Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth

Greek scholars believed that this herb could boost memory and research believes it as well. Among the many properties rosemary oil holds, encouraging hair growth is one of them.

Over the last decade, a vast amount of women (and men) are turning to natural remedies for their hair problems. That is indeed great news! Honestly, the hair industry has seen a spike in the number of fake products that promise so much yet deliver so little. If you haven’t suffered any side effects from a harmful product, then you are one of the lucky ones.

Among the various herbs and oils available, rosemary is a favorite for many. Popularly known for the tantalizing aroma and flavor it adds to some of your recipes, rosemary oil can do more than ignite your taste buds. Whether in plant or oil form, rosemary has earned its place among the powerful herbs in the world.

Traditional medicine included rosemary in their list of remedies. Apart from improving memory and giving the immune system a boost, rosemary can minimize pain in joints and muscles, and also reduce inflammation. This unusual plant can also protect the liver, slow down the production of cortisol (stress hormone), and relax any digestive issues you have.

Research suggests that there could be other undiscovered benefits to using rosemary. Just recently studies find that rosemary shows anti-cancer capabilities. While more work is ongoing on the topic, let’s see why rosemary oil is right for your hair.

Why Use Rosemary Oil in Your Hair Treatment?

Male and female pattern baldness is becoming a common hair loss occurrence. Genetics and a component in testosterone (DHT) are known as the primary causes for this type of hair loss – considered permanent. Men experience this more than women since they produce higher levels of testosterone.

Compared to minoxidil, a drug used to treat this form of baldness, rosemary is proven to yield similar results. All without being a conventional drug. Rosemary oil doesn’t just soothe your scalp and prevent itching; it can inhibit the production of DHT, and encourage hair follicle nourishment.

How You Can Include Rosemary Oil in Your Hair Care Routine

I own a small applicator bottle for this specific purpose. 100% rosemary essential oil needs a carrier oil before you can use it on your scalp or even your skin. Pour half a cup of coconut oil (or jojoba oil, whichever you prefer) into your applicator bottle. Add seven drops of essential rosemary oil (I use the Healing Solutions brand) to your carrier oil and mix well.

Section your hair to reach your scalp easier and use the applicator bottle to work the oil all over your scalp. When finished, massage every part of your scalp for five minutes and leave for 45-60 minutes before washing your hair and rinsing thoroughly.


Once you are sure you have pure rosemary essential oil, do not use it anywhere on your skin or eyes without diluting with a carrier oil. If you have a sensitive scalp, you may have to test your combo out with a small amount first. Give it one day before approving. If you have any ailment or are pregnant, consider talking to your doctor before using rosemary oil.


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