Using Caboki vs. Nanogen, What gives Better Results?

Hair loss is a messed up affair. Getting the perfect product to help you get through the process gracefully is vital. There are good products, and there are suitable products. Find something that suits your needs. The Caboki vs. Nanogen faceoff is a perfect starting point for your search.

Losing your hair is a traumatic affair. Especially, if it is what you have used all your life to win over the ladies. I mean, all I had to do was run my hands through my curly mop of hair and look straight into their eyes. Then with no warning, I could see my scalp through my hair. It was not easy accepting that age was creeping in and taking my hair with it. My wife was incredibly supportive. I cannot thank her enough for introducing me to the Hair Loss Concealers Brigade.

Recently, at corporate training, a young man with thinning hair asked me what my secret to a lovely mane at my age was. I was only too glad to share my secret with him. The brigade grows larger. Both Caboki and Nanogen are hair concealing fibers. Note that, hair concealing fibers do not affect hair growth patterns. They do not stimulate or slow down your hair growth. The fibers attach themselves to the thinning hair strands increasing your hairs volume, making it look thicker and fuller.

In search of a suitable hair thickening fiber, Caboki hair fiber and Nanogen hair thickening fibers are significant players. A few factors may guide you in making an appropriate choice.

Fiber adhesive qualities.

You do not want a hair loss fiber that sheds. I mean, you sure do not want to wake up to a pillow full of fibers. Might not be a good sight especially if you have company, right? Caboki hair fiber holds fast and does not shed. It is all weather or under extreme perspiration. The fibers cling onto your existing hairs in a firm magnetic like hold. They will not shed unless you shampoo them out. Use a regular shampoo. For better hold, especially after styling, use the Caboki Volume Mist. Nanogen has a good hold on your hair. Follow the directions on use carefully or else the hair fibers might not sit too well on your hair and will end up falling over your face. For a better hold, you may use the Nanogen locking mist also. It has a pretty strong smell. If you are sensitive to smells, you might not quite like using it.

Ease of Use.

To be honest, I do not like doing things that take a lot of effort. I do not like doing things I have to go out of my way to do either. The reason I am so attached to my hair loss concealer fibre is that application is so easy. No need going to a hairdresser or barbers. Find the right Caboki color to match your hair for starters.

Caboki light brown and Caboki black are among the most common shades. After washing your hair, dry and style it. Then spray on directly to the thinning areas. Gently pat around to spread the fibers a bit. If you would like to, then comb it out a bit. See? Barely a few minutes of your time.

Application with Nanogen is pretty much the same as the Caboki. However, I would recommend though that you use the spray applicator as it tends to get slightly messy. After spraying it on, check that there are no loose fibers that did not attach to your hair. You may use a blow drier to get rid of them. It is not necessary with Caboki as the fibers tend to attach fully. They both give you instant results with fuller, thicker hair.

Colors available.

Caboki hair fiber comes in 14 colors. You may select your shade from their color chat. There is slightly more variety from Nanogen that has ten colors. If your desired shades are not available, you can mix two or even more shades to achieve it. Layer the colors sparingly. I once piled on a bit too many layers, and I can assure you, the outcome was not as impressive. After spraying on your main shade, try and do gentle sprinkles of the less dominant color.

Side effects.

There have been a few allegations of Hair Loss Concealers speeding up the hair loss process. No scientific proof of this is out there though. The only side effect would be in attracting younger people who might seem to think you are younger too. Thanks to the full head of hair you got there. Not such a terrible thing.

Cost Implications.

Use of Caboki vs. Nanogen for hair loss is a worthy venture. Find something that easily suits your budget and gives you value for your money. A more extensive product range to complement your hair fibers is an advantage to your value addition plan. Caboki has a wide range of products that are flexible in packaging and pricing. Fortunately, both brands have a small tester package.

Caboki gives a free sample that can last you 3-7 days. One sample per household. You only need to pay the shipping fee. Find out how well the product works for you before settling on a purchase. Nanogen products are slightly expensive. The good thing about hair loss concealers, a little goes a long way. You only need spray on a little bit, and they last a proper while long.

Growing up, I would look into my dad’s shiny scalp through the thin strands of hair on the top of his head. Because I have always been a vain child, I would silently pray that that never happened to me. So much for prayers, maybe the prayer guy misunderstood my requests. When my hair started looking like my dad’s, what I gained for him was a lot of respect. I am not confident enough to walk around with a half head of hair. I don’t want my son to see through my hair to my shiny scalp and feel a little sad for me. But again, we all do not have the same attitude towards life. If concealing my hair loss gives me back my self-confidence and self-esteem, then I will continue to carry my head full of hair proudly.


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