Pros And Cons Of Lip Tattoos

Tattoos are trending again, and this time they are going soft. Lip tattoos are in right now, and yes, they are very painful. But is that all you need to know before you get your lip tattooed? Read on.


Body art has been a human practice for years, if not centuries, and tattoos didn’t just begin recently. Millions of people all over the world have this form of art on their bodies. If not just one tattoo, it is hundreds of them.

I have a couple of tattoos on my body, and I’ll admit I was pretty shocked when I found out lip tattoos are a thing. So I did some extensive research to find out more: What type of lip tattoos do people get? Are there risks with these types of tattoos?

While I consider my tattoos an uncomplicated affair, there is nothing wrong with going all out with yours. Before you head to your tattoo parlor and do something about your lip, there are a couple of things you need to know.

What Type Of Lip Tattoos Are There?

The Lip-Liner

You can now consider eyebrow and eyelid tattoos a thing of the past. Though – together with lip tattoos – they were somewhat common, it was because tattoo artists stuck to using tattoo ink at the time. For something permanent supposed to mimic something natural, say eyebrows and lip lines, ink looked unnatural.

Pigment is now used to line the border of your lip a shade or two darker than your usual lip color, making your lips appear fuller. Individuals prefer this over Botox injections and temporary fillers.


  • Healing takes a few days
  • Fuller lips without invasive treatments


  • Painful
  • High risk of bacterial and blood-borne infections
  • Effects only last a little over a year
  • Perfect results are never guaranteed, especially if hyperpigmentation occurs
  • More expensive than temporary fillers

The Inner Lip

Some people like small and personal tattoos on the inner side of their lips. All it takes is holding your lower lip open and staying still throughout the procedure, but is that all?


  • You get a tattoo you like


  • Very painful
  • The environment in your mouth decides whether the tattoo stays for only weeks or months
  • High risk of infections due to the bacteria present in the mouth
  • Every re-touch (to redo the tattoo) increases the risk of infection
  • Foods containing acid may cause irritations while you heal
  • Tattoo ink causes an allergic reaction in some cases, leading to painful lumps or swelling


The FDA is still determining the long-term effects the tattoo inks (pigments) can cause on or in you due to reported reactions immediately after or years after getting a tattoo. If nothing can stop your need for a lip tattoo, or any other tattoo, make sure you get it done by a professional.

Do your research, ensure the artist is licensed, and make sure you ask for confirmation of the sterility of the tattoo equipment meant for you.

Marie Stevenson

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