Remedies for extremely damaged hair

Extreme damage to your hair can occur in a number of ways. Most times it comes from using chemical products such as bleach and dye without proper training. Other times it can be caused by the use of things as simple as using your flat iron/ blow dryer or even not going for hair appointments. It ranges from having course brittle hair, to losing chunks of hair at a time.

My damaged hair was caused by a series of one bad decision after the other. I’d done some self-hair bleaching (with a clear beautiful goal in mind) only for it to turn out disastrous. I’d always done the minimum to take care of my hair: wash, dry, occasional moisturize, repeat. So when my bleach job turned out badly, I panicked. Next thing I know I’ve bought dye of my original hair color trying to undo the damage. To say I didn’t think it through would be an understatement. The amount of hair that I lost in a span of hours still gives me nightmares. I couldn’t look at the sink drain for weeks after that, still picturing how much hair fell. I ended up with ugly colored hair, bald spot, split ends, hair so thin and dry I looked sick the poor dear was so fragile it would fall at the slightest tug. I don’t consider myself vain, but my hair looking so damaged got me in a funk. So I started looking into ways to get my hair back to its normal volume and health. Here are some remedies that did wonders for my hair.

Home remedies

So these include things you can find right at home. They’re also very easy to use and don’t need a professional.

  • Using hair essential oils

Oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, rosemary oil and others are packed with antioxidants and vitamin E. massage the oils into your hair and leave overnight. These oils help to reduce stress promoting relaxation and increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

  • onion juice

onions have high Sulphur content that’s helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles and regeneration. Chop up and blend one onion into a paste. Extract its juice and apply it to your hair while gently massaging it in. Leave it in to dry then wash your hair.

  • honey

Honey locks moisture into your hair cuticles giving it a soft and healthy feel. You can use it like conditioner by thinning it using water then applying the mixture to your damp post wash hair. After half an hour rinse it off with warm water. Do this after every three days.

  • eggs

Eggs contain are high in protein, minerals and fatty acids that provide nourishment and nutrients to your hair. they impart a natural shine to your hair with the egg white acting as a hair cleanser. Pre washing your hair, massage one whisked egg into your hair. Leave to dry then rinse it off with cold water. Do this once every two weeks.

  • Avocados and bananas

The vitamins, natural oils, fats, proteins in avocadoes and high potassium in bananas are great for damaged hair. the oils coat and soften hair while the potassium improves elasticity keeping your hair hydrated and flexible. You can blend an avocado and banana into a thick consistency. Massage it into your hair and leave it for about one hour. Rinse out with cold water and repeat the procedure once a week.

Wrap up

These remedies are just but a few that are available out there. The trick is to find what works best with your hair and stick to it. There are many other ways to deal with damaged hair and it all depends on how it became damaged. All the best.

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