Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra (Which one leaves no dry eye?)

Thera tears products are held in high esteem by millions of people with dry eye syndrome, the world over.

What will the comparison, Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra reveal?

which one leaves no dry eye
Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra

I recently got a job in a prestigious graphic design company. I love my job but staring at the computer screen all day is affecting my eyes. They have become itchy, red, and always have a stinging sensation. I have even ditched my contact lens for anti-glare glasses, but there is no change.

A colleague mentioned that Thera tears eye drops may help. On going to buy it, I found two Thera tears products. Thera tears and Thera tears Extra.

Both seem to address my problem. I have decided to go on this Thera tears Vs Thera tears Extra treasure-hunt, to discover which will be my treasure.

What are the differences between Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra? How do they compare?

Comparison Chart of Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra

Thera tears
Thera tears Extra
Available in 15ml and 30ml in convenient multi-use bottles
Available in 15ml in convenient multi-use bottles
I or 2 drops as needed
I or 2 drops as needed
Preservative-free in the eye
Preservative-free in the eye
Active Ingredient
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 0.25%
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 0.25%
Unique inactive ingredient
Lubricant and protectant for dryness and irritation of the eye.
Protectant and lubricant against further irritation and the dryness of the eye.

Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra – How do they compare?


Thera tears come in both the 15ml bottles and the extra value 30ml bottles. Thera tears Extra is only packaged in the 15ml bottle.


The active ingredient (Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 0.25%) is similar for both products. It works by trying to change the composition of the tears already compromised by the dry eyes syndrome, to replicate that of natural (uncompromised) tears.

The inactive ingredients are similar in the two products save for trehalose which is only present in Thera tears Extra. Trehalose is an important moisturizer. The other non-active ingredients help constitute the preservative and balance the pH by maintaining the neutral acidity found in natural tears.


Thera tears is used as both a lubricant that relieves dry eye symptoms and a protectant that prevents further eye irritation.

On the other hand, Thera tears Extra serves as a protectant and lubricant that guards against further irritation and drying of the eye.

How Thera tears Extra vs Systane Compare – A Quick Review

Thera tears

Thera tears is advertised as a dry eye therapy for immediate and long-lasting relief.

thera tears
Thera Tears

The product’s two sizes give the consumer an option from which to choose. What’s more, the 30ml bottle offers more solutions at a lower cost, compared to the 15ml solution. The multi-use bottles are convenient to use but care should be taken to avoid contamination by touching the tip on any surface.

This product not only provides lubrication that relieves dry eye symptoms, but also protects against further irritation of the eye. It is beneficial in the temporary relief of dry eye symptoms and discomfort – including exposure to the wind or sun.


  • Gives an option on the bottle size to buy
  • Multi-use bottle is less cumbersome compared to having single-dose vials
  • The preservative becomes harmless in the eye, minimizing sensitivity or allergic reactions
  • Offers first-line treatment to dry eye symptoms that are not very severe


  • If not properly handled the bottle can be easily contaminated.

Thera tears Extra

Thera tear Extra is said to be the extra dry eye therapy with extra moisturizing.

thera tears extra
Thera Tears Extra

The product’s 15ml packaging is convenient for consumers who prefer small units and for those who want to try the product out for the first time. The multi-use bottles are less cumbersome than the single-dose units but require proper handling to avoid contamination. Trehalose acts as a great moisturizer in Thera tears Extra because of its unique hydrating and water binding properties. It’s also a fantastic oxidant

It is no wonder then that Thera tear Extra is used as both protectant and lubricant for extremely dry eye conditions. It is suitable for very severe dry eye conditions or for use as a second line of treatment for dry eyes.


  • The unique preservative minimizes sensitivity or allergy reactions
  • Extra moisturizer for extra dry eye conditions


  • No provision for consumer preference in size
  • Chances of contamination from improper handling are high

Conclusion about Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra

It is now easier to make an informed decision on which of the two products I should use. Both products are beneficial in the relief of dry eye symptoms, and in protecting against further eye irritation. However, Thera tears is better for minor to moderate dry eye conditions – like when the condition is just starting. It is also great for dry eye situations brought on by seasonal or environmental situations like exposure to the wind or sun. Thera tears Extra is suitable for severe to very severe dry eye conditions. It may offer relief in conditions where Thera tears relief is not sufficient. However, it is always good to discuss your symptoms with your health care provider.

Video Review about Thera Tears

FAQs about Thera tears vs Thera tears Extra

Are Thera tears safe for contacts?

Thera tears should not be used while wearing contacts because the preservative can discolor the contact lens.

Is thera tears good for dry eyes?

Yes, its unique hypotonic and electrolyte balanced is formulated to replicate healthy tears. The preservative-free in the eye property minimizes allergic reactions.

How many times a day can you use Thera tears?

The dosage is 1-2 drops as required. The disposable vials have solutions for four treatments in a day.

Is Thera tears preservative free?

Thera tears have a sodium-based preservative that converts to oxygen and water when it mixes with the tear film. Oxygen and water are harmless and will not foster an allergic reaction.

What is Dequest in Thera tears?

Dequest is a cost-effective general purpose scale inhibitor that is based on amino trimethylene phosphonic acid. It is a good chelant that is used for corrosive inhibition with zinc and phosphates.

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