Things To Do To Increase Hair Volume

Thin hair is quite frankly a nightmare. If not styling, then the simple act of trying to comb it. You usually end up with a brush full of hair. Styling is harder, with lack lustre curls and bangs sticking to your forehead. Either way, trying to deal with it, most people opt for a quick fix forgetting the long term effects. If in a rush, then a quick fix would suffice for the urgent event. Yet, it would be better to adopt a few hair care routines to increase your hair volume. The best part is, routine hair care guarantees ever present thick hair.

Here are a few tips on various aspects of hair care that would increase your hair volume and boost the scalp health. They include hair care, hair products, styling, natural remedies and nutrition.

Hair Products

It was no surprise finding out that industrial hair products can adversely affect how thick my hair was. If you neglect to selectively pick out shampoos and conditioners for your hair type, then expect thin hair. Avoid using harsh hair products like perming and bleaching products. Find your way to a hair store and get a volume boosting shampoo and conditioner. People with dry hair should use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Those with oily hair, are advised to go for specially formulated shampoos and conditioners that gently remove the excess oils. Using these products appropriately and adequately will definitely make an impact.

Home Remedies

You can easily make home remedies for your hair that would boost hair thickness. Nourish your way to a thick luscious hair by making hair masks and natural conditioners full of healthy hair nutrients. It is advisable to use natural ingredients rich in oils, vitamins, moisture and either basic or acidic content. These way your hair and scalp will be hydrated and maintain a healthy pH. I particularly like using vinegar, yogurt, fenugreek seeds, avocado, a variety of essential oils and coconut milk for my home hair remedies.


Nourish your way to a Rapunzel like thick voluminous mane. It is recommended for individuals to eat foods containing biotin, protein omega 3 fatty acids and a variety of vitamins. Incorporate nuts, seeds, avocado, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs and whole grains into your diet. The simple act of drinking adequate amount of water ensures your scalp and hair stay hydrated. Incorporating either of these foods into your diet moisturizes your scalp and promotes hair growth thereby increasing hair volume.

Quick Fix For Thick Hair

This is perhaps the sneakiest method yet to get your hair looking thicker as I saw my salonist repeatedly do. Simply blow drying your hair upside down. Your hair roots automatically lift off your scalp as they dry, giving off that puff.


I would recommend for you to follow and eventually adapt the suggested hair care routines to increase and ultimately maintain a thick mane of hair. This would surely serve you better than a quick fix that will not last you a day.

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