Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals Eye Cream (Top 2 Best Eye Cream)

It’s no secret that over the past decade, skincare has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

According to the latest statistics from Mintel, global skincare sales reached a staggering $68.2 billion in 2014, up 12% from the year before.

Obagi vs SkinCeuticals Eye Cream
Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals Eye Cream

Your eyes are one of the more sensitive parts of your body!

But they are still susceptible to the aspects of aging skin.

Finding an effective solution to this development requires you to look at a variety of options in the market, such as Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals eye cream.

How Obagi vs. Skinceuticals Eye Cream Differ

Obagi Eye Cream
SkinCeuticals Eye Cream
0.5 oz.
20ml/ 0.67 fl oz.
Area of Application
Under-eye, Eyelid
Combats free radical damage
Supports collagen synthesis
Skin Type
Dry, Normal
Mature, Dry, Oily, Normal

MY EYES’tory

I have always thought of my eyes as one of the more prominent features of my overall appearance.

And I loved the numerous comments I received from various people about them.

So needless to say, as I started getting older and bags and lines began to form under them.

I was less than pleased!

I needed a solution that would maintain the status of the skin around my eyes without having to go through a myriad of complicated processes.

This is what led me to consider two established brands in the market, namely Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals eye cream.

A Comparison of Obagi and SkinCeuticals Eye Cream


Both products require you to apply it to the skin surrounding your eyes.

However, when dealing with SkinCeuticals’ solution, it’s recommended that you avoid the eyelids when applying the cream.

Both alternatives should also never make direct contact with your eyes.

Using both creams once or twice daily is the suggested routine to get the ultimate results.

Obagi’s solution also allows you to include your eyelids into the routine – which is a great benefit for those looking for significant results from the process.

Instead of the eyelids, SkinCeuticals recommends that you apply the cream around the brow area.

Clinical Results

One of the major advantages held by Obagi eye cream is that it has been clinically proven to encourage results in as little as two weeks.

This can be a compelling attribute if you’re looking for a fast-working solution to your eye-bag problem.

However, this is not to say that SkinCeuticals’ products don’t offer positive effects – as can be attested by the multiple reviews online supporting this solution.

Patience is never a bad thing when looking for a satisfactory conclusion.


As you might guess, both brands are designed to offer the same results to their consumers.

The area around the eye can suffer from a variety of issues, such as the development of lines under and around the eyes, prolonged puffiness, and the foreboded eye bags that attack the look of your whole face.

The application of these creams is meant to bring about a variety of results.

Including the diminishing of puffiness and sagging skin around your eyes, as well as addressing the dark circles that sometimes develop with stress, old age, and several other elements.

Additional Combatants

As with every reliable eye cream, both brands offer extra protection through the inclusion of other elements with their product.

SkinCeuticals eye cream includes a formula that successfully prevents the area involved from succumbing to external aggressors – such as harsh environmental conditions.

It also supports the natural hydration processes of your skin.

The Obagi eye cream contains a malonic acid that acts as a gentle exfoliator and extracts any dead skin cells around the eyes.

It also includes a bio-mineral complex that assists in the restoration of the skin’s elasticity in that region.

Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals Eye Cream – A Comparison Review

Obagi Eye Cream

Image result for obagi eye cream

Obagi eye cream is the answer to your needs if you’re suffering from dry and aging skin around your eyes.

This effective product has been designed to provide an all-purpose solution to its users – and addresses a variety of issues including sagging skin, fine lines, and dark circles.

Your eyes can be one of the most attractive features of your appearance if you treat them with proper care.

You can now easily achieve this objective by applying this product once or twice daily – in the morning and evening.


• The cream has passed clinical trials proving it can provide improvement in as little as two weeks.

• Its application includes the eyelid area as well, ensuring a wholesome result with the conclusion.


• Its size is a bit small when compared to some of its rivals in the market.

SkinCeuticals Eye Cream

Image result for skinceuticals eye cream

SkinCeuticals eye cream is the perfect solution when looking to combat aging skin and puffiness around the eyes.

Its formula includes Centella Asiatica which helps to enhance the firmness and elasticity of the skin, as well as Ecotrin – which is designed to protect the skin from external elements.

The cream also encourages natural hydration, ensuring the area around your eyes doesn’t suffer during dry seasons.

Additional benefits of this product also include the support of collagen synthesis and the prevention of developing wrinkles.

Applying the cream twice a day on a regular basis is the best way to get fast and efficient results.


• Supports collagen synthesis.

• Encourages natural hydration.


• Should not be applied to the eyelids.

Conclusion on Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals Eye Cream

Finally, having to pick one – I would opt for Obagi eye cream for the simple fact that this solution allows me to address the skin on my eyelids as well.

SkinCeuticals’ alternative does however also have its own perks, such as the soothing of inflammation around the area applied.

Frequently Asked Questions about Obagi vs. SkinCeuticals Eye Cream

When is the best time to put on my eye cream for effective results?

The main aim of applying this cream is to maintain a regular routine to give the product a chance to work its magic.

You can use it in the morning after showering, and evenings after cleansing and toning.

How much cream should I apply for great results?

You should note that just because you slather half a bottle on your eyes every night doesn’t mean you will get your results in two days.

One or two dabs will do just fine.

Be sure to rub the cream until it absorbs into the skin.

Does using Obagi eye cream guarantee me results in two weeks?

Though the brand has been clinically tested and proven to be able to produce such results, it doesn’t mean that it will happen to everyone.

Different people will experience effects at varying times.

Can I use my eye cream with other products?

Obagi eye cream allows you to use their product with other related substances, depending on the additional element involved.

However, using a little of both items is advised when taking this approach due to the thin layer of skin around this region.

Are all eye creams the same?

Though they may be designed to fulfill the same purpose, different alternatives have varying perks and disadvantages.

It’s crucial to carefully go through the details of each product before making a final decision.

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