Olive Oil For Hair Growth

If you’re a healthy food enthusiast, then olive oil is probably lurking somewhere in your kitchen. So what does it have to do with your hair?

You can use it to cook – frying and salad-dressing especially. Extra virgin oil has healthy fats that can handle the heat, literally. The monosaturated fats can tolerate high levels of heat; a property that makes this oil a favorite among chefs. Olive oil doesn’t just make your food look pretty, stocking it in your kitchen (and using it) keeps you and your family in great shape.

Powerful antioxidants can protect you from certain diseases. Pure/virgin olive oil holds loads of antioxidants that can prevent oxidization of cholesterol which can encourage heart disease. They also fight inflammation and even lower your blood pressure; which is good news for individuals with high blood pressure.

The haircare industry consists of endless products – most of which hold chemicals that are no good for you. Some manufacturers even hide some of the dangerous ingredients they use in their hair products. If this isn’t a huge reason why you should choose a natural oil like olive oil for your hair growth, then this article may not suit your needs! Let’s find out what olive oil can do to benefit your hair.

How Olive Oil Supports Your Hair Growth

One major area that olive oil is an expert at is moisturization. Dry hair and a dry scalp only encourage brittleness, weakness, and breakage of your hair strands. Running a brush or comb through your hair becomes a chore, and when finished, you have to collect an alarming amount of hair off your bathroom floor.

Protect your hair from further damage and use olive oil to rejuvenate your hair. If you can find genuine extra virgin olive oil, you are on your way to thicker and fuller hair. By hydrating your scalp, olive oil keeps dandruff at bay and nourishes your scalp. And we all know a healthy scalp paves the way for even healthier hair follicles.

Apart from moisturizing your scalp and hair strands, olive oil increases the elasticity in your hair. This does not mean that your hair will stretch like a rubber band. You notice how much easier it is to pass a comb through your hair during the good days? Olive oil helps give you that.

Overall, olive oil strengthens your hair. With stronger hair, you have fewer occurrences in breakage and split ends. If you are rocking your natural hair, having olive oil works fantastic for those fancy natural styles you want to show off. Also, this popular oil gives your scalp a chance at fighting any bacterial or fungal infections.


For natural oils, make sure you are buying the absolute best. There are variations of olive oil, including virgin oil and extra virgin oil – the purer, the better. I prefer mixing rosemary oil, castor oil, and my Pompeian Extra Virgin olive oil for my weekend pre-cleansing hair care routine. After massaging the oils throughout my scalp and hair, I let it sit for one hour before a thorough cleansing. Sometimes I massage a little amount of the mixture throughout my scalp and slightly through my hair before styling for a day out.


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