Visine Vs. Refresh Tears – The Better Option For Dry, Red Eyes

Irritated eyes are both uncomfortable and a hindrance to daily tasks. Fast and long lasting relief from this discomfort is difficult to achieve without the right medication. Here is Visine vs. Refresh tears for an insightful comparison of good options to remedy redness and dryness.

Being a construction site manager for the past thirteen years, I have had my fair share of experience with irritated eyes. On some days, you may forget to wear eye protection and encounter dust and smoke that leave the eyes red and irritated. Other days involve working in high places where you are exposed to direct sun or wind which dry out the eye causing discomfort and irritation. Throughout my working experience, I came across two brands of eye drops that have proven to be useful repeatedly in these situations. They are quite effective and serve me and all my subordinates on site when irritation tends to occur. Take a look at Visine Vs Refresh tears for more insight on relief from redness vs. dryness.

What are the differences between Visine vs. Refresh Tears?

Active ingredient
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05%
Relieve redness
Refresh tears
Carboxymethylcellulose sodium 0.5%

Visine vs. Refresh tears – How do they compare


Refresh tears is a preservative free brand. This will save you the trouble of getting further irritation as compared to brands that come with preservatives. Because it reduces the likelihood of interaction of preservatives with other compound in your eye, you may use it without worry of secondary irritation.

Intended function

Both these eye drops are intended for relief, however against different eye issues. While Visine is useful to sooth redness and irritation, Refresh tears is great for moisturizing against dryness and irritation. It has Carboxymethylcellulose sodium 0.5% as the active ingredient, and it serves the role of lubricant in this moisturizing product. Visine on the other hand has Tetrahydrozolyne 0.05% which is a decongestant in nature. It therefore helps relieve redness.

Use with contacts

Neither of these eye medications is advisable to use while wearing contacts. If you need to use either Visine or Refresh tears while wearing contact lenses, first off take out your contact lenses. Proceed to use the drops as recommended and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes before putting them back on. While Refresh tears contains some polysorbates, found in drops that can be used with contacts on, the manufacturer recommends that you take off your contacts then use the drops.

Eye tip: This waiting rule also applies for any eye medication you use simultaneously with these eye drops. Wait this recommended period before applying another type of eye medication.

Visine vs. Refresh tears- A Comparison review


Visine Maximum Strength is a unique blend designed primarily to remedy irritated reddened eyes. It combines compounds to remedy both redness and provide lubrication. With Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05% as its active ingredient, visine effectively narrows the blood vessels within the eye therefore reducing redness. This active compound is known as a decongestant. Additionally, Visine maximum strength combines three moisturizing compounds in a unique hydroblend technology. This blend provides the eye with some lubrication and soothes the eye while replenishing moisture on your ocular layers.

You can depend on Visine to relieve any redness triggered by external conditions including smoke, smog, dust or even too much screen time. A drop or two in the affected eye should be enough to eliminate redness and lubricate the eye. These drops may be used by patients of all ages except children below six.

What we like

  • It acts quickly to remedy redness induced by environmental factors
  • Visine incorporates hydroblend into the formula for additional lubricating properties

What we don’t like

  • It may trigger more redness once the drug wears off


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Refresh tears

REFRESH TEARS Lubricant Eye Drops 0.5% 15 ml (2 Pack) - Packaging May Vary
  • Refresh Plus dose more than just soothe and relieve your eyes.
  • Refresh Plus dose more than just soothe and relieve your eyes.
  • The packaging may vary

These eye drops are a good option when you need relief from dryness and irritated eyes. It not only provides the much needed lubrication for dry eyes but also protects you from further irritation. The active ingredient Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium is responsible for the long lasting lubrication this brand offers. Refresh tears is a preservative free brand and eliminates the possibility of irritation that may be caused by some preservatives present in other eye drops. A combination of various ingredients assures moisture and lubrication all day long.

Additionally, you may use these drops as often as you see fit throughout the day as you do not suffer risk of overuse. It is especially useful for people who are out in the sun, staring at monitors, or even in extreme heat or wind conditions that cause the eye to dry out. These drops will restore all the moisture you lose during these activities therefore preventing dryness and irritation that accompany your daily environment or tasks. Because it is primarily a lubricant, you are not only protected from the discomfort that comes with dry eye, but also from potential infection or injury that is associated with dryness and irritation.

What we like

  • You can use these drops as often as needed without overdosing
  • Works efficiently for several hours

What we don’t like

  • You cannot use refresh tear drops while wearing contacts. They must be off before application.

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Final word

Irritated eyes are not a fun thing to experience. From environmentally induced redness or general eye dryness, it is important that you find immediate relief to prevent further discomfort. Finding the appropriate eye drops is as easy as establishing the cause of your discomfort and speaking to a medical profession about available remedies. Sure there are a bunch of other factors to consider before selecting a treatment, but Visine and Refresh tears should be considered top contenders in the issue of redness and dryness, respectively.

People also ask

What is refresh tears used for?

Refresh tears is a lubricant/ artificial tears that help relieve discomfort due to eye dryness. These drops not only provide relief, but also protect you from further irritation.

How many times a day can I use Refresh eye drops?

You may apply refresh tears as often as you need to. Because these drops do not pose immediate danger from frequent use, you may appropriately use these drops throughout the day as you see fit.

Do refresh tears expire?

Because of the components used to make this product, you may use it use it without worry of going bad. Refresh tears are still valid for use even after the expiry date passes, as long as the bottle is new and the seal unbroken.

Can kids use visine?

Visine is applicable for all patients except children under six. If you plan on using it on an individual younger than this, make sure to get the go ahead from a medical professional prior to use.

Can I use Visine daily?

Visine may be used regularly when stored under the right precautions. Using Visine for over 72 hours back to back is not recommended as it contains preservatives that may trigger some irritation.


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