Viviscal Reviews – Which Hair Products Make Viviscal So Popular?

Viviscal goodies are famous, even among celebrities, for their ability to resolve hair loss problems. Read along for more information on what many Viviscal reviews have to say about that.

You know what I’m talking about; your hair suddenly doesn’t respond to all the grooming you’ve been affording it. Sometimes it doesn’t even come as a surprise if you know you’ve put your hair through all kinds of hell for the past months or years. In other unfortunate cases, alopecia and other forms of hair loss and balding do take a toll on your self-esteem.

Different hair-type needs can also determine how well your hair grows. Straight and fine hair may require less hydration that curly and wavy hair. Some hair types need more protein than others. The reasons for hair loss, breakage, and thinning are always dependent on an underlying cause, and it is your job to find out!

Hormonal imbalances, stress, genetics, and even your environment are primary causes of hair loss. You know what else plays a significant role in your hair’s general outlook? Your diet. Nutrient-deficiencies can lead to thinned-out hair and even stunted hair growth. You need certain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids more than others for better hair growth, and Viviscal knows just the right nutrients for your hair. But first things first:

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What Should You Consider Before Buying Hair Vitamins?


It can never be stated enough. The active ingredients in supplements will tell you a lot more than any salesperson or company ever will. Legally, companies are expected to provide the contents used in the creation of a product – and you can do your research and find this information on the item’s package or the official website for a detailed list.

Better be safe than sorry! Take your time and find out more about the contents. You never know, you could find that an ingredient you are allergic to is present in the supplements (and other hair commodities).

Specific Problem

Are you struggling with bald spots? Shedding? Thinned hair? Receding hairline? Damaged hair with split ends? Whatever the problems, find a product that targets that main issue, and don’t get lost in the sales language! I know how easy it can be to get lost in the marketing, and product presentation.

Research on how the supplements/shampoo/conditioner/oil will help you erase the trouble. If they do not seem to work, you could consider a medical approach and talk to your doctor instead. Stay away from extreme measures to find a cure.


Many fake items hide under expense and great sales talk. No matter how well marketed or effective a hair remedy seems, do not purchase it if it will leave a massive dent in your pocket. There will always be a much-cheaper option waiting for you to grab it!

Besides, how much fun is it enjoying a little improvement in your hair while you are broke? No fun at all, I can assure you. Remember that most of these hair packages don’t guarantee results, and money-back guarantees can turn into quite the hassle in many cases.

Medical Opinion

Having your doctor’s suggestion or advice can put your mind at rest. If you’re allergic to certain foods or herbs, trusting a new supplement can be a little tricky. Allergies aside, you could be on some medication, awaiting surgery in a few months, or having an underlying condition. Your doctor will help you decide how safe the supplements are for you.

Something else that people forget: High quantities of certain nutrients in supplements (especially vitamins) are not suitable for your health. For example, too much vitamin C can lead to abdominal discomforts, vomiting, nausea, and insomnia. A doctor can help you know if you already have enough of the vitamins from your diet.


Just because your sister, cousin, hair stylist or favorite celebrity swears by a product, doesn’t mean it will give you similar results. Sometimes you’re lucky; sometimes you aren’t. Always be prepared to for negative or no results as you are for the positive changes.

Comparison Table

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Concealing Fibers
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Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements

Viviscal 180.jpg

First thing I noticed when I dug at their website is that they do a great job at educating you about your hair. Viviscal has a wide range of products too; from shampoos and conditioners to elixirs and volumizing fibers. My interest at the start, however, was in their Extra Strength supplements.

Viviscal packages their supplements in different amounts. So far I’d noticed the 60, 120, and 180-tablet packages – all based on your preference. My extensive research showed that they advise on taking the tablets for at least three months to see the results you’d love. So, I bought the 180-tablet packet; enough to last me three months.

Viviscal is armed with science and clinical tests to give you the best combination of ingredients to nourish your hair from the inside. Their AminoMar® Marine Complex contains a blend of nutrients that assist in hair growth and overall health. Other contents are Horsetail extract, Acerola cherry, Biotin, Zinc, and Vitamin C. What you miss in your diet; these supplements will provide.

You only need two pills each day, and it’s best if you take them with a meal and lots of water. By the end of the three months, I noticed less shedding and hair breakage than I had grown so accustomed! Though I saw that I had a few zits, I was impressed with the volume and length I had achieved during those months.


  • Scientifically-researched and clinically-tested
  • Improved hair strength
  • Shinier and thicker hair
  • Less shedding and breaking
  • Stronger nails
  • Simple to use


  • Causes stomach upsets and breakouts in some individuals
  • Always confirm you got the right package, there are claims of a fake
  • The pill-size made it slightly difficult to swallow them

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Viviscal Growth Densifying Shampoo

Viviscal Densifying shampoo.jpg

You may already know that your shampoo can determine how well your hair grows and looks. If you’ve been wondering why there’s been increasing concerns about the type of shampoo you use, it is because lots of shampoos have chemicals that damage your hair instead of benefiting you. Such shampoos also leave residue on your hair strands; making them feel all dull and lifeless while inhibiting growth.

Viviscal’s Densifying shampoo does the opposite. Not only does it cleanse your hair and scalp, but it is also gentle and nourishing while at it. Unlike harsh shampoos that dehydrate your hair and strip all good oils from your scalp along with the dirt, this Densifying shampoo promotes growth by holding ingredients that clean your hair without harming your natural sebum-production processes.

Some of the essential contents which form a unique hair-growth combo include Keratin, Zinc, and Biotin. These three ingredients are often crucial elements in many hair growth products due to their ability to aid in hair loss. Other natural contents are lemon, orange, pea, and clary extracts; and kernel oil, coriander seed oil, and eucalyptus leaf oil among many more.

Best way to use this shampoo: Wet your hair and scalp first, then massage a small amount of the shampoo throughout. Rinse the lather off thoroughly once your hair and scalp are clean – or you can repeat, it all depends on you. For thin, dry, color-treated or damaged hair, you should make the Viviscal Densifying shampoo your choice; your hair will thank you.


  • Great for all hair types
  • Gentle on your scalp
  • Effectively cleansing and residue-free
  • Pleasant scent


  • Contains parfum
  • Slightly expensive
  • Some users claim it made their hair problems worse

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Viviscal Professional Shampoo & Conditioner (Thin to Thick)

Viviscal Professional shampoo and conditioner.jpg

Having used the Viviscal Professional line, the Thin to Thick shampoo and conditioner were in my range of Viviscal products to give a try. I was not disappointed. The Viviscal brand sure understands how stressful it can be dealing with thinned out hair that can’t seem to achieve volume no matter what you use.

There’s always a good feeling whenever you’re using one brand for your hair cleansing and conditioning needs. Viviscal knows what the best type of conditioning needs after a gentle and thorough scalp and hair scrub using their shampoo. Best of all, their products do not contain parabens, SLS, SLES, and artificial colors – so you know your hair will have no residue clinging on after a satisfying rinse.

The Viviscal conditioner provides nourishment for your scalp and hair once the dirt is off; encouraging thicker hair strands. The shampoo stimulates thicker hair through the Ana:Tel complex which consists of natural ingredients like pea and grape seed extracts to promote fuller hair. Don’t forget Biotin, Keratin, and Collagen; all of which provide more protein for your hair since your hair contains proteins.

How to use: You only need a small amount of the shampoo in previously wet hair. Take your time massaging and scrubbing it into your hair and scalp till it lathers. Rinse it out completely. I use a decent amount of the conditioner, massage it in, and cover my head with a shower cap for 45 minutes to an hour while I go on with my chores. Rinse the conditioner all out, and use your favorite hair oil or elixir after patting your hair dry.


  • Essential cleansing and hydrating 2-in-1 kit
  • Packed with protein-boosting components
  • Nice scent
  • Residue-free
  • For all hair types


  • They contain parfum
  • Did not work for some users

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Viviscal Dry & Damaged Hair Densifying Conditioner

Viviscal densifying conditioner.jpg

Away from the Viviscal Professional line for thin hair, the brand has other lines for dry and damaged hair. Harsh and excessive heat treatments and styling, coloring and not taking care of colored hair, harmful hair products, and inadequate cleansing and moisturizing are some of the significant hair damage culprits. Damaged hair isn’t just unpleasant to look at; it also prevents healthy hair growth.

Conditioning is essential in hydrating and nourishing your mane and scalp after stripping them of oils after cleaning. Also, you have to make sure your conditioner is free from sulfates, parabens, and any other harmful chemicals. Viviscal Densifying conditioner comes in a similar tube as the Viviscal Densifying Shampoo, and you can use the two together.

Your hair comprises of keratin; a protein made by your body. What this means is, if your metabolic process makes use of all or most of the protein that comes from your diet, there’s little to none left for your hair. This can contribute to thinner and weak hair.

Viviscal Densifying conditioner contains Biotin, Keratin, and Zinc. Biotin and Zinc assist in hair growth and strength, while Keratin builds your hair strands and makes them thicker. Other natural ingredients include grape seeds and pea sprouts – that are part of Viviscal’s Ana:Tel proprietary hair complex.

Like with any conditioner, use it after thoroughly rinsing your shampooed hair. Don’t lather on too much. Use a decent amount, and rinse it off after covering it and letting it sit for at least 45 minutes. Even before two weeks are over, you will see and feel the difference in your hair.


  • Gentle on your scalp and hair
  • For all hair types and colors
  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • Protein ingredients that boost thicker and fuller hair
  • Does not leave residue


  • Contains parfum
  • On the high end
  • Does not affect some users’ hair

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Viviscal Volumizing/Densifying Fibers

Viviscal Volumizing Hair Fibers.jpg

You may or may not have heard about volumizing hair fibers before. What they do is adding some thickness in your hair, especially by concealing bald spots where there is thin or no hair at all. This not a long-term remedy to hair loss, but it will save you when you’re in a hurry for an important meeting, function, or even a date.

Won’t the fibers fall off and create an embarrassing mess? No, they won’t. The fibers are electrostatically-charged, meaning they will bind themselves to nearby hairs since your hair has static too. They come with an applicator comb, which you can use to apply the fibers to your hair with precision. It takes only seconds or a few minutes to fix it!

These fibers are for black-haired men or women. Other hair color fibers available at Viviscal are Blonde, Light brown, and Dark brown. Also, you don’t have to worry about them running, messing up, or staining your scalp or clothes they come into contact with – they’ll stay on until the next time you shampoo your hair.

I tried the Viviscal fibers once while on my journey to regain lost hair. Admittedly, it was slightly scary going on a date after application, worrying that they would fall off or land on other people’s clothes or food! They didn’t, but I made sure I minimized any efforts to pat or touch my hair.

Though they saved me on the few notable occasions, I didn’t particularly enjoy tensing up every time there was some strong gust of wind or when my hair came into contact with anything. That said, I didn’t have any bad or embarrassing moments. Eventually, my hair grew, and I no longer needed the fibers.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Handy for urgent bald spot cover-ups
  • Available in different hair colors
  • The fibers don’t fall off easily


  • It can be a messy affair sometimes
  • Occasional worry the fibers may fall off
  • Many users preferred the older version

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What is Viviscal?

Viviscal is a hair care company that takes their pride in creating top-quality hair growth and hair repair products for both men and women. In the past couple of years, more women (and men) have realized that shopping for hair and skin care products requires a little more effort than before.

Ever since ingredients like sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, alcohols, and other chemicals became contents that are no good for the hair and skin, people now do their research before making any purchases. More individuals are going back to traditionally used organic oils that come directly from herbs, seeds, and plants. Companies now try to include natural contents in their commodities to assure clients of safety in their purchases.

Viviscal have over twenty years of experience in formulating products that give your hair the nutrients it needs. With continuous clinical studies and research, the Viviscal brand steers clear of any drugs and ingredients that could be harmful to your health. The AminoMar and AnaTel complex are the two main groundbreaking combinations that Viviscal use to produce positive results.

Viviscal Vitamins

If you’ve hunted around for Viviscal vitamins or had a look around the website, you may have noticed three types of vitamins available. They are the pale/blueish Viviscal Professional vitamins, pink Viviscal Extra Strength vitamins (for women), and the black Viviscal Man vitamins. Think of the Professional vitamins as a higher dose – they are for both men and women and contain more of the AminoMar® marine complex than the other vitamins.

Viviscal Professional

From celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lauren Conrad who use Viviscal to famous doctors like Dr. Steve Dayan, and Dr. Craig Ziering who recommend it, Viviscal is known on a global scale. Lots of clinical research is involved in the creation of the Viviscal Professional supplements to make sure they give your hair the nourishment it lacks.

The same research also uses natural and safe components to make sure your health safe. No drugs are used in the creation of the Viviscal Professional supplements. All they do is stimulate the hair growth cycles from the follicle to the full-grown hair strand, and make sure that your hair is top shape!

Viviscal Professional Reviews

A more in-depth look into the making of the Professional supplements shows the scientific AminoMar® complex which is a big part of the pills. Combine that with hair growth inducing nutrients like Vitamin C and Biotin, and you have all you need for better-looking hair. All without resorting to expensive and fake products.

The recommended minimum period to take the Viviscal Professional supplements is three months – which is true. There were a few positive changes in my hair, skin, and nails after the second month. However, it wasn’t till the fourth month that I saw the results I wanted. Many users also report waiting for a few months before seeing results.

Viviscal Extra Strength Tablets

You already know by now that a lot of clinical research and testing play into the creation of Viviscal products. Unlike the Viviscal Professional line that serves both men and women, Viviscal Extra Strength targets women who wish to end hair issues that have been taking a toll on their self-esteem.

Still, you don’t have to wait until your hair is a damaged mess that you can’t hide in a comfy bun like you do! Viviscal Extra Strength tablets will give you the dietary supplement that will change and improve your hair from within. You can now get enough nutrients to supply your body and hair at the same time – since they get into your bloodstream and to the organs that need them the most.

The Extra Strength pills also contain the AminoMar® marine complex present in most Viviscal products. Other ingredients are Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Horsetail extract. All these natural compounds feed your hair from the follicle, and you’ll start to notice thicker and stronger hair after three months and onwards.

Viviscal products in the Extra Strength range are the Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner, Elixir, and the Densifying Volumizing Fibers. Many women love that they can have all their hair products from one brand, mainly since they all work together to encourage more hair growth and less thinning or loss. I had profound changes from this Viviscal package.

Viviscal For Women

Viviscal have a wide range of products, and it’s easy to get confused at what to start with – don’t worry, I felt the same at the beginning! For women, you can use the Viviscal Professional line or the Viviscal Extra Strength line. It’s all about preference.

Having used both packages, I found that I liked Extra Strength a little more. I noticed that I experienced stomach upsets occasionally while I was on Viviscal Professional supplements; something I never had while on the Extra Strength tablets. Either way, it’s up to you to find the best supplements for you!

Important tip: After some further research, I found out that Viviscal Professional supplements contained more of the AminoMar® marine complex than any other supplements they had (Viviscal Extra Strength and Viviscal Man). I figured that could be the reason I was a little more sensitive to the Professional tablets than the Extra Strength tablets. The Professional pills have L-Cysteine, L-Methionine, and Apple extract – which you cannot find in other Viviscal items.

Viviscal For Men

Women aren’t the only ones feeling stressed about hair loss and thin hair. Trust me; men get stressed about it too; they just rarely open up about it with their friends and colleagues. Most times, wives and girlfriends are the people they confide to with that information!

I know that because my husband tracked my progress with the Viviscal supplements. He was pretty curious about how active the pills were, and I suspected it had something to do with a small patch of missing hair in the middle of his head. Eventually, he asked if I knew of any hair supplements for men. How lucky he was that I knew about the Viviscal Man tablets!

Knowing how much shopping made him uncomfortable; I ordered his three-month batch while I ordered my Viviscal Extra Strength for women. Sure enough, we turned it into a fun competition, checking on each other’s progress and ordering some more by the end of the third month. Though progress was much slower on his part, there was significant overall growth after six months.

The only issues he had was some slight nausea at the start. After changing his routine and taking his tablets after meals and with water, nausea stopped, and he no longer had any more discomforts. I could see he had a new pep in his step at the remarkable changes in his hair.

Interestingly, Viviscal created shampoo specifically for men as well. The Viviscal Full Force Fortifying shampoo comes in a similarly black package as the Viviscal Man supplements. The shampoo is free from SLES, SLS, and parabens that leave residue in your hair. Biotin, Keratin, Zinc, and the AnaTel complex are the key ingredients that support hair thickness for men, and not just for women.

Viviscal Shampoo Reviews

With many shampoos leaving residue on the hair and scalp, Viviscal shampoo and conditioner have quite a good reputation. It probably has something to do with the lack of residue-leaving chemicals in the contents. My results aside, many women attest to a cleaner, softer, and bouncier feeling to their hair than they had noticed after their past shampoo routines.

Positive reviews included less dryness and heaviness as noticed with past shampoos. The smell is pleasant as well; like a herbal or botanical smell that is refreshing and not as overpowering as some shampoos. Used together with the Viviscal conditioner, many women (myself included!) noticed a difference after the first few washes and conditioning.

Viviscal Hair Growth Reviews

Like with many hair growth products, there are always the positives and the negatives. What may work on one person may not work on another. That said, it undisputable that Viviscal has built an impressive reputation over the years for assisted men and women dealing with thinned hair and loss. The supplements are pretty easy to use, and the shampoo, conditioner, and elixir easily fit into a routine.

Still, most positive reviews are mainly about thicker, fuller, and healthier hair from the roots. Fewer users report new growth from new follicles, and even fewer more report significant changes in hair length. Whatever the case, Viviscal does deliver their promise on ‘from thin to thick’ hair.

On the other hand, there are complaints. Most of them revolve around high pricing, little to no results, aftertastes, nausea, stomach upsets, and breakouts. In my opinion, some other complaints like an inability to gain weight or insomnia could be caused by a combination of other factors apart from the supplements.

The bottom line is, though Viviscal backs their products with clinical research and science, they are still among many other “clinically proven” companies that are yet to be FDA-approved. What this means is, always put your health first. You can consult your doctor for their opinion on the matter. Also, the brand is on the high end, and there are no guarantees that Viviscal products will work for your hair.

Does Viviscal Work?

Personally? Yes. I always made sure I never missed a dose – it was easy for me since one of the few things on my mind in the morning and evening is the state of my hair. My mane is my pride, and getting it looking its best is a huge priority for me.

I also had to change some of my habits for my hair’s benefit. I invested in a couple of satin bonnets and minimized the amount of heat styling and harsh treatments I did before. Any hair product I buy has to be natural and free from sulfates and parabens. Every once or twice a week, I’ll take some hours for a hot oil treatment or a hair mask best suited for my hair type.

Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones! As I said, what works for one, may not work for everyone. If you feel like Viviscal is not sitting right with your gut or your skin, find another product. If you notice no results past the three-month mark, or the price is a little too high for comfort, relax. Find another solution for your hair needs.

Viviscal Ingredients

The marine-derived AminoMar® complex (which contains Shark cartilage and Oyster extract powder) isn’t the only main constituent in the Viviscal. Other key players in the Viviscal supplements are:

  • Biotin. Did you know that a Biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, thin hair, skin, and eye problems? No wonder many hair products contain amounts of Biotin lately. B-vitamins in general aid in the transportation of oxygen to the nutrients – and you need these two in your scalp as well as the rest of your body
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plays a part in boosting your immunity. For your hair, vitamin C can protect your mane from damage from free radicals in the environment, encourage production of collagen and absorption of iron – both of which play a part in healthy hair growth
  • Apple extract promotes healthy hair growth by increasing the diameter and density in hair strands
  • Amino acids are protein building blocks, and your hair consists of protein. L-Methionine and L-Cystine are essential amino acids that target your hair and skin; supporting better hair growth and youthful skin

Viviscal Side Effects

Most of the users who experience side effects complain of stomach upsets. The upsets range from abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Other gastrointestinal problems resulting from the supplement intake according to the claims include a fishy aftertaste and nausea – which could be from iron as an ingredient.

Iron often causes stomach irritations in some individuals. Notably, the irritations occur when you take the pills on an empty stomach; meaning you can ease the symptoms by taking your tablets with food. If that doesn’t seem to lessen the irritation, you can discuss with your doctor on halving the dose or stopping it altogether.

Other side effects include breakouts and acne – which sometimes came with itchiness and redness in some individuals. According to the comments, the breakouts always subsided whenever the users stopped taking the pills. Other skin reactions could be as a result of the AminoMar complex which is marine-protein based. If you are allergic to fish, you may want to halt your Viviscal supplement intake.

Vitamin C is one of the critical ingredients in Viviscal supplements. While vitamin C is right for your skin and soft tissue, you may want to watch your intake of this vitamin. Here’s why; too much vitamin C can create bone problems. So if you feel any stiffness or pain in your joints while taking the tablets, talk to your doctor or lower your dosage if you won’t stop it all completely.


Like I stated before, there are multiple causes of hair loss. Even when relying on the Viviscal Extra Strength/Professional/Man supplements make sure you follow up with good hair-care practices – minimize the heat treatments and harsh hairstyling. Better (and safer) hair products would be a great idea too!

Important tip: Make sure you read all the information on the package, particularly the warnings. Pregnant, lactating mothers and people under the age of 18 are discouraged from taking the Viviscal pills. Similarly, if you are on medication, consult your doctor before starting on the vitamins.

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