Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay (Top 2 Best Long-wear Collection!)

Take a look at our Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay for further insight.

Have difficulty keeping your makeup looking chic?

Then long-lasting makeup is perfect for you.

Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay
Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay

Here, we take on two very popular makeup collections specifically designed for longer wear times: Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay

Comparison Between Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay

Revlon Color Stay
Maybelline Super Stay
Wear time
Depends on item
Depends on item
Product Variety
Great: for face eyes and lips
Great: for face and lips
Price range

One of the most essential steps to wearing makeup is maintenance and consistency.

This is why long-lasting makeup items are always well received by users.

You are here because you have most likely heard of Revlon’s ColorStay or Maybelline’s Super Stay items, and you got curious.

You might simply be looking for a long-wear item to add to your collection.

Regardless, we will review both the ColorStay and SuperStay collection: highlighting each line’s favorite item for face eyes, and lips.

Additionally, we will compare one of the hottest debates possibly ever: the Revlon ColorStay Full coverage foundation vs. Maybelline SuperStay full coverage foundation.

Read on for more on ColorStay vs. SuperStay, a comparison review, and a bonus comparison of two personal favorite long-wear full coverage foundations.

What are the differences between the Revlon Color Stay and the Maybelline Super Stay?

Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay: How do these long-lasting foundations compare


One major difference between the ColorStay line and the SuperStay collection is the product variety from either line.

While the Revlon boasts a large arsenal of face, eye and lip long wear items, the Maybelline SuperStay series is not as packed.

However, the members on the Maybelline line are well developed and widely loved: enough to make up for this.

Moreover, not all the areas are packed with great makeup items on the Revlon ColorStay collection.

For instance, the Lip section on the ColorStay line bears 7 items out of the total of over 30 items.

While this isn’t a problem, only two of these are lip colors, the rest are lip liners.

Maybelline on the other hand has a wide array of great Super Stay lip items.

You can find some of the popular lip items onwards.


I love a makeup item that thinks about its users.

Usually, this is by excluding various allergens or ingredients many users would appreciate.

For instance, Maybelline equips various items for instance their Better Skin Super Stay line with features that ensure your skin is well taken care of and remains healthy.

Revlon on the other hand has sun protection in a number of their ColorStay face items.

As far as I have gathered, many of these items especially for face both from Revlon and Maybelline try to eliminate comedogens like oil or other compounds.

While they incorporate various ingredients for different reasons, either line has a variety of fortified items for your extra benefit or protection.

Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay – A comparison review

Revlon ColorStay

The ColorStay collection is meant to provide long-wear makeup items for the face eyes and lips.

Revlon assures that the items on this series are transfer-proof, long-wearing, smudge roof in addition to being living proof.

You can rely on the makeup to stay in place the whole day, and throughout the night.

There are many items in this collection, some more popular than others.

Each item incorporates technologies to ensure the result lasts long wears while maintaining the look of the application.

Below are some of the most popular items from the Revlon ColorStay Collection.

 Revlon ColorStay
Revlon ColorStay


Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation

Let’s be honest, the real reason many of us are here is for the full coverage foundation from this manufacturer.

The Revlon ColorStay Full Cover foundation is available in 16 different shades.

All goes smoothly on the skin and blends easily without issue, is a favorite and affordable full coverage foundation.

It wears for up to one day and is heat and sweat-proof.

The formulation is quite lightweight and in fact; comes in a moose-like consistency.

This ensures it applies well without caking afterward.

The matte finish from this baby together with the easy-to-use tube design and long-wear formulation are some of the reasons many users simply adore this item.

ColorStay™ Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin with SPF 15

According to information provided by the manufacturer, the Revlon Color Stay Matte finish Foundation Makeup for combination /oily skin is America’s number 1 long-lasting foundation.

This inst entirely false considering all the love this foundation receives from users with different skin types, tones, and undertones.

Yes, this is indeed an oil-free formulation meant to deliver a matte finish, especially for users who have oily and combination skin.

I love a good matte finish, especially around my Tzone where the skin is the oiliest.

This foundation is not only long-wearing, it is also fortified with SPF 15 to protect you from all those dangerous UV rays that not only harm and age your skin but could also put your health at risk.

You can expect a medium to full coverage which of course is buildable.

In case you were wondering, Revlon dabbed this foundation and other items on the ColorStay collection Life-Tested because it will wear on no matter what.

The foundation is a liquid-style foundation available in 43 different shades.

It is great for daily use and even wears well at night. Many users enjoy the texture and have no difficulty putting on the product.

ColorStay Makeup for Dry/Normal Skin with SPF 20

If you have normal to dry skin, then this natural finish long-wear foundation may be the new foundation of your dreams.

Like the ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin With SPF 15, this foundation is a liquid-style foundation packaged in a similar simple pump bottle.

It is Life-tested and fortified to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

The foundation comes available in 24 different shades: with an oil-free formula and medium coverage which you can build to full.

Revlon recommends always shaking properly before use and blending in quickly upon application.


ColorStay Brow Tint

If you enjoy brows as much as I do then you will appreciate the Revlon ColorStay Brow tint that comes in 4 shades all with some basic descriptive names.

Revlon describes the Brow tint as an easy alternative to microblading.

With this item, you can add hair strokes onto your brows for a 24hr smudge-proof beautiful brow.

If you particularly enjoy microblading and the thick natural-looking effect it has then you will enjoy this brow tint.

The formula is obviously made to be long-lasting, but the best part is that it is also waterproof.

Moreover, the application is quite simple with a lightweight yet defined finish.

When applied correctly, the result is natural-looking yet defined brows with your hair softly tinted with whichever matter color.

In order to get it right, Revlon recommends that you begin very lightly.

Be as gentle as possible and as lightly as you can, fill in your brows with hair-like strokes.

It is better to work in the same direction your hair grows in. Once the application is done, brush through the brow in order to bleed the application.

At just under 10 dollars, the ColorStay Brow is a great long-wear item to incorporate into your eyebrow routine: especially if you love a lightweight but defined brow.


Color Stay Longwear Lipliner

One of my favorite parts of putting on makeup is doing the lip.

Basic lip technique often dictates that liner for a longer-lasting lip.

The Longwear Lip Liner is no doubt one of the Series’ more popular items, especially thanks to the rich color and definition of each application.

This item is available in 14 different shades and lasts for hours and hours from the time of application.

The different shades in this lien have pretty basic names but come in very rich tones:

Raisin is one of my favorites.

This Lip liner is formulated to not only define the lip but also give some life to shorter-lasting lip colors.

An inbuilt sharpener is integrated into the design of the Revlon Longwear ColorStay Lip Liner, saving you all those morning fights you have with yourself over where the sharpeners disappeared to.

Yes, it happens to the best of us.

This convenience also extends to this liner’s packaging that not only looks good but is sleek and sits well in your purse or makeup bag.

In order to apply this liner correctly, simply work around the borders of your lips starting from the center then running outwards until your lips are lined entirely.

Next, you want to fill in with your chosen lip color and if you like to, gloss.

What we like

  • Great long-wear makeup items for eyes
  • Some of the items are enabled with sun protection ingredients
  • Carries long-wear makeup items for face, eyes, lips, and even nails

What we don’t like

  • Lip makeup items could be better

Maybelline SuperStay Collection

Maybelline carries a variety of makeup items and products for which it is globally recognized.

The SuperStay collection is one of these popular lines with some epic hits and some fails.

Here are some of the members of the SuperStay long-wear makeup line that are not only well-loved but also well equipped to deliver the result you seek.

Maybelline SuperStay Collection
Maybelline SuperStay Collection

Full Coverage SuperStay Foundation

No doubt one of the Line’s most popular items, Maybelline’s SuperStay full coverage foundation is a highly pigmented formulation.

It will not only transform the wearer but also last a really long time.

This foundation was well received and has many users swear by it to this day: and rightfully so.

The award-winning Full coverage SuperStay Foundation is meant for high-impact coverage without caking, fading, or transferring.

Additionally, features like an easy application formula, with no comedogens and a lightweight feel are other reasons why this foundation is so well-loved.

Moreover, Maybelline doesn’t include oil in the formulation of this item, ensuring it is safe for a larger user demographic.

The concentrated pigment with a transforming effect ensures you have a flawless finish all day long.

Super Stay Better Skin Powder

The biggest concern clients have especially with foundation and powder is not just how well it sits on the skin, but also how it treats your skin.

According to Korean Beauty principles, keeping the skin canvas happy is key to skincare.

This doesn’t mean you quit all forms of makeup, you simply need to find items that consider and accommodate your concerns.

Maybelline’s SuperStay powder is formulated to deliver brighter, more even, and happier skin with all-day oil control.

Salicylic acid, a well-known and highly regarded skincare ingredient is part of the formulation which helps you achieve better-looking skin.

In addition to shine and unevenness control, you can expect a natural finish.

The SuperStay Better Skin Powder is allergy tested, with a non-comedogenic formulation, and is suitable for sensitive skin, in addition to all skin types.


Ink Liquid SuperStay Matte Lipstick

Maybelline’s liquid lipstick with a matte finish is intensely pigmented with a perfect finish.

The item literally inks your lips with color, the result of which is a highly pigmented lip.

It is available in a range of shades with fun names.

These 35 shades are a wonderful range of saturated, deeply pigmented shades.

This liquid lipstick is meant to last up to 16hours; saturating your lips with color the entire time.

It has an applicator that has a unique design for perfect application.

2-Step Liquid Lipstick SuperStay 24 Makeup

The two-step liquid lipstick is enabled by a variety of technologies that ensures your lip maintains its freshness through 200 bites and 120 sips with every application.

It is obviously a liquid lipstick that won’t quit.

According to Maybelline this lip color will neither cake, flake nor dry out your lips.

The 2-Step Liquid Lipstick SuperStay, not only wears longer but is comfortable too.

The formulation is meant to deliver a pigment punch whilst moisturizing the lips.

It basically combines the shine of a gloss with the nourishment of a balm.

As a tip for anyone struggling with the removal process, Maybelline recommends you remove this heavyweight lipstick with an oil-based remover.

This item is available in 44 colors Maybelline describes it as supersaturated.

They all come in fun names and even funnier colors.

What we like

  • Overall great collection
  • Carries various award-winning items including the well-reputed full coverage foundation
  • Great long wear items for lip

What we don’t like

  • Some of the items may be somewhat drying

Now let’s compare the Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay Foundation.

Revlon ColorStay Full Coverage Foundation

Maybelline Full Coverage Super Stay Foundation

Star Feature
Lightweight easy to apply noncakey moose consistency
High impact pigmentation that will not smudge, transfer or quit
Shade range
16 different shades
20­+ different shades
Blending and coverage
Full coverage
Full coverage

Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay Video Review

Conclusion on Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay

In conclusion, both Revlon and Maybelline developed great and well-appreciated long-wear makeup items.

These items although they vary in formulation, application and performance have one goal in mind:

to remain on your ace looking fresh as long as you need them to.

Well, this is with the exception that they are applied correctly.

FAQs on Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay

Is the Micro-Flex formula 24-hour wear and doesn’t transfer?

My foundation does peel off after approximately 9 hours, so I wouldn’t say it lasts as long as it claims. Not 24 HR. But, honestly, can any foundation endure 24 hours? I don’t believe so. The Revlon Colorstay, in my opinion, lasts longer than the Maybelline SuperStay. Maybelline SuperStay is simply more comfortable to use.

What is the oil content of Revlon Color Stay vs Maybelline Super Stay?

There is no oil in the foundation for Super Stay. It does not, however, dry out the skin; it remains hydrated throughout the day. The same can be said for the Colorstay.

Does Super Stay contain sunscreen?

it contains little or no sunscreen.

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