Viviscal Extra Strength Review

We all have our bad hair days – some even more than others. Viviscal promises to solve your hair loss problems for you and I’ll tell you how.

You know what I’m talking about; your hair suddenly doesn’t respond to all the grooming you’ve been affording it. Sometimes it doesn’t even come as a surprise if you know you’ve put your hair through all kinds of hell for the past months or years. In other unfortunate cases, alopecia and other forms of hair loss and balding do take a toll on your self-esteem.

Different hair-type needs can also determine how well your hair grows. Straight and fine hair may require less hydration that curly and wavy hair. Some hair types need more protein than others. The reasons for hair loss, breakage, and thinning are always dependent on an underlying cause, and it is your job to find out!

Hormonal imbalances, stress, genetics, and even your environment are primary causes of hair loss. You know what else plays a significant role in your hair’s general outlook? Your diet. Nutrient-deficiencies can lead to thinned-out hair and even stunted hair growth. You need certain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids more than others for better hair growth, and Viviscal knows just the right nutrients for your hair.

Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements

First thing I noticed when I dug at their website is that they do a great job at educating you about your hair. Viviscal has a wide range of products too; from shampoos and conditioners to elixirs and volumizing fibers. My interest, however, was in their Extra Strength supplements.

Viviscal packages their supplements in different amounts. So far I’d noticed the 60, 120, and 180-tablet packages – all based on your preference. My extensive research showed that they advise on taking the tablets for at least three months to see the results you’d love. So, I bought the 180-tablet packet; enough to last me three months.

Viviscal is armed with science and clinical tests to give you the best combination of ingredients to nourish your hair from the inside. Their AminoMar Marine Complex contains a blend of nutrients that assist in hair growth and overall health. What you miss in your diet, these supplements will provide.

You only need two pills each day, and it’s best if you take them with a meal and lots of water. By the end of the three months, I noticed less of the shedding and hair breakage I had grown so accustomed to! Though I noticed that I had a few zits, I was impressed with the volume and length I had achieved during those months.


  • Scientifically-researched and clinically-tested
  • Improved hair strength
  • Shinier and thicker hair
  • Less shedding and breaking
  • Stronger nails
  • Simple to use


  • Causes stomach upsets and breakouts in some individuals
  • Always confirm you got the right package, there are claims of a fake
  • The pill-size made it slightly difficult to swallow them


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Like I stated before, there are multiple causes of hair loss. Even when relying on the Viviscal Extra Strength supplements make sure you follow up with good hair-care practices – minimize the heat treatments and harsh hairstyling. Better (and safer) hair products would be a great idea too!


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