Visine Vs Zadiator – The Better Relief From Redness

Irritated, red eyes are not only uncomfortable but may interfere with your daily tasks. Whether its cause is environmental or allergic, you need a quick and lasting remedy. Take a look at Visine Vs Zadiator for further insight.

As a mother of four, there isn’t any eye related emergency I haven’t come across. From irritation due to seasonal allergies to redness from swimming in an over chlorinated pool. At first, treating the issues was difficult because I did not fully understand the cause and how it affects the treatment. That was during my newbie parenting days, but now I’m an expert of sorts when it comes to these things. I found two particular eye drops that are now my go to when there is redness and irritation with my cubbies. They are both effective options for various situations. Here is Visine Vs Zadiator for you.

What are the differences between Visine and Zadiator?

Active ingredient
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05%
Relieve redness
ketotifen fumarate 0.025%
Antihistamine drops

Visine Vs Zadiator- How do these drops compare?

Main function

While Visine is designed for relief redness and irritation caused by external and behavioral factors, Zadiator is made specifically for relief from allergen triggered irritation. They each have different active ingredients that work in separate ways to remedy your eye pains. If come into contact with dust, smoke or have sleepless nights, you may want to stock up on Visine Maximum strength to remedy your reddened eyes. Zadiator would best suit anyone with seasonal or perennial allergies that are accompanied with itchy, burning or other eye discomfort.


Both these products contain a number of inactive ingredients, some of which act as preservatives. Unlike eye drops, you suffer the risk of developing further irritation due to these preservatives. Although small, the risk still exists. This is because the preservative agents may interact negatively with other compounds and cause trouble. You may consult your doctor regarding the safety of these preservatives if you have never used eye drops with preservatives or are accustomed to preservative free drops.

Degree of lubrication

Visine and Zadiator are both excellent options for eye relief, but Visine offers a greater lubricating effect than its counterpart. Sure Zadiator is effective in function and lasts long; it does not contain as many lubricating agents as Visine. Because of the combine moisturizing compounds in the latter, your eyes will be more intensively moisturized and lubricated.

Mode of action

As I mentioned earlier, both these drops have different active ingredients and functions. Meaning they work differently. Visine uses a decongestant to relieve redness. It affects the blood vessels making them narrower and therefore reducing the redness. Zadiator on the other hand is an antihistamine eye drop that blocks the histamines without interfering with blood vessels for effectiveness. Each of these is effective in its respective use; you however risk suffering redness rebound when using a drug that affects your blood vessels. This may lead you to develop even redder eyes once the drug wears off.

Visine vs. Zadiator- A comparison review


Visine Maximum Strength Eye Redness Relief Formula Eye Drops to Moisturize and Refresh Irritated and Red Eyes, 0.5 fl. oz

This is a good eye drop option for any patients experiencing eye redness, dryness and irritation. Visine Maximum strength is made to ease the redness caused by a variety of environmental factors such as smoke, dust, smog or even sleeplessness. Not only will these drops ease reddened eyes, but Visine will also provide moisture and comfort. The hydroblend technology incorporated into these drops ensures that your eyes are not only relieved from but are refreshed and kept cool for up to ten hours.

Visine has tereahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05% as its active ingredient. You may use these drops a maximum of four times a day. The dosage calls for one to two drops in each affected eye. Apart from the active ingredients, Visine Maximum strength includes agents like glycerin for hydration and some preservatives. These drops are ideal for all patients above age six; patients below that age should seek medical advice before use.

What we like

  • Relieves burning from allergy related eye discomfort
  • It is made for both relief from irritation and intense moisturization using hydroblend technology

What we don’t like

  • It may cause more redness upon wearing off


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Zaditor Eye Drops 5ml Size 5ml Zaditor Eye Drops 5ml

Zadiator is an over the counter eye drop useful in relieving itchiness or irritation caused by allergens. This antihistamine eye drop has Ketotifen fumarate 0.025% as the active ingredient. It has an effect strong enough to last up to twelve hours. Not only is this medication long lasting, but it is fast acting to ease the eye discomfort that comes with some allergens. Zadiator acts by blocking histamines, a compound produced by the body during allergic reaction. This is unlike other drugs that interfere with blood flow and may lead to redder eyes after the drug wears off. Because of its unique mode of action, you will not suffer redder eyes afterwards, otherwise known as the rebound effect. This drug is approved for use for long periods. However, be careful not to ingest any even by accident.

This brand is safe for use by all patients including children over 3 years. The use by pediatric patients below that age is not established. You are recommended to use a drop of Zadiator twice a day. Anything above that would be overkill as the drug is fairly effective.

What we like

  • Useful for itchy eyes from allergic conjunctivitis, seasonal or otherwise
  • You will not suffer rebound redness when it wears off

What we don’t like

  • Has some significant side effects


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Final word

Redness can be caused by a variety of factors. It could be your allergies flaring up or some dust got into your eye. Either way, finding appropriate medication depending on the cause should help effectively reduce this irritation without causing further damage. Visine and Zadiator are reasonable options for different instances when you may need redness relief.

People also ask

Can kids use visine?

Visine is recommended for patients ranging from 3 years and above. Make sure to consult a medical professional before using it on anyone younger than 3.

What does visine do for your eyes?

It has an active ingredient that temporarily narrows the blood vessels in the eye therefore reducing redness. It also has some agents to moisturize and lubricate the eye.

How many times can you use Zadiator?

You are recommended to use a drop of Zadiator in the affected eye twice a day. Because of the long lasting effect of this drug, you need not use it more than twice.

Is Zadiator safe for long time use?

As long as you stick to the recommended dosage, Zadiator is a safe over the counter drug that can be used long term.



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