Rodan And Fields Bright Eye Complex Vs Multifunction Eye Cream (What Is The Difference?)

Finding the perfect eye cream to suit your needs can be a tough job. This Rodan And Fields Bright Eye Complex Vs Multifunction Eye Cream will help you pick the best option for you.

Have you ever had wrinkles and puffy eyes right out of nowhere? At least that is what it feels like at that moment. My name is Sofia, and I’ve had quite the interesting journey of finding the best eye cream products for my situation. Maybe I could help you find yours too!

Rodan And Fields Bright Eye Complex Vs Multifunction Eye Cream
Rodan And Fields Bright Eye Complex Vs Multifunction Eye Cream

You never think about wrinkles too much until you hit your thirties. Most of us realize a little late how important a healthy diet is to our skin. A great diet can do wonders and delay the onset of wrinkles, especially if you indulge in vitamins and minerals that target your skin cells. Couple that with exercise, and you have firm skin to last you a while.

Diet isn’t the only factor. Some lifestyle habits we take up along the way end up affecting our complexion. Smoking and drinking do not just put you at health risks; they can lead to dry and dull skin, which results in wrinkles, eye bags, and lines.

While I got few wrinkles on my face, I had the misfortune of slightly more wrinkles and lines around my eyes. The crow’s feet were not going anywhere no matter how much I tried. If that wasn’t enough, my work hours and little sleep left my eyes constantly puffy. When they weren’t puffy, there were dark circles around my eyes.


In my late forties, I was looking like I was in my late fifties. Not even the makeup could hide what was going on around my eyes. Sure, moisturizing my face minimized the dryness and wrinkles elsewhere, except around my eyes. It was time to look for an eye cream.

The beauty and cosmetic industry are always banking on your desperation. I knew that since the first time I went out searching for products to use in my daily skincare routine and makeup. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find great products without harming your wallet. Other times? Not so lucky.

Like I do before purchasing any product, I love to do some research and find what most clients have to say about the brands they use. Running into the Rodan and Fields under eye cream reviews was a kind of a godsend – from the consumer comments they seemed to have the products I needed.

The next part was making the purchases and testing out their eye creams separately (and sometimes together) over the next months. My experience was amazing, which is why I have prepared this Rodan and Fields Bright Eye Complex and the Rodan and Fields Multifunction eye cream review for you. By the end of it, you can decide which product works best for you if not both!

Product Review of Rodan And Fields Bright Eye Complex Vs Multifunction Eye Cream

Based on my usage over the years, I can confidently say these two products were my favorites. While using them both could benefit you more than they could individually, nothing is wrong with choosing one product that suits you. The results will still be worth it.

Rodan and Fields Bright Eye Complex Eye cream

With my active lifestyle (work and fun-time related), I really needed something I could count on for the puffy eyes that alternated with dark circles. If it came with a solution for the wrinkles at the edge of my eyes, the better for me! The dull, vampire look is what I needed to get rid of the most

From my research, I gathered that the Rodan and Fields Bright Eye Complex targeted my main problem. Their special 3D3P Molecular Matrix contained brighteners and phytonutrients that help improve the darkness in your undereye and around it. I did not hesitate to get my 15ml tube.

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After cleaning my face every morning, I would gently apply the Bright Eye Complex under my eyes and any other spots around my eyes that looked darker than usual. Make sure you apply the Complex before using any other products on your face. Also, wait for it to dry first.

The instructions suggest using the eye cream twice a day – morning and evening. After cleansing your face before bedtime, apply the cream around your target areas. For any other night products you use, don’t forget to apply them after giving the Bright Eye Complex some time to dry.

My earliest positive results showed after two weeks. Though I still had my crow’s feet, the puffiness and darkness around my eyes diminished visibly. It wasn’t perfect, but I loved the new and refreshed look I hadn’t seen in quite a while.


  • Easy to use
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Visible results


  • Slightly pricey
  • Results vary for various individuals

Rodan Multifunction Eye cream

Though I had it covered with dark and puffy eyes, I needed cream or serum that would help with the lines and wrinkles. Since my first Rodan and Fields experience was impressive, I decided to look around at more of their products. Sure enough, they had something for crow’s feet and dry skin around the eyes.

After buying the smallest tub (15 ml), I was curious if I would notice any changes by the time I got to the last dollop. From most Rodan and Fields multifunction eye cream results, the product did wonders for hydration and dark under eyes, and I was set to test this out. The packaging gives you a list of the ingredients used in the Multifunction eye cream.

Eye Cream Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Eye Cream for You | Rodan +  Fields®

If you are like me, you probably don’t like applying too many products to your face at a time. Apart from my regular face moisturizers and makeup, I made sure I avoided going heavy with any applications. After cleansing my face every morning and evening, patting down the area around my eyes gently with a clean face towel, and applying the eye cream became my routine.

Positive results took a while for me, but I was patient as long as the first tub would last. After I hit the fourth week, that was when I noticed the changes. The skin around my eyes was visibly firmer, and this led to fewer wrinkles and lines. I was not ready to let it end with my first purchase.

Using the Multivitamin eye cream turned out great for me. Understandably, I couldn’t eliminate all the visible lines, but I minimized some. I minimized the crows feet enough to feel comfortable with my appearance finally.


  • Great hydration
  • Minimized lines and wrinkles
  • Gentle on sensitive skin


  • Slightly expensive
  • Does not do much for dark circles

Complimentary Products

Rodan and Fields Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash

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Alongside the Rodan and Field eye creams, I found the Deep Exfoliating Wash for my facial needs. It is always a good feeling coming across a genuine brand for most of your skincare products – if not all. Finding the perfect exfoliator makes the entire moisturizing and replenishing process even better.

Two main ingredients are responsible for an instantly fresher and brighter look with the exfoliating wash. Alpha hydroxyl acids targets dead and old skin cells that make your skin look dull. Polyethylene beads sweep this dirt away from your face.

I have sensitive skin, so I exfoliate only once a week or as soon as my face needs a nice gentle scrub. Exfoliation makes way for brighter and younger-looking skin. Don’t forget to do it once in a while.

Rodan and Fields Redefine Triple Defense System

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While checking out a random Rodan and Fields Multifunction eye cream review, I ran into lots of products under the same brand. They seemed to have quite an array of creams depending on your varying feminine needs. One that caught my eye was the Triple Defense System.

Sometimes we have too many beauty products in our daily skin care regimen. The Redefine triple system helps you moisturize and beat aging signs and wrinkles. Combine that with the broad spectrum SPF 30 production, and you have one product that you would rather choose over three different products.

It seemed expensive at first, but I figured I’d be killing three birds with one stone. By the end of the second month, I would get compliments on how my skin looked brighter and even-toned. I knew I had made the right choice. I now make sure I do not leave out my neck and the chest area.

Conclusion on Rodan And Fields Bright Eye Complex Vs Multifunction Eye Cream

It can be tough making one simple choice with all the skincare products that promise to deliver. Do yourself a favor – find out what your skin needs the most. Whether you’re dealing with crow’s feet and dry eyes, or puffy and dark circles, discovering the problem you have to target will help you find the best Rodan and Fields product for you!

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