What Supplements are good for Hair Growth?

Re-growing hair or preventing hair loss has to be one of the biggest scientific puzzles of all time, well until people got tired of waiting for a solution and decided to make wigs. There is also the elusive theory about supplements and how they work; one question that is most disturbing is if the nutrients that the supplements are supposed to add to one’s body actually work.

From the reviews and comments of people who have used the supplements, you will not notice that not very many of them attest to attaining positive results, but a good number rarely reports any significant change. So, it is true that the supplements are not a one size fits all rather their effectiveness differs from person to person.

We will, therefore, take an in-depth look at what supplements are good for hair growth. Most hair growth supplements lack the backing or rather the okay from the government, a situation that throws us back to the age-old hair growth procedures, such as the hair transplants that have been known to work but will cost you an arm and a leg.

The issue with supplements is still controversial in the sense that a person takes the additional supplements of which he or she might be in need of, or maybe their body already has enough. So if you add more you wouldn’t gain anything because the human body has been designed to retain only the amount of vitamins and proteins that it needs, so any extra nutrients will be released during urination.

Supplements for Hair Growth

HAIRFLUENCE – Hair Growth Formula for Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair

Women from the age of 25 going up know the struggle of preventing thinning hair at the edges, and especially after childbirth. And as the old adage goes prevention is better than cure then if you are lucky to know about hair supplements then better begin using them before you are completely out of hair. Hairfluence is a savior for women because of its ability to encourage faster hair growth leading to fuller and healthy hair.

The supplement is known to excite the hair roots by nourishing it with collagen, b vitamins, and biotin. Mind you those are not the only benefits, as your skin and nails will also glow within three weeks of consistent use. Hairfluence supplements are taken once in a day and are equipped with minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that all work in harmony to achieve positive results when it comes to hair growth.

And before indulging the supplement consult with your physician, find out if you have an allergic reaction to the ingredients used in the manufacture of the supplement.


  • The supplement is fairly priced
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Enhances the health of the skin and nails


  • Causes itching
  • Causes skin break out

REVITA Tablets for Hair and Nails Revitalization (Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Supplement)

Revita Tablets for hair and nails revitalization only has positive reviews, isn’t that strange! Well, let’s find out why? For starters, the supplement comes recommended by the renowned dermatologist and scientist Dr. Antonella Tosti. The Revita supplement are a nutraceutical supplement meaning that they also help in treating and preventing diseases, so for your hair, the supplement will also provide some medical benefits.

The formulation of the supplements also aids in the growth of nails and remember it is not a women-only formulation but also for the men. So, how exactly does the supplement work? Revita has been manufactured with Zinc that is used by the body for protein synthesis and in the long run, prevents the oxidative process.

The formulation also contains biotin, which is essential for your skin, hair, and nails; the B vitamin therefore, aids in the creation of amino acids, which then provides a form of keratin. Remember that a huge percentage of human hair is made of Keratin and that is why it is recommended to eat foods rich in biotin if you are serious about improving the health of your hair.


  • Actually reduces hair loss and promotes growth
  • Fortified with natural ingredients
  • Has been approved for use by a dermatologist
  • Equipped with supplements that promote the health of the skin and nails

HIMS Hair loss Kit

So apparently there are hair loss supplements that have been approved by the FDA despite many reports that dispute this fact. HIMS is one such product that has FDA backing and just like its name the hair growth tablets can only be used by men. The edible tablets are known to increase the volume of hair preventing the breakdown of testosterone into DHT, which is the hormone responsible for damaging the hair follicles.

And like other hair growth supplements, HIMS does have its baggage of side effects and serious ones at that. But also remember that people react differently to the varied medicines and a very small percentage is reported to have experienced the negative effects of Finasteride. The latter has been approved for use in hair treatment by the FDA but then again they also issued a warning against it in 2012.

The major reason being that it affects the men’s sex drive, however, the possibility of experiencing the side effects are pretty low and besides, once you stop taking the supplement or finish the treatment, the side effects also disappear.


  • Provides beneficial growth vitamins to the hair
  • Packaged as gummies for people who don’t like taking pills
  • Prevents the breakdown of testosterone into DHT
  • Adds volume and sheen to the hair


  • Users may experience Finasteride side effects

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

Hair rush is a hair growth supplement for both the men and the women, and what makes it stand out from its competitors in the hair growth industry is that it features a combination of both vitamins and herbs. The supplement works from the inside out first by stopping the thinning of hair and then enhances the growth and thickness of hair.

Hair rush offers its users over 20 essential vitamins and minerals but also has other active ingredients such as the pumpkin seed powder that stimulates the faster and healthier growth of hair. There is also the Nettle leaf powder that is very essential in preventing testosterone from breaking into DHT. The latter is a very deadly agent as it binds with the receptors in the hair follicles and kills the hair by shrinking and weakening it.

Hair rush has also included follicle boosting ingredients such as vitamin B6, Biotin, Zinc, and Magnesium. Another active ingredient is the Saw Palmetto that is efficient in blocking the 5 alpha-reductase, which is an enzyme that enables the change of testosterone to DHT.


  • Unlike HIMS edible hair loss supplement, Hair Rush does not have side effects
  • Can be utilized by both the men and women
  • Incorporated over 20 essential vitamins
  • The supplement is a drug-free formulation


  • Can be itchy
  • Takes a lot of time before seeing the results


Supplements contain nutrients that have been extracted from food sources and this is done to increase the quantity of their consumption. They are thus manufactured products that aim to supplement the diet; hair supplements work the same by providing the necessary nutrients needed for hair growth.

However, supplements don’t work for everyone, and while it might take longer on some people others will see results after long usage. Therefore, if they don’t work for you, you have the option of hair transplants or just accepting your genes.

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