The Caboki vs. Gofybr Hair Building Fiber Comparison

Hair loss concealers are just but among the greatest of modern day creations. Loss of hair does not mean the end of looking as good as one did before. Find your ultimate hair loss concealer in this Caboki vs. Gofybr faceoff. Using a hair loss concealer is your way of telling nature that you can buy yourself hair to replace what she takes away.

Hair loss is one of those things, like death, that you are never prepared for. It just sneaks up on you, like it did on me. One minute I was going about my business with a head full of hair. Next thing I could see my scalp as I counted the strands of thinning hair on the top of my head. To say I was devastated is hardly accurate. But oh well, life goes on. I had to find a way to get back my self-confidence that was thinning faster than my hair. It is at this point in my life that I learned about hair loss concealers.

Being a serious skeptic, like I am, is not easy at all. I was quite apprehensive about using a hair building fiber. Fear of being a bald head won, and I went in search of a suitable product.

You may be curious as to how exactly hair building fiber works in concealing your hair loss. Once you apply onto the thinning parts of your hair, the fibers adhere to your existing hair strands, giving you a thicker and fuller looking mane. Your scalp no longer shows through your thinning hair. Interesting, right?

I only had to try two fibers before I was hooked. It was quite fierce this Caboki Vs. Gofybr battle. They both did a great job covering up the poor balding patch at the top of my head. If you are shopping for a hair building fiber, this should be an excellent start to settling on something.

Finding the perfect color match.

Caboki hair fiber color comes in fourteen colors. All you have to do is get on the color chart and find a match. Even when your hair is graying, you will find a shade to match. I have a strange color of hair that can’t seem to settle between a light brown, dirty blond in between greying. I still managed to find a suitable shade. Gofybr comes in ten colors for you to select from. Caboki give a bit more variety for greying hair in four shades of grey, while Gofybr has one solid grey color.


We live in a world of numerous unsafe products. I don’t blame anybody when the first thing they want to do is find out how safe a product is to use. Is Caboki safe to use? Yes, it is. The fibers used are naturally made from plants. Animal fibers are more likely to trigger reactions, especially with sensitive scalps. Trust Caboki, not just your scalp but even on facial hair. If your beard is thinning, get the Caboki beard with no fear of allergic reactions. No synthetic dyes are used, just mineral based coloring agents. What about Gofybr? It is safe to use as it is made from cotton fiber which is friendly to your scalp. Besides, safety on your scalp, inhaling the hair fiber could be a side effect if you have existing allergies.

Water resistant.

Besides my thinning hair, the other most embarrassing thing would be having my newly restored hair washed away in the rain. Caboki does not run easily, and you can go a couple of days without a wash. The wind will not blow away your newly acquired mop of hair, rest assured. It is also sweat resistant. I work out a lot and never had to worry about the sweat running it. To take it out, shampoo your hair as usual. Gofybr is all weather and sweat resistant as well. However, when working out, it tends to run a bit over your scalp. You may want to make your fresh application after your work out.

Fiber Capabilities.

Caboki hair loss concealer gives your hair that instant fullness. For best effect, I would advise using the Caboki Volume Control Mist spray on. Not only does it keep your style firmly in place, but also holds the concealer better. You will most definitely want hair building fiber that gives you a natural look. You probably want it even fuller than before. It is not easy to spot Caboki even at close range or under bright light. Gofybr is not easy to detect once applied. You have to get as close as two inches to detect the addition. It gives your hair a natural thickness and volume instantly too.

Easy to Use.

Hair building fibers are pretty easy to use. Just wash out your hair, dry it, style it and then apply Caboki. You can comb out your hair or pat it down after. If you would like to use Caboki hairspray, then you can spray it on at this point. It is quite a versatile option. You can mix in two colors to achieve your desired shade. You may use it for any hair type. For both Gofybr and Caboki, the minimum length of hair to apply on is 0.5 inches. They do not work on clean shaven or bald head. If application instructions are not well followed when using Gofybr, the fibers may fall out. Read out the instructions and conform to the letter.

Use of Hair Loss Concealers is nothing to be ashamed of. Old age brings with it a lot of malfunctions with it. Ours is to correct them as best as we can. Fixing our hair loss is just but one way. Caboki gives test product for you to try out before deciding if to make a purchase. Try this and see how well it works for you. After purchases, there is money back guarantee if you do not like the product. Return it within 30 days and get a refund. If the color does not match your hair, exchange it for a different color within 30 days. Caboki gives you value for your money; the 16g will last you close to 40 days. Gofybr is in different packages. 12g of Gofybr will last you 30 days. There is no return or money back policy with this product.

When looking for the perfect Hair Building Fiber, settle for something that will hold firm, no matter the conditions. You want to look natural without anyone having to spot yourself made new hair. Not even your spouse. Okay, maybe that is a long shot. Settle for variety so that you ensure that you get a shade that completely matches your hair.

Remember, there is no shame in concealing your hair loss, at all.


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