Viviscal natural hair fibers reviews: Will help solve all your baldness issues

When your hair starts to fall excessively, it’s usually not a good sign because it can cause you to get many bald patches or a receding hairline that is worrying to most people. Using viviscal natural hair fiber is a great way of correcting your thinning and hair loss problem.

Viviscal hair filler fibers are tiny electrostatically charged fibers that stick to your hair to create volume for both women and men. They come in natural-looking colors that you can mix and easily apply for instant coverage. They’re not blown away by the wind or washed away by the rain, but you can easily wash off with shampoo. This is a hair growth product that has a clinically researched formula supported by 25 years of research and development to ensure the efficiency of the product on your hair.

Viviscal Vs Viviscal Pro: Which one is more effective?

It contains 100% drug-free hair fibers that are packaged in a bottle for a whole month’s supply which will be more than enough if you have thicker hair, shampoo less often, and less if you shampoo almost every day. This product has two different hair fibers, one for men and the other for women.

Viviscal Vs Viviscal Pro: Which one is more effective?

What to expect from viviscal natural hair fibers

The volumizing fibers for women use concealment technology in the fibers to help increase the density of the women’s hair. You can select among the 4 colors of the hair fibers which include dark brown, black, light brown, and blonde. You can also blend the colors to achieve the color that you want to be your natural hair color. These microscopic, easy to use hair fibers are a natural solution that will help both men and women suffering from hair loss. It’s an instant hair builder that is very good for your thinning hair to add natural hair coverage.

You can easily apply these hair fibers to give you a fuller hair appearance which can be part of your daily routine without creating any mess and they can last the entire day. The women’s hair fibers can be combined with the viviscal extra strength dietary supplements to boost healthy hair growth from the inside which also works very effectively on the outside to give your hair life and shine.

The hair filler fibers for men are made to give you a thicker and fuller appearance where the microscopic fibers cover your thinning and bald spots. The electrostatic coating easily sticks on your existing hair to obtain a natural thickness and fullness. The filler fibers for men are also easy to apply and you can use the combo applicator that comes with the package to cover the whole area. You can apply it in the morning to last you the whole day and wash it off with any kind of shampoo. You can use this product on any hair type and it comes with natural-looking colors that include dark brown, black, light brown, and even gray.

How do hair filler fibers work?

It might look very easy to apply, but it can take a bit of getting used to and while some people are instantly happy after buying viviscal hair fibers, others are disappointed because maybe the colors didn’t match as they wanted. When it comes to colors, it’s better to start with lighter colors to see if it gives you a more natural look. This will similarly apply if trying to dye your gray hairs because you might not get a natural look if you use dark colors whereas lighter colors would be better. You may also have to first play around with different colors to get the right shade you’re looking for, but keep in mind that natural hair doesn’t have one color.

What are the ingredients in this product?

There are 5 different color filler fibers which include the dark brown and black, blonde, auburn, light brown, and gray filler fibers. All these colors are made with some common ingredients like hydrolyzed soy protein, ultramarines, hydrolyzed corn protein, glycoproteins, nylon-12, hydrolyzed wheat protein, red 40, annatto, blue 1, water, and yellow 5. All the Viviscal products are all-natural including this fiber system which is a blend of effective nutrients in promoting hair growth and solve your baldness problem from the inside.

Is it safe to use Viviscal hair fibers?

This product is completely safe to use since it’s produced with the same keratin protein that is naturally present in your hair. These tiny fibers are electrostatic which means they instantly bond with any hair you have in your head to firm a coating. This creates instant density and volume giving your hair the appearance of a thick voluminous hair. You don’t need to worry about damaging the existing hair as this product still leaves your scalp plenty of room to breathe so it doesn’t block your pores.

How to use this product

It’s very easy to apply these filler fibers on your hair. All you need to do is tap them liberally on your dry hair until you can no longer see your scalp and your hair looks thicker. Pass your hand gently over the area to help scatter the fibers evenly on your hair then wash your hands. Because the fibers have an electrostatic coating, they will instantly bond with your hair to give it a dense appearance with greater coverage and a fuller, thicker look.

So instead of scattered hair, your head will look like it has lots of hair in only 30 seconds. To get the best long-lasting results, spray your hair lightly with hair spray so that the filler fibers can hold onto your hair for longer.


  • Viviscal hair fibers give you a thicker, fuller-looking head of hair in an instant. This is possible as the electrostatic filler fibers bind with the hair on your head to give you the appearance of a full head of hair.
  • Once the filer fibers bind with your hair, they don’t easily come out until you wash off using a shampoo. Even though you’re rained on or your hair gets blown by the wind, the fibers won’t come off.
  • Hair fibers help to keep your hair looking young and attractive.
  • Viviscal hair fibers are made for both male and female for the treatment of baldness issues.
  • This product contains a blend of natural ingredients that provide nutrients to your scalp to promote hair growth and solve your baldness problems.
  • This is a product that has been developed after 25 of research on hair loss and getting the best natural ingredients that will provide nutrients that will stimulate hair growth.
  • Viviscal products have all undergone various clinical tests by hair loss experts to guarantee you that the products work. After using viviscal hair fibers you will notice a reduction in hair loss and an increase in terminal hairs.
  • This product is very safe to use as it’s produced with the same keratin protein that you will find in your natural hair.
  • It’s very easy to apply viviscal hair filler fibers on your hair and the results are instant.


  • Viviscal, for the most part, doesn’t naturally hold onto your natural hair and if you brush it off it can easily come off on your hand.
  • Irritation and redness are very unlikely, but it can happen if you have a very sensitive scalp or are allergic to specific ingredients in the product. So you need to check the items on the label that can be harmful to you.
  • If you accidentally touch your scalp with your fingers, you will get brown residue on your fingers and under your fingernails.
  • Your scalp can become irritated if you don’t remove all the fibers on your scalp regularly. That’s why it’s a good idea to sometimes let your hair and scalp to breathe. Using a good quality clarifying shampoo will help to remove all fibers on your scalp and this will ensure there is nothing left to block the pores and follicles on your scalp. Proper cleaning and regular care of your hair will help keep your hair healthy while ensuring you don’t get pimples and painful bumps.

Where to buy this product

You can buy this product from various online retailers but remember to always verify if the seller is a trusted distributor of this product. If you’re not sure about the product or using other medication, it’s always a good idea to first consult your doctor to see if the product is safe for you to use on your scalp. Viviscal hair fibers have been proven through scientific and clinical studies to be effective in helping you deal with baldness issues.

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Final thoughts

If you’re dealing with hair loss and baldness issues, you know how frustrating it can be to see hair falling off your head and the products you’re using aren’t helping. Viviscal hair fibers have been clinically and scientifically proven to be effective in giving you a thicker, fuller appearance so you don’t have to be so self-conscious about your hair. Viviscal hair fibers are made with natural keratin fibers that are safe to use and if you accidentally inhale they won’t cause any problems to your lungs.

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