Visine vs Systane [2022] (Best for Eye Discomfort!)

Visine Vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort that will help your eyes? Nothing is as irritating as discomfort in the ocular region.

Regardless of the nature of discomfort, it is necessary to take quick, effective action to prevent further discomfort. Visine Vs Systane should provide further insight into varied eye issue situations.

Visine vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort
Visine vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort

Working as a pharmacist door seven years has taught me a lot more than I thought I know about medication. I have come to learn about various over-the-counter medication and how poorly people tend to choose the right choice for their ailments. Selecting a relatively easy drug such as eye drops seems difficult for most people who end up opting for the popular option regardless of differences in their conditions.

While I try my best to advise my clients and recommend the right drug, people usually choose to go with what they saw on the internet or heard from their buddy the time they had pink eye. Well, let me be the first to introduce you to my top two basic recommendations for your eye-related discomfort. Read on to find out more on Visine vs. Systane.

What are the differences between Visine VS Systane?

Active ingredient
Amazon rating
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05%
Relieve redness
Polyethylene Glycol 400 0.4%


Propylene Glycol 0.3%

Relieve dry eye

Visine vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort


Both these products are designed to lubricate the eye. However, while this is the primary function of Systane, Visine is meant to remedy redness from the external environment. The additional hydrotech technology makes Visine a good lubricant. This dual function is not present in Systane which is only useful in instances of dry eyes.

Active ingredient

Visine has Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride as its active ingredient while Systane has both Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol as the primary agents. These are the agents responsible for the difference in function. Tetrahyrozoline is a decongestant that temporarily narrows blood vessels in the eye. This is unlike Systane whose active ingredients are both lubricating compounds making it efficient as an eye moisturizer. These differences should help guide you in differentiating their effectiveness in treating eye conditions.

Frequency of use

While there is nothing wrong with properly using these eye drops regularly it is advisable to use either when you need the relief. Visine especially is not recommended to use on back-to-back days for more than four days. This may prevent you from experiencing some side effects from frequent or overuse. Systane is especially risky to use limitlessly. Pay attention to the recommended dose which is one to two drops each eye for both drugs.

Eye tip: Nether of these drugs should be used while you have contacts on. Take your contacts off before application and wait about 15 minutes before you put them back on.

Visine vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort- A Comparison Review


VISINE Maximum Redness Relief Formula

Visine Maximum Redness Relief as the name suggests is intended to ease redness caused by environmental factors or foreign objects in the eyes. Be it irritation from smoke or dust or even swimming, Visine should help ease all sorts of externally induced redness and discomfort. It is made with Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05% as the active ingredient. This compound is responsible for narrowing blood vessels in the eye and subsequently reducing redness in the eye. A unique blend of moisturizing compounds is responsible for the lubricating effect of these drops. Visine, therefore, soothes the redness while replenishing moisture in the eye. They offer up to ten hours of relief from these discomforts.

You may apply a drop or two to the affected eye for no more than three to four days at a time. While it is effective for most patients, confirm its safety for use on children below the age of six. Apart from the active ingredients, lubricants, and inactive ingredients, Visine contains some compounds that act as preservatives.

What we like

  • Developed with hydroblend technology for maximum lubrication
  • The effect is long-lasting

What we don’t like

  • It is not ideal for daily use


Systane Long Lasting Lubricant Eye Drops, 30-mL

Systane Is an effective lubricant that is useful against dry eyes. It keeps your eyes moist and refreshed when conditions do not favor natural lubrication. The product is not only quick-acting but also has long-lasting effects. The soothing comfort it offers is ideal for dry eye therapy. This ocular lubricant acts as artificial tears to remedy and prevent irritation and subsequent discomfort from dry eyes.

These drops are especially useful when symptoms of mild eye dryness include irritation, scratchiness, gritty tired eyes, excess tearing, and blurry vision. You are advised to use one or two drops in the affected eyes as you see fit. However, discontinue use if you are allergic to any of the compounds within the drug. Including Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol as the active ingredients and a combination of other inactive compounds, Systane has a number of chemicals that work well together to ease your discomfort.

What we like

  • Acts fast and has a long-lasting effect
  • Leaves the eyes feeling moist and refreshed

What we don’t like

  • Some people may experience some intense side effects and even allergic reactions from using these drops

Visine vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort (Final Thoughts)

Establishing the cause of your eye issues is the first step to finding the most appropriate remedy. When you understand the nature of your discomfort, then finding the best remedy is relatively easier. Visine and Systane are favorites when dealing with basic redness and dry eyes respectively.

FAQs on Visine vs Systane: Which is the Better Brand for Eye Discomfort

What is the best redness relief eye drops?

You must establish what is causing the redness in the first place. Is it an allergic reaction triggering the redness or external factors? This way you will choose the best red-eye relief option. Visine for example is great to reduce redness from smog or staring at the monitor too long.

What is the best Visine for red eyes?

Depending on the discomfort you are experiencing, you may choose from a variety of Visine products. Visine Maximum strength is ideal for redness and irritation triggered by dust, smoke or sleepless nights.

Is Systane eye drops safe?

As long as you avoid ingestion or overdose, systane is a safe drug for dry eye syndrome. If you happen to experience rare side effects or allergic reactions, see a doctor immediately.

How long are systane eye drops good for once opened?

While you should keep track of the expiry date on your medication, use the three-month policy as a rule of thumb for these and any eye drops once opened.

Is it okay to use systane every day?

Systane is meant for instances when you experience eye problems and need relief. However, you may use it with precaution every day without worry about lubricated eyes.

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