Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum Review (The Best Gummy Vitamins For Your Hair)

If you are interested in Sugar Bear Hair or Hum vitamins, this Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum review will shed some light on what you can expect.

Shopping for hair vitamins, and any other supplements for that matter is an uphill task for anyone seeking a genuine product and at the right price. You’re not sure how well they’ll work, possible side effects, and the amount of time you need to wait to see changes.

Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum
Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum

I’ve been on the hair vitamin path for a couple of years now, and I can attest to their effectiveness. Unfortunately, there are a few experiences that have left me with side effects that had me terminate particular supplements. After my last hair vitamins, I decided to try these two popular gummy vitamin brands and write a Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum review for anyone interested in them!

Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum: A Comparison Review

Sugar Bear Hair Supplements

I always have a look at a product’s official website before I buy anything; that way, I can have more information and customer service for any queries. Sugar Bear Hair has excellent marketing skills and lots of people on board regardless of age and gender. However, it is easy to see that most of the fans are young women who like trendy products with a thriving social media base.

Sugar Bear Hair
Sugar Bear Hair

Why Sugar Hair Bear?

From my research, Sugar Bear Hair gummies promise multiple vitamins, Biotin, and Zinc; all of which can improve your nutritive intake and help your hair grow out stronger and shinier. The sweet taste also makes it easier to take the gummies compared to capsules and tablets that can be hard to swallow – some even leave a fishy taste behind.


I had two gummies each day for the next six months. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find a way to buy all six bottles at a discount.


  • Easy to take
  • Sweet
  • Vitamins and minerals in the gummies
  • Slight improvement in sheen


  • Presence of sugar as one of the main ingredients
  • Expensive

Hum Hair Supplements

The Hum website is fantastic and amazingly interactive. If you don’t already know what vitamins you want, you can take a quiz right from the home page. The questionnaire takes only a few minutes and helps the registered dietician to form your supplement profile. You then get a report on what could suit your needs best (they have many supplements!). How cool is that?


Why Hum?

I did my quiz and got my report, which is how I ended up buying the Hum Hair Sweet Hair gummies. These heart-shaped vitamins have Biotin and Zinc to boost stronger hair and nails and even more growth. PABA prevents early graying; folic acid encourages cell regeneration and tissue growth which is good for your organs and the tissue around your hair follicles. Polygonum multiflorum supports healthy blood circulation and may prevent kidney and liver toxicity which can affect your hair.


I took two gummies a day for six months to give the gummies enough time to work. The 6-month package has an impressive discount.


  • Gluten, gelatin, soy, and dairy-free
  • No artificial colors and preservatives
  • Tasty
  • My hair felt stronger and fuller


  • Noticed slight acne in the first month

Recommendation on Sugar Bear Hair vs Hum

I’ll go with Hum on this one. The vitamins gave me desired results, and I don’t like too much sugar in my diet.

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