Obagi vs. Murad (Choosing the best for your needs)

One of the important aspects of caring for your face includes the regular use of a cleanser to maintain the quality of your skin.

Choosing the right product in this sector requires you to go through multiple options available in the market – such as Obagi vs. Murad alternatives.

Obagi vs Murad
Obagi vs. Murad

Helpful Tips

I have always been a fan of makeup and regularly use it whenever I’m going out.

Finding the right product in this category is something every woman considers when looking at the various options available.

Something that is not always considered with the same level of care, however, is the cleanser used to remove the makeup at the end of the day.

Identifying a good cleanser for your skin is just as important as choosing an adequate brand for your makeup needs.

Choosing between two established producers in the industry such as Obagi vs. Murad is a good place to start when seeking a viable alternative.

Obagi vs. Murad – How do they differ?

200ml/6.7 fl oz.
6.75 oz.
Skin Type
Sensitive, Dry, Normal
Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Oily, Mature, Combination
Mild formula for sensitive skin
Provides free radical protection
Featured Ingredients
Aloe Vera extract
Sodium PCA

Obagi vs. Murad Cleansers – A basic comparison

Targeted Audience

There are a variety of skin types present in the market, and your particular category can determine the best product for your needs.

Though those with a standard skin type can use a variety of options in this sector, people suffering from dry or oily skin and the like will have to take more care when choosing their brand.

Obagi cleanser offers its solution to those with sensitive, dry and normal skin types.

Murad, on the other hand, takes it a step further by adding mature, oily, and combination types to their overall provisions.

Featured Ingredients

Most established products in this sector boast a particular aspect about their makeup that sets them apart from the competition.

Obagi’s solution, for example, contains an Aloe Vera extract that helps with the soothing of irritation for sensitive skin.

It also contains apricot kernel oil which acts as a reliable hydrating ingredient and nourishes your complexion.

Murad’s cleanser features sodium PCA, which is a water-binding element that naturally occurs in your skin.

This component enhances the levels of moisture you can retain.

Additional Benefits

The kind of advantages you can enjoy with a cleansing gel can also determine your final decision.

If you happen to have sensitive skin that reacts to a variety of elements, then opting for Obagi’s solution could be the best choice for your needs.

This product focuses on skin sensitivity issues by ensuring its product consists of a mild formulation with natural ingredients.

Murad’s solution offers its users protection from free radicals through the antioxidants in its formula.

This can be an attractive element if you happen to be working in a stressful environment – which encourages the production of these unwanted elements.


Given the nature of the product, directions about its use don’t vary very much from one brand to the other.

It’s essential that you apply it to a damp surface, meaning you should wipe your face with a moist towel before rubbing on the gel.

Once you have adequately soothed all the sections of the skin, you can then rinse it off as the final step.

Murad suggests following up this procedure with the application of toner for enhanced results.

Obagi vs. Murad Cleanser – A Comparison Review


Obagi Gentle Rejuvenation Soothing Cleanser, 6.7 Fl Oz

Obagi’s cleanser is an excellent solution for those suffering from dry or sensitive skin.

This lightweight gel contains a variety of natural ingredients, including apricot kernel oil and Aloe Vera extract.

Its mild formulation has been designed to soothe the skin and battle any minor irritations that might arise.

Apart from removing the dirt and impurities from your face, it also offers additional hydration which serves to nourish your skin’s complexion.


• Contains natural ingredients.

• Features a mild formula that is ideal for sensitive skin.


• Does not work as well with some skin types, such as oily, mature, and combination categories.


Murad Essential-C Cleanser, 6.75 Fluid Ounce

Murad is the ideal brand for those looking for a little extra protection from external aggressors in the environment.

This formula contains vitamin C which is an excellent antiaging element, as well as sodium PCA – which is a water-binding component that serves to enhance the hydration in your skin.

It’s is ideal for a variety of skin types, including mature and oily categories.

It also contains vitamin A and E in its antioxidant-based formula, which helps in the fight against free radicals that might damage your skin cells.

Its neutralization of external aggressors can also help in the prevention of any future damage.


• Protects against free radicals.

• Encourages healthy moisture levels in our skin.


• Might not be suitable for those with extra-sensitive skin.

Conclusion on Obagi vs. Murad

In my opinion, if I had to go for one of these brands – then I would probably opt for Murad’s line of cleansers.

The extra protection from free radicals is a benefit that captures my attention due to the stressful nature of my workplace.

Obagi’s alternative, however, can be the best option for those suffering from extra-sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cleansers replace the need for water in my cleaning routine?

As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that cleansers are used on a damp surface – meaning you will have to wash your face first, or at least effectively wipe it with a clean towel.

Is Sodium PCA safe for use?

Studies have found that this element is safe to use when regulated according to the established guidelines provided, so you don’t have to worry about any dangers in this component.
However, if you suffer from extra-sensitive skin – it’s best to first consult a specialist before using such a product.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are molecules that have split into singular atoms containing unpaired electrons.
They can occur from a variety of situations,
including stress and alcohol consumption.

How often should I apply my cleanser?

Cleansers are mainly used at the end of the day as you settle in for the night.
It can be included in your daily makeup removal routine.

Can my skin type affect the impact of my cleanser?

It’s wise to always choose a brand that accommodates your particular skin type to ensure effective results.
Locating such alternatives is not hard, as such provisions are usually printed on the packaging.

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