Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst (Best Vitamins For Your Hair Growth!)

Your diet is vital for the overall health of your body.

It means your hair benefits as well.

Hair vitamins offer that extra nutrient boost when your hair isn’t getting enough from the food you consume.

Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst
Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst

From two major brands, this Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst review will help you make a good choice between the two.

I love my Vitamins

I am always in a rush since I got a great job and a great social life.

Unfortunately, most of the time it means I rarely have the opportunity to make thought-out meals that I can savor and know that I am helping my body.

The constant rush and eating only to satiate the hunger is the reason I chose hair vitamins and made a Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst review for anyone looking into these brands.

My mane was often well-behaved, but when I noticed thinning and a little more shedding than usual, I knew I had to correct my wrongs.

Since I could only try and make a few changes to my diet, the supplements would help me get what I couldn’t get from my meals. Eventually, it wasn’t a bad idea at all!

Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst: A Comparison Review

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

If you have hair issues, you may already be familiar with Sugar Bear Hair.

There are impressive reviews among the users, and the brand is pretty famous – especially over at Instagram.

Sugar Bear Hair has a fun and quirky way of packaging their vitamins – but don’t let the cute look fool you.

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins are a blend of 13 vitamins and minerals that promote proper hair and nail growth.

Women’s Multi offers a total of 16 nutrients designed to promote whole-body wellness, including 5 nutrients to support good skin, 5 nutrients to support hair and nails, and 6 nutrients to support energy.

Sugar Bear Hair
Sugar Bear Hair


Key ingredients determine how effective any product will be for your needs.

These vegetarian vitamins have Vitamins A, C, D, E, some B-vitamins, Biotin, Zinc, Iodine, Choline, Inositol, Folic, and Pantothenic acid.

The gummies also consist of real berries, coconut oil, and some sugar for the sweet taste.


I took two capsules a day for five months.

I’d advise on eating them with a meal.


  • Fun and easy to take
  • The chewy design is better than some hard to swallow pills
  • Variety in the type of vitamins
  • A significant increase in my hair length


  • Had a little breakout on my face
  • Expensive

HairBurst Vitamins

The HairBurst supplements came from the UK but quickly gained many users over the world.

Though not as widely advertised as Sugar Bear, they have made a name for themselves over the past few years.

Apart from the capsules, HairBurst has chewable pills, shampoo, lash, and brow enhancers, and conditioners too.



Key ingredients include MSM, Collagen, Silica, Biotin, Zinc, Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B-vitamins alongside Pantothenic and Folic acid.

All of which benefit your hair, skin, and nails.

If you are allergic to milk, fish, soya, and cereals, the brand notes that they use equipment that handles these foods.


I took two capsules every day, specifically in the morning after my breakfast.

It is best to give the supplement at least three months for you to see changes.


  • Variety in vitamins
  • Other hair growth products are available
  • Easy to take
  • Reduced hair shedding and breakage


  • Slightly expensive
  • You’ll have to be patient

Conclusion on Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst

In actuality, the components in these vitamins are extremely similar.

Many of the substances in this supplement are stuff you’d get anyhow (like Biotin), but it can really assist to fill in the holes in your current diet.

Of course, they’re not a quick fix for a lifetime of terrible eating habits, and you’ll have to stick with any of these items for a few months to see the effects.

So, pick whatever one appeals to you and give it a try!

Keep in mind that there are a variety of other vitamins that can assist you in dealing with your hair loss.

Recommendation on Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst

Though HairBurst isn’t as popular as Sugar Bear Hair.

I highly recommend HairBurst because the vitamins didn’t give me any breakouts and they are cheaper.

Frequently Ask Question about Sugar Bear Hair vs HairBurst

What does sugar bear do to your hair?

This vitamin helps your hair follicles generate healthy hair by promoting cell division.

Folic Acid is best in reducing hair loss and avoiding thinning. Folic acid should be taken alongside Vitamin B-12.

How long does Hairburst take to take effect?

90-day period

In as short as 90 days, you might notice a difference in your hair if you use this product.

Copper, zinc, and biotin are among the components in Hairburst.

Are Sugar Bear hair gummies effective?

SugarBearHair promises that you only need to eat two of its gummy bears each day to “achieve your hair goals,” but there’s no assurance that they’ll work.

Furthermore, the FDA does not regulate or approve vitamins such as SugarBearHair for their safety and efficacy.

Is it true that gummy vitamins work?

According to an independent testing program, though each serving delivers more than 150 times the daily requirement for biotin.

There is no proof that supplementing with it can increase hair growth or texture in persons who already get enough.

Does Hairburst have side effects?

Hairburst is 100 percent natural and drug-free, therefore there are no known side effects from using it.

If you have any concerns about something in the components, visit your doctor.

Does Sugar Bear hair make your hair fall out?

SugarBearHair contains 13 vitamins and minerals that are linked to healthy hair.

According to research, significant shortages in these nutrients can have a visible influence on hair health, resulting in increased hair shedding, dullness, and color loss.

Can you take two different hair vitamins at the same time?

Unless your doctor advises otherwise, do not take more than one multivitamin product at the same time.

Combining identical vitamin preparations might lead to a vitamin overdose or dangerous negative effects.

Minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc are commonly found in multivitamins.

What is the Biotin Maximum Safe Dose?

Biotin in doses of up to 10 milligrams (10,000 mcg) per day has been reported to have no negative effects, according to the Mayo Clinic.

This is more than double the quantity of biotin in our biotin chewable vitamins.

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