Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy (The Solution to Your Pain!)

Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy: No one has to suffer from foot discomfort or cramps anymore with these two competitors!

It’s only a matter of time before you get pain relief.

The world of medicine has become too complicated, you’re not getting the best care possible from your doctor.

Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy
Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy

You’re not getting proper treatment for your pain problem, and it’s unhealthy.

You can’t afford the cost of a higher-quality pain clinic.

You don’t want to be hooked up to machines for extended periods of time.

Reviewing the Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO comparisons should provide you with all of the necessary information.


It is critical to make an informed decision about what is best for you.

One of the drug-free options for treating foot pain is to use electrical muscle stimulation to improve circulation and relax leg muscles.

Getting old is inevitable, random days will be filled with whole body aches and pains.

Taking medications will be the new normal because of some conditions and it is tiring.

How I wish that I take care of myself back then!

Hello, I’m Marie and I just turned fifty, It saddens me that my medicine cupboard was getting crowded.

Drug management for both diabetic and hypertensive patients is difficult.

My feet were continuously suffering due to poor circulation and neuropathy caused by diabetes.

Acid and High blood pressure is also my problem so I went to search for the best drug-free solutions because painkillers are not for me.

Luckily, I found Revitive Circulation booster and DR HO Pain Therapy Package Machine.

Getting both have a high chance of taking away the horrid pain and foot cramps.

They are both not cheap devices but, desperate times call for desperate solutions.

After a month of constant use of the Revitive Medic.

I wasn’t hobbling around too much anymore.

The temporary relief from the pain allows me to move around and get things done.

Wide Pulse is the technology behind Revitive Circulation Booster.

The wave patterns formed to aid in massaging the feet and giving comfort.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which is the technology behind these devices is gaining ground in the world of drug-free treatments.

Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy-How does it work?

Placing your feet on the machine is a good idea.

Turn it on and adjust the vibration settings to your liking.

You may adjust 99 settings on the Revitive Circulation Booster.

The vibrations send your blood pounding all the way down your legs to your knees.

It soothes your feet and relieves the agony if you have foot cramps.

It has been demonstrated to enhance blood circulation by up to 53%.

A decrease in blood supply to your feet causes significant cramps and rigidity in your muscles, causing extreme discomfort and anguish.

DR. Ho Pain Therapy System combines the use of three different technologies in aiding with pain relief, EMS and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and Auto-Modulating Pain Relief Waves.

How do TENS work?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a hand-held device with electrodes attached.

Electrodes are little sticky pads that adhere to your skin.

When you turn it on, it sends mild electric impulses to the bodily parts to which it is linked.

These electrical impulses cause your body to produce endorphins, which alleviate pain.

They relax your muscles while lowering the pain signals sent to the spine and brain by the body.

Revitive Medic Vs. DR. HO Therapy Package Machine

Uses EMS and Wide Pulse Technology
Combines EMS, TENS and Auto Modulating Pain Relief Waves
Uses Remote control to regulate intensity and speed.
Uses TENS Pain Therapy Machine to regulate intensity.
Manual Timer
Auto Timer.
Has two electrodes and a single user port.
Comes with electrodes and dual user ports.
99 Regulation settings
24 Stimulation types.

Dr. HO Therapy Package machine

Pain drives you to the brink of insanity at times.

It may be too much and consistently there.

Painkillers do nothing to ease it. So what do you do? Try a drug-free pain therapy.

Dr. Ho Therapy to relieve your pain
Dr. Ho Therapy to relieve your pain

DR. HO Therapy Package offers you this from the comfort of your space.

It is clinically tested and proven to relieve pain through improved blood circulation.

It decreases muscle tension and enhances nerve circulation too using the TENS technology.

Chiropractors and physiotherapists use and recommend the TENS device in temporarily relieve pain.

Using this product is relatively easy to use.

Once the electrodes are stuck on to the pain afflicted areas, switch on the pain therapy system.

Do not switch on before sticking on the electrodes.

Find a suitable intensity of the vibrations to suit you.

It also has six massage nodes.

Each provides a different kind of treatment option in waves and frequencies.

After twenty minutes, you should feel a significant decrease in the pain intensity.

The Auto Modulating Pain Relief waves are a great feature in easing the pain.

The different wave patterns do not allow the body to adapt to the treatment.

What ailments are best suited for treatment by this product, you may ask?

Foot cramps, Back pain, tense or sore muscles, tension headaches, bulging discs, and pain resulting from physical activities.


  • Has an auto-timer. When the pain doesn’t allow you to sleep, let the gentle massage vibrations comfort you to relax and switch off after your preferred timing.
  • It is portable. Carry it in your handbag, backpack, or even in your pocket.
  • It has two ports that allow for double users.


  • The electrodes are cumbersome to stick on to unreachable areas if one is alone.

Dr. Ho’s Therapy Video Review

Revitive circulation booster

Diabetics are prone to constant foot cramps and general fatigue.

Using this product is a convenient way to get the blood flowing and circulating better in the feet.

This easy-to-use machine is remote-controlled.

Put your feet up on the machine, switch it on and choose a suitable from the 99 settings your preferred intensity.

No complicated manuals and instructions are needed for this one.

Wide Pulse technology applied to your feet once the vibrations start, allows increased blood circulation.

Wide Pulse patterns are stimulating and will activate the nerve endings on your feet.

It allows flexing of all muscles right up the legs.

Whether the pain is caused by chronic conditions or just tired or sore muscles, this product goes a long way in giving you relaxation and pain relief.

 Revitive circulation booster
Revitive circulation booster

It is a pretty simple machine to use, and the remote control makes it even easier.

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

For pain relief on any other body parts, it comes with two cords.

Plug them into the machine and stick them on the electrodes to the affected areas.

It helps in strengthening and toning muscles too.

People with Diabetic nerve pain, arthritis, and neuropathy induced by cancer and other illnesses, are best suited to using this product.

However, if you have DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or have signs of it, please do not use this device.

Pregnant women should not use it either.


  • Easy to use and with minimal parts to connect. Being a single unit makes it less complex to handle.
  • Portable and with a sturdy handle on it. Its size allows for storage in small spaces.
  • You can use it as much as four times a day, for thirty minutes at a time.
  • It is clinically tested and approved. It is FDA cleared as a Class II medical device.


  • Cannot be used by anyone with body-fitted electronic devices, e.g., pacemaker or defibrillator.

Conclusion on Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy

Most of us, in our adult lives, have been faced with crippling pain or fatigue.

You are expected to handle it bravely and fearlessly. Recently, I got a job at a Research Centre that has me on my feet almost 13 hours a day.

To say that my feet hurt is a huge understatement.

I was always in pain, so I got myself the DR. HO therapy system.

The TENS gadget is good because it has 8 electrodes that you can use for different parts of the body.

It worked, but I realized my feet were being extra-sensitive, almost ticklish when using it.

I changed to the Revitive Medic which works just as well but with less ticklish motions to the feet.

In athletics and fitness circles, they are using EMS technology in building muscles.

It has not been well proven yet as to how well that works.

However, if you engage in a lot of physical fitness activity, DR Ho’s therapy package is ideal for your tired and sore muscles.

Stick the electrodes onto the afflicted areas and work with a comfortable intensity.

Thirty minutes is the recommended period of use for a session.

You may have as many as five sessions a day.

Persistent and proper use should have you register a difference.

If you have any chronic illness or health concerns, it is advisable to start by consulting a doctor.

The Revitive Vs. DR. HO review should give you proper guidance as you seek a suitable drug-free solution to your pain.

Do not let the pain take over and ruin your life. Do not allow yourself to build a drug dependency either.

Remember, Electronic Muscle Stimulation is exactly that, Electronic.

Consult with your doctor or a qualified medic before embarking on the treatment.

When you start the use of the devices, follow instructions to the letter, to get better results.

The best part will be. You get to watch TV or enjoy a book in comfort as you do your pain therapy.

FAQs on Revitive Medic vs. DR. HO Therapy

How long does it generally take for

Revitive Medic to provide relief?
For most people, it takes a few weeks of daily Revitive use before they notice a difference. Some people notice a difference in just a few days, while others may take 6-8 weeks, especially if they have been suffering for a long time. Because everyone is different, we give a 60-day (8-week) trial period when you order directly (either through the contact center or from this website), so everyone may experience the Revitive advantage.

How often should Revitive be used?

Revitive should be used every day for 20-30 minutes. Some folks find that utilizing Revitive more than once a day provides them with additional benefits.

Is Revitive Medic audible?

The Revitive Circulation Booster operates silently. It does, however, beep when switched on and off, with one beep at the beginning and three beeps at the finish.

Is Dr. Ho’s pain treatment effective?

Yes! TENS machines from DR-HO have been demonstrated to be both safe and effective.
As long as you aren’t pregnant or have a pacemaker, you can use it to relieve pain. If you’re concerned about the intensity of the stimulation, start with a low setting and gradually increase.

Why does one pad seem to have less stimulation than the other?

Frequently, one pad has a stronger sensation than the other. The machine is operating normally, as is to be expected. One side of your body is frequently far more sensitive than the other. It’s possible that one pad is closer to the nerve centers than the other.

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