Obagi vs Revision (The Best Option to protect your Skin)

So how do you protect it from losing its elasticity and radiance? Check out this Obagi vs Revision Review!

Regardless of your skincare routine, you will get wrinkles at some point.

Obagi vs Revision
Obagi vs Revision

That’s the reality of life!

Your skin will age, your hormones will change, and over time, your skin will take on various complexions, from oily to dry, and even combination.

The Story Behind the Brand Between Obagi vs Revision

Obagi is a leading global skincare brand that was founded in 1976.

They have been dedicated to creating products that provide healthy, radiant skin for so long.

The company got its start with acne treatments, but has since expanded to skincare, and has made it one of the largest skincare brands in the US.

Obagi has been in the skincare game for four decades, and it has proven to work.

While Revision Skincare has been established to change the outcome of professional skincare.

They think that youthful skin can be achieved without ever affecting the long-term health of your skin.

FIRST to absorb peptides to the fullest extent possible in the skin, to help prevent apparent symptoms of aging

Let’s have their brand on a deeper dig!


Obagi vs Revision – A Basic Comparison

1.7 oz.
Broad spectrum protection
Key Ingredients
Peptides, Shea butter
Peptides, Zinc Oxide
User Preferences
Contains Hydromanil
Gluten and Paraben free

Obagi vs Revision Moisturizer – How do they differ?

Additional Incentives

Needless to say, any moisturizer is supposed to maintain adequate water levels within your skin.

So what else they offer that can be appealing to a consumer.

Depending on what your particular needs are.

You might find that one brand is specifically suited to your preferences when compared to other alternatives.

Obagi’s cream offers a lightweight solution that is perfect for those who are uncomfortable with the feeling of having an additional layer on their skin.

It also contains natural ingredients and is suitable for multiple skin types.

Revision’s lotion, on the other hand, not only hydrates your skin but also minimizes some signs of aging.

As well acts as a camouflage for minor imperfections.

Broad Spectrum Protection

If your lifestyle involves numerous activities in the sun during the day, then you might want to consider additional protection when looking at your options.

Ensuring your skin is well-hydrated is not always the only thing to worry about when spending many hours outdoors.

The dangers of UV rays will also need to be considered to avoid any damage to your skin.

Revision’s moisturizer offers a broad spectrum coverage with their solution – meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Active Ingredients

Apart from the biomimetic peptides that help to support the natural functions of your skin as well as minimize wrinkles.

Obagi moisturizer also contains hydromanil – which is an active ingredient that helps your skin enhance its capacity to retain moisture.

It also contains Shea and mango butter, as well as avocado extracts that help to moisturize your skin.

The revision contains octinoxate and titanium dioxide, which provides the broad-spectrum protection featured with the product.

It also features THD Ascorbate, which is an element of Vitamin C that offers a variety of benefits through anti-oxidation.

A variety of extracts, including plankton, white birch, and yeast are added into the mix to provide a smoother texture – which results in elegant and brighter skin.

User Preferences

If you’re looking for effective ways to maintain your skin’s health.

Then you’re most likely also concerned with any issues that may prove a threat to your overall wellbeing.

One of the more popular preferences in today’s market are products that are gluten and paraben-free.

For those who aren’t familiar with the latter, paraben is a preservative ingredient that is widely used in the cosmetics industry.

However, recent studies have found that this element could be connected to a number of risks, including fertility issues and breast cancer.

As such, most established brands have now chosen to omit this component from their production process.

Revision being one of the leading companies to take this direction.

Obagi vs Revision – A Comparison Review


If you’re seeking a great way to maintain healthy moisture levels within your skin.

Then Obagi might just have the answer to your needs.

Featuring hydromanil which helps provide moisture almost instantly.


The product also contains shea and mango butter to enhance desirable elements such as softness and complexion.

Its regular use can improve your protection against dry texture, as well as improve the overall radiance of your skin.

Apart from maintaining adequate hydration levels, it also works to combat wrinkles and unwanted lines.


• Lightweight nature that provides a more comfortable feeling.

• Suitable for a variety of different skin types.


• Does not provide any extra protection against external aggressors such as UV rays.

Obagi Video Review


Revision has strived to provide a collection of benefits with its hydration solution.

Apart from providing adequate moisture to your skin, the cream also offers protection against dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

Which is essential if you spend a lot of time outdoors.


The product also acts as an anti-aging combatant by battling the emergence of early wrinkles and fine lines.

The vitamin C in its makeup also brightens your complexion and provides a variety of anti-oxidation benefits.

A mixture of white birch, plankton, and yeast extract combined with the Q10 coenzyme helps to enhance the smoothness of your overall texture.


• Provides broad-spectrum protection.

• Camouflages minor imperfections.


• Requires some liberal application to enjoy the benefits provided efficiently.

Revision Skincare Video Review

Conclusion on Obagi vs Revision

Having to choose between the two products, I would go with Revision’s moisturizer because of the extra protection provided by UV rays.

Obagi, however, is an excellent solution for those simply looking for an efficient way to moisturize their skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Obagi vs Revision

Do all moisturizers offer broad-spectrum protection?

Unfortunately, no.
You will need to look at the brands’ specifications to ensure that it provides this element if you’re looking for such a solution.

What does the term “lightweight” mean?

Some creams can be a bit viscous, meaning they feel a bit heavy when applied to various areas – especially your face.
This is not something that bothers everybody, but those who hate this sensation can go for a solution with lightweight properties to avoid such discomfort.

Can I combine my moisturizer with other products?

Depending on the particular product involved, Yes.
Obagi, for example, suggests using its moisturizer with other hydration creams if you happen to suffer from conditions such as extra-dry or flaky skin.

Can I use these creams to solve imperfections on my skin?

Products such as Revision’s moisturizer contain elements that can help you hide some minor imperfections, but they don’t make them wholly disappear.

Will changing to a product with different ingredients affect my skin?

Unless you’re allergic to a particular ingredient, you shouldn’t be afraid to upgrade your skincare routine should you come across a superior product.


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