Depending on the reason you bought the eye cream, this shouldn’t be too hard to determine. Eye creams can be a solution to issues ranging from wrinkles to dark spots. So, when purchasing an eye cream you probably chose one that would alleviate a certain problem. Using this as a basis you should be able to tell if your eye cream is working.

Reduced wrinkles

If your goal was to reduce wrinkles, the lines, folds, furrows and creases on your skin should disappear. It is commonly caused by the combined effect of gravity and the skin losing its elasticity. If your cream contains components like Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, facial lines surrounding the corners of your eyes should disappear.


However it is important to note that age could be a factor impeding your results as naturally, elastic fibers responsible for keeping the skin taut over time loosen. This causes the skin to sag on its own and thus despite cream use, cannot completely conceal the effects of aging.

Alternatively, premature wrinkles could be indicative of overexposure to the sun which could lead to skin cancer. In this kind of situation apart from consulting a doctor, you should consider adding sunscreen to your skin care routine or getting a cream that has it.

Another factor that could contribute to unimpressive results is cigarette smoking. This habit causes elastin, the component responsible for keeping the skin taut, to thicken and fragment.

So it is important to note these variables that could alter your results.

Moisturized and lubricated skin

A general effect of eye creams is that they leave your skin feeling lubricated and moisturized. This is generally due to ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which work by drawing moisture from the air and holding up more than a thousand times its weight in moisture.


The results if the acid is contained in the eye cream is seen or rather felt within an hour’s time

Firmer skin

If the eye cream contains ingredients such as peptides and retinol than your skin will become firmer. Peptides are a short links of amino- acids that act like messengers for the skin. They tell cells to produce more proteins, peptides which increase firmness of the skin and diminish fine lines.

Peptides also help remove wrinkles and clear dark spots. You should expect such changes from the peptide in about 3 months. If however your eye cream does not contain the peptide but instead has Retinol the results will be seen later after 6 months.

Retinol is derived from Vitamin A compound known as Retinoid. It works by preventing the breakdown of collagen and thickens skin layers so that wrinkles disappear. Retinol encourages old skin found on the surface to die giving way to new cell growth found underneath.

Therefore such results can be expected from 3-6 months depending on the component of the eye cream.

Reduced dark spots

If the main skin problem you are trying to combat is discoloration and dark spots then your eye cream should have at least one of the following components; Vitamin C, Caffeine and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps produce and stabilize collagen. The vitamin blocks or rather neutralizes radicals that would be caused by UV rays. The result of such an ingredient in your eye cream would be that it reduces dark spots and improves skin texture. Changes are to be expected in 1.5 months.

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Caffeine if applied to your skin acts as an antioxidant. It works by constricting blood vessels reducing the dark circle appearance and redness of the skin. Thus it can be used to prevent blotchy patches and dark circles around the eyes.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) is a term that includes glycolic acid that can be gotten from sugarcane, malic acid that is gotten from apples, citric acid from citrus fruit and lactic acid from milk. The acid works by breaking down your epidermal skin cells or keratinocytes.

The effect of AHA is that your skin looks softer immediately. However diminishing of both fine lines and skin discoloration takes about 6 months.

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