.

Skin Type

Overall, Neocutis looks out for all skin types, and you can find products with your issues in mind. The Bio-restorative Skin Cream is primarily formulated for stressed, sensitive, mature, and irritated skin. If you also want to recover from free radical damage and get protection as well, this cream is what you need.

Jan Marini is very inclusive when it comes to all skin types, which is why the Transformation Face Cream is ideal for all skin. However, for dry, normal, acne-prone, and sensitive skin, the Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream is a bit more suited for you.

Neocutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream Review

Neocutis bio cream.jpg

The Bio-restorative Skin Cream was the first product formulated with the unique PSP technology, and following its success, more Neocutis products with PSP and other formulations came to be. Other active ingredients are Wheat derm oil, Borage seed oil, and Glycerin which infuse your skin with intense moisture. Overall, this nightly cream works on restoring your skin to youthfulness.

Obviously, the PSP technology is the star ingredient – it contains a blend of polypeptides and proteins that trigger human growth factors, cytokines, and interleukins for your skin’s nourishment. Though the company recommends applying the cream in the evening and using the Journee Cream during the day, you skincare professional can tell you the best way to go about it.


  • Powerful PSP blend
  • Especially gentle on mature, irritated, and sensitive skin


  • Very expensive


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Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream Review

Jan marini transformation.jpg

The Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream has anti-aging properties in store as well as superior hydration for dry, dehydrated, and wrinkled skin. The cream has key ingredients like growth factors, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, Antioxidants, and Alpha Hydroxy acids that serve multiple functions at once. This is the ultimate moisturizer for hydration, repair, and recovery.

Apart from the human growth factors and peptides, contents like Aloe Vera encourage skin repair, antioxidants fight free radical damage, Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin hydrated, while Alpha Hydroxy acids support exfoliation and accelerated cell turnover for youthful skin. You only need a small amount of the cream on your face and neck in the morning and evening. If you aren’t certain, consult a professional skincare expert.


  • Potent and multifunctional skincare ingredients
  • Free from sulfates and parabens


  • Pricey


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Evaluating Neocutis vs. Jan Marini to find the better brand of the two is a tough affair. Both brands are pretty powerful and have so much to offer depending on your needs – the creams themselves are amazing since I’ve had the chance to sample both. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with Jan Marini Transformation Cream for being a trusted skincare product so far.

FAQ Section

Do Neocutis products require a prescription?

You don’t need to visit the doctor to use Neocutis products. However, you can get Neocutis products through physicians, and you can consult one if you are uncertain about the application.

What skin types can use Neocutis products?

The Neocutis brand has products with all skin types in mind. You can check on the official website for the targeted skin type on certain products, or consult with your physician beforehand.

Are Jan Marini products tested for safety?

Jan Marini makes consumer safety a priority. All Jan Marini products are stable, efficient, and dermatologist-tested.

Can pregnant women use Jan Marini products?

The company recommends that pregnant and lactating mothers consult their physicians before using Jan Marini or any other cosmetic products.


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