Rodan and Fields vs. Mary Kay: Which is the best skincare multi-level marketing (MLM) company?

Skincare products are a globally massive market, and people are quite willing to spend large amounts of money on effective products. This Rodan and Fields vs. Mary Kay comparison review sheds some insight into why these companies are among the top MLM Companies in the world.

As a working mother, I often get overwhelmed with struggling to meet work targets and ensuring my kids are taken care of; not to mention maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband. As such, I am looking to join the network marketing industry. Because of my love for skincare, I found several cosmetic MLM Companies. Rodan and Fields and Mary Kay stand out due to their numerous positive reviews and years of experience in the industry.

The following comparison review provides an in-depth look at what these two top tier companies have to offer.

What are the differences between Rodan and Field and Mary Kay?

Rodan and Field skincare products
Mary Kay skincare line
Year founded
Base commission
Down line commission
Start-up cost
Products sold
Acne treatments, skin care products
Skincare and makeup products, men’s fragrances, skincare, and sun care

Rodan and Field vs. Mary Kay- How do they compare to one another?


Rodan and Fields was founded by two dermatologists: Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan, who used their vast experience and expertise to create a skincare direct sales company. They aimed to build a brand that is easily accessible and produces high-quality skincare products. Dr. Rodan is also known as a Co-founder of the popular acne treatment brand, Proactive Solutions.

Mary Kay was created by Mary Kay Ash, a woman who resigned from a National training director position at a direct sales company because of being underappreciated and overworked. Together with her son, she used up all her savings to start ‘Beauty by Mary Kay’ – a lifestyle direct selling company in 1963. The company aimed at making every woman feel empowered to make something out of their lives without compromising their family life for the sake of their careers. It did not take long before the company expanded as it launched its first clothing line in 1965.

Variety of products

Rodan and Field Dermatologists feature a wide range of skincare products as well as acne and blemish treatments for different skin types. This skincare line has four major flagship products, namely: The Reverse Line for uneven skin tone and age spots, the Soothe Line for irritated and sensitive skin conditions, the Unblemish line for acne breakouts, and the Anti-Age line for preventive aging and an Enhancements Line to improve your daily skincare regimen. With this skincare line, your skin will remain soft, smooth, and healthy-looking at all times.

Mary Kay consists of a variety of skincare products for men and women as well as a fragrance line. The company is most famous for its makeup and skincare line as these products have been in the market since the company’s inception in 1963. From daily skin care products to anti-aging treatments, Mary Kay has a product that can fit every woman, irrespective of their age.

Entrepreneurship opportunity

Rodan and Fields provide independent business owners a chance to tap into the $2.5 billion skincare industry. By signing up through their website or an existing business owner, new independent business owners have the option, between three starter kits, to choose which one they would like to purchase first.

Mary Kay also gives interested consultants a chance to earn profits in retail sales, receive comprehensive training as well as a host of great rewards; among many others, by becoming one of Mary Kay’s independent consultants. Upon joining the company and paying $100, Mary Kay sends a starter kit containing sample products, several free catalogs, free personalized makeup kit, as well as free business cards for your new venture.

Rodan and Fields vs. Mary Kay- A comparison review

Rodan and Fields Overview and Key features

Rodan and Fields is a billion dollar company that is well-known as the designer brand and luxury line in the skincare industry. As the #1 skincare brand in the entire United States, this brand continues to expand globally with its effective and popular skincare products such as Proactiv.

What we like

  • Flexible work schedule as an independent business owner
  • Huge profits in retail sales
  • Free skincare products

What we do not like

  • A bit pricey

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Mary Kay Overview and Key features

There are no doubts that Mary Kay is one of the legendary MLM Companies in cosmetics and direct sales. With a #5 ranking on the Global 100 skincare brands, this iconic company is famous for its commitment and innovation when it comes to high-quality beauty products for both men and women.

What we like

  • Hassle-free opportunity to become a Mary Kay consultant
  • Great rewards from having top sales such as a new vehicle
  • Earn commission through various channels

What we do not like

  • The endeavor may require a little more than the $100 fee for the starter kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MLM business?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also referred to as network or referral marketing, is a marketing strategy engineered for the sales of the services/product of a particular company. A team of unsalaried work-force earns revenue from this particular company by selling its products/services through a pyramid-shaped compensation commission system.

How do I ascertain an MLM Company is legal or not?

Before joining any MLM company, do some digging and gather as much information about the company as possible. Check with government and industry regulatory bodies about the certification of the company. Similarly, you may attend one of the company’s training sessions to observe how it operates personally.


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