Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Review

The Kardashians are regularly promoting these Sugar Bear hair vitamins. Read along for one of the best Sugar Bear hair reviews you’ll come across!

Unless you enjoy being bald, having beautiful hair is something most of us strive to attain. Healthy and shiny hair makes an instant statement about yourself – apart from your face and your clothes, of course. Dull and unkempt hair can have you looking messy and raise a few questions about your lifestyle.

Sometimes, unfortunately, some hair conditions aren’t from lack of trying to have great hair. Anyone who has experienced hair loss, thinning and breakage can tell you how tough it is. Not only do most of us spend vast amounts of money looking for a solution, but your self-esteem also suffers.

The hair-care industry has lots of supplies and commodities for hair growth; some are genuine, and some are fake. Hair vitamins have become a popular go-to for many men and women. Why? They promise a natural way to achieve healthy hair. These days, everyone is doing everything they can to avoid using chemicals in their skincare and hair products.

So where do Sugar Bear vitamins fit in all this? These gummy bear hair vitamins are a fun way to get the necessary nutrients your hair needs for healthy growth. Admit it, hair growth gummies are a unique idea as opposed to the regular and boring pills, and any Sugar bear hair gummy reviews can attest to that.

Sugar Bear Hair Gummies

I found these vitamins while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I do that a lot. I’d been searching for a hair supplement that could help with my thinning hair and the constant shedding. My last attempt included some pills that were too big (I don’t fancy swallowing tablets!), and gummy hair vitamins seemed like an excellent idea.

That wasn’t the only reason I took a liking to them; I had a look at the ingredients as well. Vitamin A helps the glands in your scalp to produce enough sebum and avoid flakiness; it also encourages healthy cell growth around your hair follicles. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps in collagen production to strengthen your hair and to protect your hair from free radicals in the environment.

Sugar Bear gummies also have vitamin D, which encourages new hair follicle creation. Let’s not forget biotin – you can find biotin in countless hair growth products as a remedy for hair loss. Having a biotin-deficiency in your body could be the reason you have thin and weak hair as well as experiencing hair loss. Other nutrients include folic acid, pantothenic acid, and zinc – all of which play a role in your hair’s outlook.

These hair growth gummies taste sweet, and you have the natural berry flavor and a bit of sugar to thank for that. I loved this because it made it so much easier taking the recommended dose every day! However, you may not like these gummies if you don’t like sugar. If you are vegan, the vitamin D in these vitamins comes from wool; they may not be the best option for you – something that many Sugar Bear reviews may fail to mention.

My Experience With Sugar Bear Gummies

Obviously, I didn’t struggle to take my vitamins anymore. I loved taking my gummies so much that it was tempting to take more than what is recommended (don’t do that)! That probably made me patient enough to take these gummies for three months, and my Sugar Bear hair results were amazing.

Though I had few new inches in length, the volume is what I loved. My hair was thicker than it was before, and the strands felt stronger. I cannot testify for bald spots, but I can for hair growth. I was nearly tempted to chop off all the weak and old hair but postponed it till the new growth went on for a while!


  • Fun and tasty
  • Full of vitamins
  • Stronger hair strands
  • More growth and less shedding
  • Stronger nails as a bonus


  • Causes breakouts in some individuals
  • Claims of fake products after ordering


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Sugar Bear gummies are one fun way to take your hair vitamins – I promise you will not forget to take any gummy vitamin! Still, always look at the ingredients in any supplement (or product) before using them; it is the best way to learn if you could be allergic to any of the contents.

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