Rodan And Fields Reverse Lightening Vs. Murad (Which One will Clear your Acne?)

Unfortunately, your luck probably isn’t going to change for the better!

The fact is that all the different skin-lightening regimens out there are mostly useless when it comes to clearing your acne.

Face-treatments marketed as “lightening” or “deep-tissue” are no better than placebos.

But finally, I discover the two products that will solve your problem.

This Rodan and Fields reverse lighting vs. Murad review examines two quality products to help you decide which one is best for you.


What Are The Differences Between Rodan And Fields Reverse Lightning And Murad? How Do They Compare?

Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening
Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser
Ideal Skin Type
All skin types
Oily, combination
Frequency Of Use
Progressive: three times a week to twice a day
Twice a day
  1. Tube
  2. Bottle
  3. Tube
  4. Tube
Tube with attached lid
No. of products
Regimen comprising of 4 products
1 product
Active Ingredients
Exfoliating Wash – Alpha-hydroxy Acids

Toner – 2% hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

Skin Lightening Treatment – 2% hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, and Salicylic Acid.

Sunscreen – stabilized Avobenzone

Salicylic acid and Green tea.

My Skin’Story

I have struggled with excessively oily skin and breakouts since my teens.

As an adult, none of the products I have tried seem to be working.

I need a product to deal with existing acne, prevent future breakouts, and clear scars from many years of dealing with the problem.

I have done a bit of research and found that Rodan and Fields and Murad are among the best skin care product manufacturers.

I will probably settle for something from one of the two companies.

Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening vs. Murad. What are the Differences?

Regimen and Single Product

Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening is one of the company’s many regimens.

It consists of 4 different products numbered according to the order in which they should be used.

These are a deep exfoliating wash, a skin lightening toner, a skin lightening treatment, and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

The Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser is a single product.

Primary Function

Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening regimen is designed to treat persistent skin discoloration, dark marks, patches, and age spots.

Murad’s Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser is designed to deal with acne, blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

It works by removing oil, dirt, dead skin, make-up, and other pollutants from the skin.

This helps to reduce acne and prevents the development of blackheads.

Potent Ingredients

Active ingredients in the Rodan and Fields products are:

Deep Exfoliating Wash:

It contains Alpha-hydroxy Acids which remove dead skin cells and help to polish the skin to remove dullness.

Skin Lightening Toner contains 2% hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, and Salicylic Acid.

Hydroquinone is a compound used in skin care products to lighten skin by reducing melanin.

It is used cosmetically to lighten areas of darkened skin like age spots, blemishes, freckles, and melasma.

Kojic and Salicylic acid help to brighten skin and give an even skin tone.

The active ingredient in Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser is salicylic acid.

This is a common ingredient in anti-acne skincare products.

It is especially effective because it easily penetrates facial oil.

This cleanser contains two different forms of salicylic acid.

A free form that treats as soon as it is applied on the skin and gets washed off when you rinse your face.

It also has another form of the same acid that remains on the skin even after you rinse the product off and continues to treat the skin hours after rinsing.

Packaging Capacities

The four products in the Rodan and Fields regimen are packaged in containers of varying sizes.

The exfoliating wash is in a tube containing 125ml (4.2 Fl. Oz) of the product while the skin lightening toner is in a 125ml (4.2 Fl. Oz) bottle.

The skin lightening treatment and broad-spectrum sunscreen are both in 50 ml (1.7 Fl. Oz) tubes.

Murad’s clarifying cleanser is in a 200ml (6.75 Fl.Oz) tube.

Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening vs. Murad. Reviews, Pros and Cons

Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening Review

word image 21

Skin damage caused by the sun gets worse as you get older.

As the name suggests, this product aims to reverse the effects of sun damage accumulated over the years.

It is not recommended for use by children under the age of 12 years unless directed by a qualified physician.

There have been questions raised about the safety of this product.

It is marketed with a warning targeting residents of California, indicating that it contains Benzophenone.

Benzophenone is listed under California’s proposition 65 as a potentially cancer-causing substance.

It also contains alcohol (Cetearyl) and sulfate (Ammonium Laureth) which some skincare product manufacturers consider harmful to the skin.


  • Mild enough for sensitive skin
  • Regimen allows for multiple actions on the skin


  • The lightning effect may not be noticeable when the product is used on very dark skin.
  • Listed under California’s proposition 65 warning list


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Murad Review

word image 22

This is an anti-acne gel cleanser that works by dissolving excess oils to purify your pores.

Unclogged pores help to clear acne and prevent future breakouts.

It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics, food products, and pharmaceutical products.

It is thanks to parabens that your cosmetics can last months or even years.

They have, however, been linked to some types of cancer, early puberty, and reduced sperm levels.

Sulfates are cleansing agents used to remove dirt and oils.

They are responsible for that foamy lather in your skincare products.

It is best to avoid them because they cause irritation to the eyes and skin.

Phthalates are plasticizing chemicals used in skincare products that are believed to be toxic and have been linked to birth defects.


  • Encapsulated acid works even after rinsing
  • Large tube – lasts long


  • It can be excessively drying


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Final Thoughts

An estimated 80% of Americans aged between 11 and 30 have had to deal with acne at some point in their lives.

For some, it is a persistent problem that continues even after puberty.

This explains why acne control is a big business for skincare product manufacturers.

This Rodan and Fields reverse lightening vs. Murad comparison puts Murad’s acne control clarifying cleanser in the lead because it meets the specific need of millions of people struggling with acne.


What is the difference between cleanser and face wash?

Both cleansers and facial washes are used to remove dirt and grime from the skin.

Cleansers are generally more moisturizing and hydrating.

Facial wash can be used as a substitute for soap.

Is it true that Hydroquinone causes skin cancer?

Numerous studies have been done.

According to FDA reports, hydroquinone does not have any cancer-causing properties.

How long does the Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening kit last?

It depends on how much you use every day but users report using the kit for between 2 and 3 months. Use the product sparingly.

A little really does go a long way.

What does SPF 50 on the Rodan and Fields sunscreen mean?

SPF stands for sun protection factor.

It indicates the protection you get from UV rays when using the product.

The rating indicated tells you how long your skin will be protected when you are under direct sun, depending on your skin’s natural ability to protect itself.

Is too much salicylic acid safe on my skin?

It is the one common ingredient in anti-acne products.

It is generally considered safe but it may cause excessive dryness, redness, and peel in people with sensitive skin.

When used continuously for years, it contributes to the drying and thinning of the skin


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